What Is Costco Plan B? All You Need To Know!

Costco is famous for its dealing in wholesale among the United States. Costco Wholesale ranked under the world’s 10th biggest wholesale retailer store in the Fortune 500. Besides working as a wholesale body, Costco Pharmacy is famous for Costco Plan B. What is Costco Plan B?

In this article, you will know the details of what Plan B is? What is Costco? Keep reading this article for info takeaway.

Costco Plan B

Costco Plan B

Plan B is a birth control pill Costco Wholesale sells in its stores. It sold at Costco Pharmacy. You can buy Plan B from Costco if you are their member or not. You can buy it from a website or from a third party that is dropshipping the products presented in Costco.

Customers can buy Plan B from Costco’s shop cards, specialty, central-fill pharmacies, mail orders, etc. The price of Plan B One-Step varies according to the place. You show the medical prescription at drugstores to buy some. But in Costco, you don’t have to.

Before 2013, You have to show the medical prescription at drugstores. But now whether you are their member or not, you can buy it.

Costco Plan B costs from $8 to $40. The Plan B One-Step Emergency Contraceptive control birth after unprotected sex. You can buy Plan B in Costco easily.

 How Much Does Plan B Cost In Costco?

Costco has many warehouses all over the world. It is a multinational retailer due to which the rates also differ. If we specifically talk about Plan B, it rates also differ according to the area.

Although, the amount you have to keep in mind is between $8 to $40. This rate is only available at Costco Wholesale Corporation. If you buy Plan B One-Step from any other drugstores, the price will be between $40 to $80.

So always choose the critical area mitigation plan for buying something. We believe Costco shop cards are the best option.

Does Costco Pharmacy Charge Less Than Other Pharmacies?

Indeed it is true that Costco charges less than other pharmacies. If you are a member, it is good. But if you are not, you will still get medicines at discounts.

It is not for only medicines, you can buy anything from Costco at discounts. A resource said the customers prefer Costco for buying drugs as well as other things in the U.S from Costco because of its discounts.

Do Members Of Costco Get Any Benefits?

An interesting thing about Costco is that they have Costco Auto Program for their members. It means that they have special discounts on special occasions. If you are buying medicine from Costco, you will get a discount whether you are a member or not.

But If you are buying medicines by showing the prescription recommended by the doctor, you will get a special discount price on prescription medications. You will get a benefit from being a member of it.

 What Is Costco Wholesale?

 What Is Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American multinational retail store operating in different countries. Costco made its different branches for different items like Costco Pharmacy for medications, Costco Auto Program for Auto works, etc.

In Costco, more than two million employees are working. Costco covers more than eight hundred locations. Currently, they are working in China, Japan, America, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Iceland, the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, South Korea, and Australia.

You can have different buying plans from Costco. You can either buy a single item or a whole package. It is totally up to you. You can look for a direct stock purchase plan if you want to deal in bulk.

City of Lake Stevens & SE is planning to make Costco Lake Stevens & SE. It will be called Lake Stevens Costco. The Lake Stevens Costco is currently designed by Watershed company. They have shared the document named “Lake Stevens Costco Peer Review Of Critical Area & Culvert” on their site.

What Is Plan B?

What Is Plan B

Plan B is a tablet used for unprotected making out. You can use it as an emergency birth control pill. The Plan B One-Step tablet is produced by the company named Duramed Pharmaceuticals. Plan B contains Levonorlgestral which is a hormone medication.

Plan B is also known as the “morning-after pill”. you have to take it 24 hours before making out. This tablet works if you took it 24 hours before although, the effect remains till 72 hours. The Plan B One-Step is a brand that contains Levonorgestrel. 

There are several reasons why Plan B is used:

  • A common birth control pill is not used.
  • Tears in safety kits.
  •  Partner released early.

There is one thing about Plan B that people mistakes that Plan B does not guarantee that pregnancy will be stopped. If you want to protect yourself from getting pregnant, take it after making out.

FAQs – Costco Plan B

Those who are regular customers of Costco Wholesale have some daily basis questions in mind. Some of them are answered below:

Does Member Of Costco Get More Discount On Plan B?

No, whether you are a member of Costco or not, you will get the same discount because it is not enlisted in medications. It is used for your ease.

What Is The Price Of Plan B At Costco?

Costco sells Plan B One-Step at a cheaper price than other pharmacies. The cost of Plan B at Costco is $8 to $40.

Does Plan B Have Side Effects?

Longer usage of any medicine can be a danger. It is not used if you are pregnant or you have an allergy to levonorgestrel.

How Long Plan B Last?

You can take Plan B One-Step right after unprotected making out, before 24 hours, or before 72 hours. 

Does Plan B Contain Only One Pill?

No, Plan B comes in a pair of two pills. You can take both of the pills at a time. You can take pills after 12 hours.

Conclusion – Costco Plan B

Conclusion Costco Plan B

Costco gives you discounts on Plan B One-Step. If you are a member or not, you will still get a discount on medicines. The price of Costco One-Step Contraceptive varies between $40 to $80. You can check the price from other retail stores and wholesale dealers.

Another important to mention is that Costco Plan B is not a medicine written in the prescription. So you should know that either you are a member or not, you will get the same discount on Plan B

We believe that now you know about Costco Plan B, What is Costco? and What is Plan B? If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know through an email or in the comment section, we’ll be happy to answer.

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