When can I eat rice after wisdom teeth removal (Explained in Detail)

After the wisdom teeth removal procedure, you should take more precautions because it takes time to heal. Moreover, while taking a rest, you have to take care of what are you eating. In a situation like this, always try not to eat hot or spicy foods.

Avoid acidic foods and foods that are hard to chew because the Avoid acidic foods and foods that are hard to chew because the chunk of that food might get stuck in your wisdom teeth extraction site. Moreover, you must know what you should eat and what kind of precautions you should take? etc.

In this blog, we’ll try to answer In this blog, we’ll try to answer everything we can cover regarding can I eat rice after wisdom teeth removal? Let’s check it out below.

When Can I Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

What is Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

The wisdom teeth extraction is a surgical procedure in which the wisdom tooth is extracted from the gum. In it, connective tissues are cut from the wisdom teeth so teeth can be extracted easily. After removal of the tooth, gums are sewed.

It takes almost 45 minutes to 1 hour for the procedure. But it also It takes almost 45 minutes to 1 hour for the procedure. But it also depends upon the patients because if someone is a patient of diabetes, it will take more time to avoid any other health issue.

When can I eat rice after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

It’ll take at least a week to start rice again. Moreover, it also depends on the type of rice you are trying to eat. Let’s suppose your wish is to eat Biriyani which is cooked in enriched spicy masalas with rice. It is spicy food and it will surely damage your extraction are site.

But yes if you trying to eat fluffy rice which is soft and mouth-melted, yes you can eat it but after some time. So It depends on what kind of rice are you trying to eat. Like Biriyani, Fried Rice or crispy rice is spicy foods so they are not allowed.

But on the other side, soft rice dishes like fluffy rice, mashed rice, or rice oats can be eaten. Again, make sure your rice dish should not be too hot or too spicy because it may cause damage to your teeth extraction site.

Which soft rice dishes can be eaten after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Which Soft Rice Dishes Can Be Eaten After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth removal treatment takes much care.  Rice is not the Wisdom Teeth removal treatment takes much care. Rice is not the best solution to eat right after the treatment, but you can eat it after some days. Make sure the rice dishes you are eating should be soft. Rice can be formed in soft foods to eat while wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

The question is, which ones? Well, we’re going to discuss each of the 1 by 1 with the preparation method too.

Rice Porridge

Rice Porridge

Rice porridge is a soft and fluffy dish made from rice. It can be eaten by a person who got his wisdom tooth removal treatment. The best thing about rice porridge is that it is easy to eat and easy to digest. It gives you instant energy. Let’s see its ingredients and recipe process.


Ingredients used in rice porridge are:

  • Rice (Jasmine Rice preferred)
  • Water
  • Salt (Don’t use too much salt because it has the risk of complications)

Recipe Process

Process of making is :

  • Wash rice properly
  • Add water (enough that every grain of rice soaked in it)
  • cook it on a high flame
  • check rice softness using a fork that it should be closed to mesh state.
  • Rice Porridge is ready to eat.

Mashed Rice

Mashed Rice

Pain in teeth is a common wisdom teeth removal complications. So mashed rice in this state is a healthful diet. Consider adding it to your regular diet too. It is very beneficial for your health plus it is easy to eat and has less chance of being stuck in surgical sites. We’ll discuss the recipe and its ingredients.


Ingredients to make Mash Rice are:

  • 2 ratio 3 of rice
  • 1 ratio 3 of red lentils
  • 3 medium cups of water
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil (other oil can be used)
  • Salt

Recipe Process

Process of making mashed rice is :

  • Wash rice and red lentils together
  • put them in a pressure cooker and steam it
  • after the exhaustion of unnecessary water, took them in a low flame
  • Mashed Rice is ready to eat and serve.

Fluffy Rice

Fluffy Rice

Fluffy rice is the best one to eat. They are soft and melt in the mouth once you put them in your mouth. If rice is longer, the fluffier it will be. Let’s discuss the recipe and its ingredients.


  • Rice (Long rice)
  • Oil (Olive oil is preferred
  • Water 
  • Salt ( Avoid using it because it may delay the healing process)

Recipe Process

Process of making Fluffy Rice is:

  • Wash rice properly.
  • Pour water and soak rice in it.
  • Pour oil and Cook it until it becomes soft.
  • Hot and soft fluffy rice is ready to eat.

What and When Can I Eat Rice After Wisdom teeth Removal?

