What are Aldi Hours? (Normal Hours, and Holiday Hours)

Almost all big retailers now operate 24/7, but the same can’t be said for Aldi. Aldi hours are a bit different from other stores such as Walmart or Sam’s Club.

Aldi is a discount supermarket retailer that sells almost everything you can imagine.

Aldi was founded in 1946 and was split into two separate businesses in 1962, becoming Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud. Both are now considered separate businesses and work independently.

There are over 11,235 stores of Aldi working globally in the United States, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, and many more countries.

You can get all sorts of goods at Aldi, for example, gluten-free products, name-brand products, paper products, quality products, and even more.

This chain with stores is working throughout the world daily and bringing in millions of businesses.

Keep reading to learn more about the working hours of Aldi.

Aldi Hours

Aldi Hours

The normal schedule for Aldi stores is from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. However, this is not always the case.

Some Aldi stores may open at 9:00 am and close around 7:00 pm. There are different rules and schedules for different stores of Aldi.

Also, keep in mind that Aldi is closed on major holidays. These include Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

Aldi operates for a limited time period on other small holidays. 

Now you might be wondering why Aldi doesn’t work 24/7?

Nowadays, almost every store is opened way past midnight and basically works 24/7, but Aldi isn’t like that.

You really feel the joy of shopping when going to Aldi as it takes an older person or senior shoppers back to their childhood when stores weren’t opened 24/7.

Keeping the hours limited, Aldi also prevented panic shopping which occurs sometimes.

Lastly, Aldi has maintained loyal shoppers through its good and discounted dealings, so it doesn’t attract bargain shoppers.  

Aldi is comfortable working in the normal 10-12 hour range and even giving their employees days off on holiday completely. Keep reading if you want to learn more.

What Are Aldi Hours On Normal Days?

What Are Aldi Hours On Normal Days

We’ve already stated that Aldi hours are normally from 7 or 9 in the morning till 8 or 9 in the night, but you might be confused about this schedule.

While Aldi does have a fixed schedule, you may face time differences at your local store, and the reason for this is basic geography and the pandemic.

Aldi works differently for different regions, so you can’t be sure of the exact time they operate. You can always ask their customer support to get the timings of your local Aldi store.

What Are Aldi Hours On Holidays?

You might find this amazing, but Aldi doesn’t work on Holidays. This is a really great feature from the point of view of the employees. Employees can spend time with their loved ones and relax at home on holidays.

This is amazing because every major retailer works on holidays, but Aldi is the exception.

Aldi is confident enough that they don’t have to work on holidays.

This saves them a lot of trouble from unhappy employees as well as gives buyers a sense of urgency, so they buy before the holidays.

Closing early and not working on holidays helps Aldi in a way that they don’t have to keep their stores open 24/7 like Walmart, which saves them resources and electricity as well as having to pay overtime for employees.

In short, you’ll find that Aldi doesn’t work on major holidays like Christmas Eve, Labor Day, New Year’s Even, and the like. On small holidays, Aldi operates for a limited amount of time.

Therefore, keep in mind these schedules, so you don’t face any problems when shopping for holidays.

What Are Aldi Hours On Sundays?

There is little to no difference between the working hours of Aldi on Sundays and normal days. Aldi usually opens at either 8:00 am or 9:00 am and closes around 8-9 pm.

As stated before, the timings of your local Aldi may be different, but usually, Aldi’s hours lie between the limit of 8-8 from morning till night.

The Aldi store near us used to close at 9:00 pm even on Sundays, but recently it has been closing around 8. SO make sure you are well informed of their timings before making a last-minute visit to Aldi only to find them close.

How Do You Find The Hours Of Aldi Near You?

How Do You Find The Hours Of Aldi Near You

We’ve talked about the working hours of Aldi in general but what about the Aldi that is near you?

Maybe the reason you are reading this article right now is that you want to know the timing of your local Aldi, so worry not, we are getting to it.

The best way to find the hours and location of any Aldi store is to visit Aldi’s store locator.

Aldi keeps this list updated, but there are some cases where you may see that the updated content does not comply with the actual timings of an Aldi store.

If this is the case, you can always contact their customer support or ask one of the employees about their timings the next time you are at Aldi.

Why Does Aldi Close So Early?

Why Does Aldi Close So Early

With more and more stores now becoming available 24/7, you may notice that Aldi’s behavior is a bit different. Walmart, Sam’s club, and the like are normally open 24/7, but this is not the case with Aldi.

Aldi’s first hour stores operate between 8 am to 9 pm. Also, keep in mind, Aldi starts closing one hour before stores close, which is usually at 7. Therefore, keep these differences in mind while shopping at Aldi.

The reason behind this depends on the different business models different businesses use. Walmart may have seen fit to work 24/7 while Aldi does not.

