Does Starbucks Drug Test Their Employees?

Starbucks is one of the largest coffee chains in the world. Everyone wishes to be a part of Starbucks ‘ team. You would be amazed to know that Starbucks took care of its employees. They gave good salary, discounts in the shop and even scholarships. Does Starbucks drug test their employe?

In this article, we are going to discuss the Starbucks drug test and its policies regarding it. So let’s dig into the details without waiting for more.

Does Starbucks Drug Test

 Does Starbucks Drug Test?

Starbucks doesn’t have strict policies regarding drug tests or pre-employment tests. They have a very smooth hiring process. If you can apply to Starbucks as a branch manager, coffee maker, etc., without having drug tests.

But in some cases, they can drug test their employees. It is very rare to take a 5-panel urine drug test from their employee. But while filling an application form, there are no conditions and terms regarding drug tests. In short, Starbucks doesn’t have any kind of drug testing policy.

Starbucks’s company policy does not allow its employee to take any kind of drug within the organization. They have a strict policy against the usage of alcoholic beverages just to keep their workplace safe from any incident.

Starbucks does a drug test if any kind of illegal drug or illegal weapons appears from an employee. It doesn’t matter if you are a singular manager, potential employer, assistant manager, or in any different managerial positions.

Although neither the application process nor interview process contains drug test employees. But any activity found, Starbucks can take random drug tests. The tests contain alcohol tests or 5-panel drug tests.

What Is The Starbucks Policy For Employees?

Starbucks although don’t force their employees for pre-employment drug testing, or any other test. They just want their workplace to be friendly. They can’t bear anything unusual or wrong in their workplace.

Starbucks checks the previous criminal background for making sure that you are not involved in any kind of criminal activity. Moreover, they don’t allow any of their employee for keeping legal or illegal weapons. 

This kind of thing creates workplace accidents on which Starbucks doesn’t have soft corners. Besides that, employees are not allowed to keep or take any illegal drugs in stores, or near to the property of Starbucks. 

Another policy is that employees are not allowed to report on work if they have recently taken drugs or alcohol. Starbucks believes in a no-tolerance policy. So be careful while working there because Starbucks hiring process is easy but you have to keep the reputation of your workplace as well as your own.

Does Starbucks Drug Test Its Newly Hired Employees?

There is no doubt that Starbucks has strict policies against the usage of drugs and alcohol within the workplace for making a drug-free place. There are no pre-hire drug tests in Starbucks. So if you are thinking about doing a job in Starbucks, you can do it.

But make sure that you cannot possess illegal substances like illegal drugs, controlled substances on Starbucks property or during your shift timings.

Does Starbucks Check Criminal Record Of Employee?

Starbucks has in their SOPs to check the background of their hired employees like a criminal background check. When you cleared your interview, they take almost seven or five days to complete the criminal background check process. 

In case a felony appears in any employee’s record, the hiring manager will conduct an interview again. They will ask the reason regarding your criminal background. If they believe that you can work with them, they will call you.

Although it is not true to if any things come regarding a felony, they will disqualify you. Indeed, they motivate them to restart their life with a new career opportunity. Starbucks is a felon friendly company.

Does Starbucks Do Pre-Employment Drug Test On Its Employees?

Starbucks is one of the leading coffee chains which don’t have a policy for a drug test. Specially they don’t drug test their newly hired employees. The reason is not revealed by Starbucks now. Although they oppose the presence of marijuana or any other kind of drug.

The agenda of this company is to have a drug-free workplace. You cannot either drink any kind of alcoholic beverages there. So keep in mind that while applying in Starbucks’ tests for employees.

Does Starbucks Have Alcohol Policy In Workplace?

Starbucks indeed limits their employers from testing a job against applicants for marijuana and THC, etc. They have a zero-tolerance policy against keeping alcoholic beverages in stores or on company property.

