What Does DHL “With Delivery Courier” Mean? Full Guide

Have you received a message from your DHL delivery courier saying “DHL with delivery courier” and wondered what it meant?

You could have received a message that instead said, “Out for delivery.” The meaning of both the messages is the same.

It simply means that your order or parcel is in the final stage of delivery, meaning it is in the hands of the delivery person and has been dispatched to your location.

You receive the “with delivery courier” message when your delivery company is sure that you will get the order that day.

When a company sends you this delivery message, it is a way of informing you that your package will reach you soon and you should be available to receive it.

If you are not available to receive it yourself, the delivery person will leave your parcel in your mailbox or your front door.

If you receive this message, it doesn’t guarantee that you will receive the order that day because accidents can occur.

For example, the delivery vehicle could not reach your location by the end of the day because they had different orders to be delivered before reaching your location.

In such cases, your order can be delayed by a day or two.      

This was just a brief overview so now let’s look at the details of what does the “DHL with delivery courier” message really means.

DHL With Delivery Courier

What is “DHL With Delivery Courier”?

What Is DHL With Delivery Courier

Whenever you place an order online or buy something from a store that needs to be delivered to you, your seller will use a courier service to send you your purchased item.

Your seller will also give you a receipt of the order which will contain an invoice code of the courier service company, which you can use to track the status of your order anytime you want.

Whenever tracking the status of your order, You can get the following three results:         

  1. The parcel is in processing by the merchant and will soon be picked by the courier service.
  2. Your delivery service has picked up the parcel and is en route to the courier branch nearest to your location.
  3. “Out for deliver” or “DHl with delivery courier.”

When the courier company is sure that your package has been picked up by the delivery person responsible for delivering it to your doorstep, they will send you the final message.

This is a way to relieve the buyer and assure them that their purchased item will reach them soon and that they should have the money ready if the order payment is to be made in cash.

Different courier companies use different messages to let the user know that their package will be delivered to them soon, but their meaning is the same.

DHL also sends its customer a message after handing the parcel to the last guy in the delivery process.

It doesn’t matter if you are using DHL Express, DHL Freight Forwarding, or other services it provides; it will send you the message “DHL with delivery courier” once your order is in the final steps of being delivered.

A tracking status code is also provided to you by DHL, by which you can see a detailed overview of your shipment’s status.

Please note that delivery times might be altered various reasons, such as the delivery person could not reach your location by the end of the day so your order will be delayed.

This means that even if you get the final delivery status text message, keep in mind that unfortunate situations can arise which can delay your parcel slightly.

What Does the Message “DHL With Delivery Courier” Mean?

When you place an order on an online store, the merchants usually list the number of options you have available for selecting a courier for your order.

Different couriers have different rates, and if you select DHL, your order will be delivered by the DHL service.

When your order has been dispatched from the DHL branch, which is nearest to your location, DHL will send you a message saying, “DHL with delivery courier.”

This message is a way to convey that your order is now in the hands of the delivery team and that you should expect it very soon.

Note that DHL does the residential deliveries according to their office schedule – from 8 in the morning and by 6 in the evening.

This means that if the delivery has not reached your place between the period of 8:00 am till 6:00 pm; your order will be delayed and delivered to you on a later date.

What Does the Message “DHL Out For Delivery” Mean?

Whenever you purchased something online, it goes through the following stages:

  1. Your merchant and buyer receive your request and payment.
  2. Your seller starts to process the order, and they add a label to your package of the courier service that will be used to deliver your order.
  3. The courier company’s representative picks up your parcel from your seller and sends it to the branch of the courier near your location.
  4. When your parcel arrives at the office of the DHL courier company, it is then handed to the delivery team.
  5. DHL sends you the “with delivery courier” message, and your order is dispatched.
  6. The delivery person delivers the order to your place.

From the procedures described above, your courier service will send you the final tracking message once your order is in the hands of the delivery team so you can anticipate your order that day.

I Didn’t Receive Any Status Message From DHL

In case you didn’t receive any message about your parcel from DHL, but it was still delivered to you, it can be for a number of reasons.

There could be an error when DHL sent you the “DHL with delivery courier” message, and you didn’t receive it.

Also, note that some merchants do not provide an invoice code, so in those specific scenarios, you will not receive any message from your courier or DHL.

However, you can always track your order/parcel by visiting the site of your courier or DHL if DHL was your selected courier.

How Long Does DHL “With Delivery Courier” Take to Deliver?

The total time it takes for DHL to deliver the parcel to your doorstep depends on various factors, such as the type of service you chose, the origin of your purchase, and how far your seller is from your location.

Note that DHL is a business to business courier company, and if your address falls outside of their delivery route, they employ other couriers to complete the delivery on their behalf.

How Long Does a DHL Express Delivery Take?

How Long Does A DHL Express Delivery Take

A DHL express delivery can take anywhere from 1-6 business days for your parcel to be delivered to you.

The delivery time also depends on whether the delivery is domestic, meaning in your same state or counter, or global, meaning it is international.

Other factors such as bad weather, your location being the last place to visit in the delivery teams’ route can cause delays.

Once you have received the “DHL with delivery courier” message, rest assured that your order is now in the final step of the delivery procedure and will be delivered to you soon.

You can also contact the delivery team once they are en route to ask how long they will reach you.

If your location falls in the delivery team’s daily delivery route, you can expect your order to be delivered soon.

However, if your location is outside the daily delivery route, you might see delays of some hours up to a day for your parcel to be delivered.

How Long Does DHL Express “9:30 / 12:00” Take to Deliver?

If you want your order to be delivered to you urgently by the next day, you can ask your seller if they provide DHL Express 9:300 / 12:00 service.

