Does John Cena have Kids? Explained in Detail

No one can deny watching wrestling in their life and everybody knows John Cena, though not much is known about whether does John has kids or not.

If you’ve ever thought “Does John Cena have kids”, then you are wrong as he doesn’t have any kids.

John Cena has been married twice in his life but has never had any kids.

John Cena, real name John Felix Anthony Cena debuted as a professional WWE wrestler in 1999 and has been climbing the ladder of success ever since.

In an interview with rolling stone, he stated that he leads a very busy life and there isn’t any time in his schedule that allows him to settle down and have a family.

His recent breakup with Niki Bella was also because John didn’t want to have kids.

Does John Cena Have Kids

Did John Cena have kids with Nikki Bella?

Did John Cena Have Kids With Nikki Bella

Does John Cena have kids? John Cena has never had kids and he didn’t have any kids with Nikki Bella either.

Fans were devastated when they learned of John and Nikki Bella splitting up and going their separate ways.

One of the main reasons John and Nikki broke up is because Nikki Bella wanted to have kids while John Cena didn’t.

It isn’t much known about John’s personal life but the fans have followed his journey in life during his success at WWE.

John recently stated that he is open to having kids and looking to settle down

The chances John of getting back together with Nikki are next to nothing as she already has a kid, named Matteo Artemovich Chigvintsev, who was born on 31st July 2020.

When Nikki Bella heard of John changing his views against having kids, she didn’t hold it against him and wished him the best.

Nikki Bella stated that it is John and Shay’s(John’s current fiancée) business and she has nothing to do with it but she wishes him the best in his future.

What are Nikki Bella and John Cena doing now?

After John and Nikki split ways, John has been working on his career as a WWE professional wrestler and movie actor while Nikki settled down and married and also has a baby boy now.

Does John Cena have kids with Shay Shariatzadeh?

Does John Cena Have Kids With Shay Shariatzadeh

John started dating Nikki in 2012 and they split up in 2017 after their different views on having children or not.

After John and Nikki broke up, John Started dating Shay Shariatzadah in march of 2019.

The two got close very quickly and married on 12 October 2020 at a private party of close friends.

The two have been married since October of 2020 but they don’t have children yet as of 2021.

John Cena didn’t want to have kids for a long time and it was the major reason John and Nikki broke up because Nikki Bella wanted to have kids.

John Cena has changed his views on having kids and he recently said in an interview with rolling stone that he is now getting older and wiser, which means that he is now looking to settle down and have kids.

Since John changed his views, we can now expect him to have kids in the future soon.

What is John Cena Doing Now?

What Is John Cena Doing Now

John, a renowned WWE wrestler who is famous for his persona worldwide is doing a lot of things at the moment.

In addition to his wrestling career, John is also an avid actor and has worked in several Hollywood movies such as The Marine, The Suicide Squad, Vacation Friends, and he is currently working on the film F9.

John has settled down and married Shay Shariatzadah in October 2020. He recently announced that he is a bit wiser and older and that he is now considering having kids.

John and Nikki Bella, twin sister of Brie Bella, had been dating before He and Shay married and John not wanting kids was the main reason He and Nikki broke up.

Nikki Bella is now married to Artem Chigvintsev and the are recently had an amazing blessing in the form of a baby boy.

John has been a world champion 16 times in the WWE and has a lot of fans who wanted him to continue his relationship with Nikki but unfortunately, they broke up.

Before dating Nikki, John had been married to Elizabeth Huberdeau, whom he had been together with since High School.

John began living a very busy life and was committed to his work so much that he neglected his relationships which is He and Elizabeth divorced.

Not having kids was also one of the reasons John and Elizabeth broke up because She wanted kids while John didn’t.

John has made it very clear to the public and previous relationships from the start that he is committed to his work and will not be having kids although he has changed his views recently.

We can expect him to have an incredible relationship with Shay and that they will soon have kids since John is now open to having kids.

Has John Cena retired from WWE?

Has John Cena Retired From Wwe

John joined first appeared in WWE, (previously known as WWF) in 2000 and signed a contract with Ohio Valley Wrestling, and started working as a professional wrestler.

He had been training as a wrestler before but his professional wrestling career actually started after he signed a contract with Ohio Valley wrestling

At the beginning of his professional wrestling career at WWE, he wasn’t very famous and he had portrayed a rapper.

Though he quickly changed his persona to that of a US marine and has been a hero of WWE ever since.

The famed wrestler and superstar are now retired from WWE and everybody is wondering the same thing, that is “Does John Cena have kids”?

John had always wanted to enlist in the army although he never got the chance to do so, he still holds a lot of respect for the veterans as is evident by his portrayal of a marine in his persona.

While John is a famed wrestler, he has also been a rapper-singer. He dropped his first single in 2005 which is also his WWE entrance theme.

Fans were devastated to know that John has left the WWE but his career is not over yet, he is still living the Hollywood life and we can expect more movies from him in the future.

John has also been a WWE tag team champion a number of times. John became the WWE tag team champion along with Shawn Michaels but their duo didn’t last that long.

He then joined Batista and both went on to become  WWE tag team champions though their team didn’t last that long and both broke it off after a total of 7 days only.

John and David Otunga were also WWE tag team champions and John also became a WWE tag team champion with The Miz and others as well.

John has participated in other WWE matches as well such as Ladder match, event match, dark match, triple threat match, singles match, cell match, and other matches as well.

Maybe he will come back to WWE as well.

Conclusion – Does John Cena Have Kids?

John Cena has never had any kids, biological or adopted.

In the beginning, John was very open about not having and He had made it clear to his partners which is one of the main reasons his previous relationships didn’t work.

However, now John has stated to Life & Style that he is a bit older and wiser and that his, which means that he is now open to having kids.

Life & Style also informed the world about John Cena wanting to have a great wedding with Shay when they were engaged.

The five-time united states champion, John has retired from WWE. 

While the five-time united states champion is retired, that does not mean his career is over. 

John is still an avid actor and sometimes, a singer and we can expect more movies from him.

It also happens that wrestlers who retire come back after a while so we can hope that John will listen to the requests of his fans and come back to WWE.

John has been in many types of matches at WWE such as Triple threat match, event match, ladder match, singles match, cell math, dark match, fatal four-way match, mixed tag team match, steel cage match, and a whole lot others.

Hope you will find it informative and interesting. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section.

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