But if any Starbucks event is coming, you are allowed to have alcoholic drinks. It is not difficult as it seems in our opinion. What about the bartender? Who is making money by creating drinks for the customers but can’t drink during duty hours? They are training and require special training for this purpose.

To maintain a peaceful environment, employees of Starbucks are not allowed to drink or work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What Is Starbucks Hiring Policy?

What Is Starbucks Hiring Policy

If you are new to the career-making business, you can apply to Starbucks without any difficulties. If you are applying for the post of Cashier, Shift-Supervisor, or a Barista, Starbucks requirements are easy. The candidate should be at least 16 years old and hold a diploma from high school or an equivalent certificate.

For those who don’t have prior experience regarding these jobs, Starbucks allows them food and beverage preparation training to start their job there. This is the best place to work in an active environment.

There are three stages of job application in Starbucks:

Job Application Of Starbucks

In order to apply for the job at Starbucks, you have to surf their official website for application. You should start simply by filling in the necessary details and submitting them online.

Assessment Test Of Starbucks

The next stage in the hiring process is to clear the assessment test of Starbucks.

it contains personality-based questions designed to know the applicant’s behavior. The natural behavior and personality traits that how an employee in the future will deal with the customers as well as staff.

The assessment test contains 120 questions.

Interview Call By Starbucks

Candidates who clear the test with flying colors will be a call for an interview. Starbucks usually conducts telephone interviews that can be more than thirty minutes long.

This is the final step of hiring in Starbucks. You will feel whether you are hired or not after the call ends. It is still possible to work in Starbucks which contains fast-paced without having a clean record.

What Is Starbucks?

What Is Starbucks

Starbucks corporation is an American multinational coffee chain. Starbucks is working in more than 75 countries around the world. If we talk about only the United States, it has more than eight thousand and nine hundred coffee stores.

More than three million people are working in Starbucks right now. It was founded on the 30th of March, 1971 in Pike Place Market. The founders were Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker.

You can buy any kind of coffee beverages, smoothies, teas, and baked goods from this fast-paced environment. Starbucks is famous for its Vanilla Latte which is taken by many American workers.

In Starbucks body modifications changes over time. In the 1900s, they were serving only coffee beverages while with the passage of time, you can have snacks too from Starbucks.

FAQs – Does Starbucks Drug Test?

Starbucks drug test new employees are cleared now. What about the questions that employees have in mind regarding Starbucks drug test policy? Well, we shared some frequently asked questions for our readers. let’s take a look.

Does Starbucks Drug Test In 2021?

It is mandatory for the employee to bring a COVID-19 Immunization Certificate. But drug tests on applicants are still conditional. They will only take different types of drug tests if someone commits unusual activity during a job.

Does Starbucks Take Uring Drug Testing?

No, it is still conditional, if you don’t break the rules of Starbucks, you will not get a chance of drug testing. The drug use status only depends on the drug user. The drug policy is light in Starbucks.

How To Apply In Starbucks?

Mostly asked applicants questions. You have to visit the official website. You will submit an online application to be a part of Starbucks. 

Does Starbucks Welcomes Recreational Drug Users As Their Employee?

If recreational users are planning to apply the Starbucks, it is might be possible that pre-hiring drug testing will happen. So be aware of drug screening in interview questions.

Can I Carry Something For Safety In Starbucks?

No, Starbucks has a zero-tolerance policy against substance abuse or keeping any unauthorized substances. you can take detox drinks handy, they might help you. 

Conclusion – Does Starbucks Drug Test

Conclusion Does Starbucks Drug Test

Starbucks doesn’t do any pre-employment drug screening or quick fine-panel drug tests. They welcome everyone to be a part of their team. But once you are in their team, you are not allowed drug usage within the workplace.

Moreover, Starbucks does pre-employment drug testing if any felony or relevant activity is found from the applicant’s history. But is it not true that you will be disqualified. You will still get a chance even if your was an infrequent substance user.

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