What And When Can I Eat Rice After Wisdom Teeth Removal

You have a penalty of knowledge that when can I eat rice after wisdom teeth removal. For sure, wound healing will take some time. But to eat healthily and avoid the risk of infection is compulsory too. So besides taking plenty of fluids, we’re going to introduce a list of foods you can eat.

The list of foods that will be beneficial for dental health and best in stages of recovery are mentioned below:

  • Apple Sauce
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Ice Cream (Banana Ice Cream are everyone’s favorite)
  • Milkshakes
  • Smoothies

You can have liquid foods as well as some specific normal foods too days after wisdom teeth removal. Some of them are mentioned above which be taken days after wisdom teeth. So enjoy your Apple sauce on a normal diet and be in the best shape in recovery time.

What I can’t eat after Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

What I Cant Eat After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Well, there are some normal foods which you can’t eat because of your dental complications. Solid foods are unacceptable because they damage your wisdom teeth site because of your dental complications.

The list of food mentioned below should be prohibited while you’re in painful condition:

  • Bread after Tooth Extraction(Can be eaten after 2 to 3 days after tooth removal)
  • Hot Beverages
  • Chocolate after Tooth Extraction
  • Cheese after Tooth Extraction
  • Smoking after Tooth Extraction
  • black beans after Wisdom Tooth Removal

You can’t have even alcoholic beverages because they are somewhat acidic and will harm your gum tissues. Moreover, try to avoid crunchy food as well. The harder food is, the harder pain will you have.

Instead of taking hot food, try to cool it down for a while and then eat it so you won’t affect your gum tissue.

FAQs of When can I eat Rice after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

There are some quick questions or we would say frequently asked questions which many people ask.

Can I have Blood pressure after Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

There is some common complication after wisdom teeth surgery. You can have pain in your wisdom tooth extraction site, blood clots in your gums, etc. Moreover, you can have a bit of high blood pressure on normal days after tooth removal.

It is because you having dental complications due to which your blood pressure is high but don’t worry with the passage of time it will be normal again.

Can I eat Banana right after Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Although Banana is sweet food and soft in nature. But always try to avoid eating it right after your wisdom tooth removal operation. Because it may cause some infection. Banana is beneficial for teeth. Do you know that the peel of a Banana can make your teeth white? If not, go and do it for a week, you will get a result.

Can I eat Ice Cream right after Wisdom Tooth Removal?

You will be amazed doctors preferred eating ice cream because it will soothe the site are of wisdom tooth extraction. and it will aid to reduce pain. Ice cream can be considered as normal food in this situation and can be taken without any doubt.

Can I have Water after Tooth Extraction?

Yes, you can the blood clotting due to wisdom teeth removal complications can be reduced by taking water. You can drink water as much as you want as it will keep you hydrated and fresh after dental surgery.

Which necessary precautions I should take after Dental Surgery?

First of all, after dental surgery, try to take fluids like Milkshakes, smoothies, water, etc. You can have a normal diet but you have to wait for it. 48 to 24 hours are enough. Make sure that normal food means soft food, not hard foods.

 Smoking after wisdom teeth removal will cause you more damage. Because smoking after wisdom teeth removal makes tar right into your gum tissues which is operated on a while ago. Think by yourself, smoking makes your teeth dark, what will it do after tooth extraction?

Moreover, Banana after a tooth extraction is great but not right after it. You have to wait a while. You can have cheese after tooth extractions. Soft and melted cheese is good in taste and makes your tummy full.

Moreover, take care of your oral health like mouth washing , taking medicines recommended by the doctor.

Conclusion of When can I eat Rice after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

We have discussed in detail what wisdom teeth removal is? What are the dental procedures? Moreover, what should you eat after wisdom teeth removal?

We have discussed that you can eat rice after wisdom teeth removal but you have to make sure it is soft and normal. Because the hard food will cause damage to your teeth. We shared three different recipes made from rice which you can eat.

Moreover, we discuss what kind of food is not good for your dental procedure. We told that Citrus fruits, alcoholic beverages, hot beverages, and other hard foods are dangerous to your dental health. Try to avoid smoking after wisdom teeth removal because it will cause serious painful infections.

Hopefully, you find this blog interesting. If you have any questions or queries in your mind, comment in the comment section and we’ll be happy to answer you. In meantime, go check out our other blogs “What is Amazon ERC?“, “Detail about Corona Light Alcohol Content“, “What is a Reference Number?“. Thank you, guys!


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