Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay? (Explained)

We all have heard about Starbucks at one point or another, and you may have asked yourself whether does Starbucks take Apple Pay.

Yes, Starbucks does make Apple pay as a valid payment method. As soon as Apple Pay was launched in October of 2014, Starbucks started using it the very next month.

It tells us that the Starbucks giant is very up to date with the latest trends and immediately used Apple pay as a valid payment method. If you want to know more about Starbucks’ payment methods and Apple pay, keep reading.

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay

Does Starbucks take Apple Pay? 

Yes, You can use Apple Pay at Starbucks. Apple Pay payment service is a valid payment method at all Starbucks locations in the United States and other regions. You can use Apple Pay at Starbucks in-store, drive-thru, or even the Starbucks app for online ordering.

What Is Starbucks?

What Is Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the largest coffee cafes globally, and it was established in 1971.

It started very small, but now it has become one of the top restaurants in the world when we talk about coffee.

The headquarters of Starbucks is situated in Seattle, Washington. Star bucks have grown so much that it has over 17,000 stores worldwide.

The company has also been a pioneer in using technology to enhance the customer experience. It has mobile apps for ordering and paying for drinks, which are

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service used as a digital wallet app. Apple introduced it in 2014.

You can use almost all Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch to make payments using Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a great way to make contactless payments very easily. It is one of the pioneers of contactless payments.

You can link almost all major credit or debit cards with Apple Pay, including Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, American Express, and more.

Therefore, using Apple pay is a really great way to easily conduct transactions and not have to worry about carrying all of your credit and debit cards. Apple Pay is considered one of the best payment apps in the market since all major companies use it. Just keep your apple wallet filled with credit, and you can enjoy all the benefits of Apple Pay at Starbucks.

Why Use Apple Pay At Starbucks?

The most important aspect of using Apple Pay at Starbucks is that Apple Pay is fast and easy to use. Apple Pay is also one of the largest market leaders when it comes to online mobile payments.

When you are done giving your order, proceed to the counter and open Apple pay on your phone to pay.

Hold your phone near the POS device, and you’ll be done in seconds. All of this is done through the mobile payment app called Apple Pay, pretty amazing. We agree.

Apple Pay uses NFC(near field communication), which is an advanced method of conducting transactions and a very great payment option.

NFC uses multiple layers of security to protect your information. Starbucks never receives your credit card information; they just receive an encoded code from Apple Pay which allows you to complete your transaction.

Therefore, you do not need to carry cash or a wallet. You also don’t have to fumble in your pockets looking for your card to enter card details into the POS machine.

Moreover, Apple Pay gives you the pleasure of no more looking for change at the cash register. Since Apple Pay is being used by one of the biggest companies like Starbucks, we can safely say that it is one of the safest and securest apps on the platform.

How To Use Apple Pay In Starbucks Store?

How To Use Apple Pay In Starbucks Store

Apple Pay is one of the best ways to pay in your local Starbucks store. It is really helpful and handy to have, just in case you forget your wallet or credit card.

You can certainly use Apple pay in any Starbucks store. Make your order and when they ring you up, ask them you’d like to pay with Apple Pay.

You’ll have to hold your phone near the POS reader, and Apple Play will take matters into hand and do the transaction for you in a matter of seconds.

How To Use Apple Pay When Ordering From Starbucks App?

To use Apple Pay for online orders at Starbucks, you need to make sure you have the latest version of the Starbucks mobile app on your iPhone.

If not, update your Starbucks mobile app. Once you have updated the app, simply open it and log in with your Starbucks account.

Now, you can browse your favorite cup of coffee, and once done, proceed to the payment section. There, you can use Apple Pay to add a balance to your Starbucks card. You can see all of your app purchases in the Starbucks app.

Can You Use Apple Pay At Starbucks Drive Through?

You can also use Apple Pay at Starbucks Drive-Thru. The process is very similar to using Apple Pat At Starbucks in-store.

After placing your order, when you proceed to the checkout window, simply hold your phone near the card reader, and your transaction will be done.

Do note that you need to have Apple Pay set up on your iPhone for the transaction to take place.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Starbucks

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Starbucks

There are many benefits of using Apple Pay instead of cash or credit card at your local Starbucks. A few benefits have been listed below:

  • Apple Pay enables you to make fast and secure payments.
  • Apple Pay uses NFC technology which is more secure and simple to use than carrying your credit card everywhere with you.
  • Never ever worry about carrying enough cash; all you have to do is simply use your Apple Pay account to pay at Starbucks.

Let’s discuss these methods in detail.

Apple Pay is More Secure

Using Apple Pay is very secure at Starbucks as it not only keeps your credit/debit card information safe, it makes them less prone to be misused.

When you use Apple Pay, your credit card payment info is not sent to Starbucks, and rather Apple Pay makes the transaction on your behalf.

You only share your payment info with Apple Pay and not other vendors or stores. Therefore, mobile payment users feel a lot safer using Apple pay than their credit cards.

Using Apple Pay is More Convenient

It has happened to almost all of us that we sometimes forget our wallets or cash in the car or home. What will you do if you are at Starbucks and you forget your wallet?

If you are using Apple Pay, all you have to do to be able to pay at Starbucks is use your phone.

We may forget our wallets at home, but we rarely forget our phones as it is always in our hands.

One other way Apple pay is more convenient than cash is that you don’t have to worry about carrying enough cash all the time. All you need is just your phone.

What Are The Alternative Payment Methods at Starbucks?

In addition to using Apple Pay at Starbucks coffee company, you can use many other alternative payment methods to pay at Starbucks. Some of the accepted payment methods of Starbucks have been listed below:

  • Credit/Debit Cards.
  • Starbucks Gift Cards.
  • Cash.
  • Google Pay.
  • PayPal.

You can use any of the payment methods mentioned above at Starbucks. Also, note that excluding cash and credit cards, all of these are contactless payment options. Apple Pay is one of the most used payment methods at Starbucks. All of these forms of payment are accepted at all Starbucks. You don’t have to take money from cards with Apple Pay, just use your phone for the payment at Starbucks.


Does Starbucks take Apple Pay? Yes, Apple pay is a valid payment method used at Starbucks.

In Fact, it is one of the most used payment methods at Starbucks. Apple pay is accepted at all Starbucks stores throughout the world.

You can use Apple Pay for in-store purchases, drive-thru orders, and online payments at Starbucks and not have to worry about using your credit payment card.

Apple Pay has a lot of benefits over cash and credit card, and one of them is convenience and security.

Moreover, you don’t have to use an iPhone to use Apple Pay, and you can also make transactions with your Apple Watch.

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