Aldi also offers excellent prices, so there is no room for bargain prices.

Aldi is comfortable working in a limited time period because they know their services and products are bought, so they don’t put in the extra effort.

This doesn’t mean that they are lazy. It means they are smart about their business.

Think about it for a moment, and we’ve all heard stories of Amazon and Walmart employees becoming stressed about overworking, but you may have rarely heard anything about Aldi.

We really appreciate Aldi running a business on a schedule as it is really great for their employees.

The employees don’t have to worry about working on holidays and spending time away from their families.

Aldi also saves a lot of money and operating costs following its fixed and limited schedule.

Aldi doesn’t have to hire two employees for different shifts since there is only one shift, and they also don’t have to worry about asking employees to work for 2 shifts straight if one of them is not available.

Since Aldi is a discount store, it is one of the cheapest grocery stores out there. You will be charged a delivery fee if you order your grocery or goods from Aldi. 

The delivery fee of Aldi will vary depending on whether you chose club store deliveries or a one-hour delivery.

Risk customers or vulnerable customers also find safety in the fact that Aldi closes early, unlike other stores. High-risk customers are people who aren’t safe shopping at night, which is why it really helps when Aldi follows a strict opening and closing schedule.

Aldi keeps in mind all of these scenarios and has a fixed closing time for risk customers.

Therefore, we’ve concluded that Aldi’s hours are good for the whole world, do let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Alternatives To Aldi

More often than not, we get busy and don’t find time to do grocery shopping.

What will you do if you reach home at 8 pm and go to the grocery stores only to find that Aldi is closed? Some senior customers like to shop early in the morning when Aldi is closed.

You might also like to shop late at night because of social distancing and not wanting to go to crowded places.

We are not telling the loyal shoppers of Aldi to stop going there; these are just a few alternatives you should keep in mind.

There are many other similar scenarios that can occur, so we’ve listed some alternatives if you want to shop late or early when Aldi is closed.

 In case your local Aldi is closed, and you want to find grocery stores, your first step should be finding your local Walmart.

You can find your favorite products of Aldi at Walmart since Walmart is a retailer giant, and we can be 80% sure that they’ll have the product you are looking for.

Walmart is open 24/7 and has national brands as well as international brands of goods, so there is a good chance that what you are looking for will be there.

Though you might not find private label products that you find at Aldi.

You will find all award-winning products that are majorly sold everywhere, even at Walmart.

You can also go to a store at Sam’s Club. If you are on a shopping trip after the hour of business at Aldi, you can look for the nearest Sam’s Club, and you will find whatever you need as Sam’s Club has a lot of consumer goods.

Other options are 7Eleven, Dollar Fresh Stores, and Dollar General, which are also open pretty late into the night. 

One other way to shop from Aldi is to use their grocery delivery option, where you don’t actually have to go to the store but can get your goods delivered to you right at your home.

The last step is to look for small grocery store chains, which you’ll find by doing a little exploring in your local area.

Using these alternatives, you don’t have to worry about the hour of shopping as these stores are open 24/7

These alternatives are only for vulnerable shoppers and senior citizens who can’t find the time to go to Aldi during its normal operating hours, and we hope these are helpful to you.

Conclusion – Aldi Hours

We’ve discussed Aldi hours in detail and found that the dedicated shopping hours of Aldi are from 8-9 am till 8-9 pm.

The reason there isn’t any exact hour of shopping regarding Aldi is that different Aldi branches operate slightly differently.

However, the dedicated time of business of Aldi stores is 8 am to 9 pm. While Aldi is one of the major retailers out there, it is confusing why Aldi operates for a limited time period.

The reason is simple because Aldi uses a different business model as compared to Walmart or other big stores. We can also see that Aldi is still quite successful while maintaining limited working hours.

Unlike other stores, Aldi is closed on big holidays like Christmas Eve or Labor Day. This is really great as it gives the employees time to spend with their family on holidays.

When the employees are happy, the work morale is overall pretty high. This is why we don’t hear cases of overworked employees at Aldi like Walmart or Amazon.

Since nighttime is a bit less secure, Aldi also secures vulnerable shoppers, especially shopping by seniors aged, who shop at night in an indirect way.

Theft usually occurs at night, so you don’t have to worry about getting into any trouble if you don’t shop late at night.

Aldi is a great place for daily shopping, and you can get pretty much anything you want there. Aldi also offers frequent shopper discounts which enhance its qualities even more.

When buying online with Aldi, you get a personal shopper who takes your stuff and delivers it to you, which is a really nice feature.

We hope all your queries regarding Aldi hours were answered in this article. If you want to read more articles, check out “costco plan b“, “does target take paypal“, and “does Petsmart drug test


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