DHL 9:30 is a premium delivery in which DHL takes your parcel and delivers it in the next 48 hours. 

Note that in some cases, it might take them more than a day to deliver your parcel if your delivery location is outside your current country.

The delivery time also depends on when the order is picked by the DHL courier from your seller. 

Suppose you place an order today, but your seller gives it to DHL the next day; the courier will take around 3-4 days to deliver your parcel.

How Long Does DHL Express SAMEDAY Take to Deliver?

Another service of DHL that delivers really fast and on the same day is DHL SAMEDAY.         

If your document or order is very important and you want it delivered the very same day, you need to choose DHL SAMEDAY.

This DHL Express delivery service is used to deliver parcels, both domestic and international, on the same day as soon as possible.

Like with other services that DHL provides, you can see delays of a day or two.

These delays can arise due to several reasons such as bad custom, delay, or other problems of such nature.

DHL “With Delivery Courier” Message not Received in Case of DHL Express

If you use fast DHL services like SAMEDAY or 9:00, you might not receive the “DHL with delivery courier” message.

The reason being that this delivery message is sent once the order is dispatched from the DHL branch near your location, and in the premium delivery options of DHL, the orders are directly delivered to your location.

Therefore, you might not receive the final status message of your order as DHL might not have complete tracking info since these orders work too fast. 

DHL does send a completed delivery message once the parcel has been delivered and the parcel is in your hands, so you can rest assured of their services.

DHL With Delivery Courier Explained by Experts

Frank Appel, CEO of DHL, is very proud of the DHL company, and he wants to take DHL’s services even further.

He has personally attended several conferences and has stated the benefits of DHL couriers and that it is their mission to make global communication as smooth as possible.

This is why DHL sends a “DHL with delivery courier” message to ensure that there is complete transparency between the company and the customers.

DHL also has a dedicated page on their website where you can keep track of your parcels by providing the invoice number.

DHL is also very good at maintaining standards and doing expedited delivery.

To maintain clear communication in case of foreign contact, DHL keeps in touch with the customer by sending them various tracking status messages, including “DHL with delivery courier.”

Most of the time, DHL does an accurate delivery at the exact location you gave them through your address, but they can face issues in finding the right location if your address is in a remote location.

DHL also takes extra care to hire a courier with delivery knowledge to minimize the chances of the courier getting lost and not making an efficient delivery.

If you or someone you know is looking to get into courier delivery services, you can refer them to DHL’s “Delivery Courier – DHl Preferred Service Provider” position as it has several openings.

You can always check more details more at DHL’s main website.

DHL always makes sure that the DHL parcel is delivered to the customer in pristine condition.

Any harm to the customer’s parcel is one of the major violations an employee can make at DHL, which is why the company takes care to hire an experienced courier who knows that he can handle a company truck.

DHL is also very open and great for international shipping as they offer international delivery services in more than 200 countries.

Unlike smaller courier companies, DHL drivers drive a legitimate delivery truck to give the DHL customer a branded feeling.

All of these reasons combined are why a DHL customer is happy with the company’s standards. 

We should also mention that DHL does not make deliveries on weekends under any normal plans. You have to contact their support for further information on this topic.

Steps That DHL Couriers Take to Deliver a Parcel

Steps That DHL Couriers Take To Deliver A Parcel

There are a lot of details that go into getting your parcel or order ready and delivering it to your doorstep.

All of the courier’s delivery processes start from the seller or the parcel sender packaging the order to be picked up by a DHL representative.

You are browsing your favorite online store, and you select an item online and purchase it.

When the merchant or seller has the order ready, they print a label from DHL’s website on which they write the exact location of the customer, the weight of the package, and the type of delivery.

The merchant also attaches any customs documents required to your package before handling it to DHL.

Customs Documents are necessary in the case of international shipment, like “DHL Global Mail,” so that is why they might be required for your shipment to be successful. 

They also keep in mind the kind of product they are sending the customer, such as heavy items, any consumer item, or some other items.

They then contact the courier and ask them to pick up the parcel and send you a commerce tracking number to keep track of the status of your order.

Your merchant also has specific electronic tracking details to keep track of each step of your order so you can ask them in case any disputes arise.

DHL has good customer service skills, which they use to ensure a smooth experience for both the parcel sender and the parcel receiver.

Once DHL picks up the parcel, it is sent to the office nearest to the receiver’s address location where the order is to be delivered.

After the order arrives at the office of DHL or other courier services, it is then handed over to deliver persons in charge of delivering the package to your location. This is also the stage where DHL sends you the “DHL with delivery courier” message.

Finally, the delivery starts, and the courier delivery team loads the package in their van or bike and delivers it to your place.

If you are having some disputes, you can always contact DHL because they have friendly customer service representatives who are adept at solving all of your courier-related problems.

You can also rest easy about the delivery driver driving skills because DHL hires people who have a clean driving record, safe driving record, commercial driving experience, and people who are knowledgeable driving couriers.

Your order can take around 40-50 hours to be delivered once you receive the “DHL with delivery courier” message.

Also, note that your order will only be delivered on a business day unless you asked for a premium and fast service, which usually costs a lot more as compared to normal regular mail.

DHL courier drives in a safe manner, and that is the reason they are an award-winning service provider.

You don’t have to worry about tipping your delivery person as DHL gives a good career progression path to them, and they are paid well, so you don’t have to promote the negative activity of tipping which promotes companies to pay their employees less.

FAQS – “DHL With Delivery Courier”

DHL sends a “DHL with delivery courier” message when your order has been picked up by the delivery courier and is on its way to your location. Other company cargo services also send a confirmation message once your order is dispatched.

There are many common questions when it comes to DHL delivery couriers, so we have assorted a simple list of FAQs for your ease. 

Why Didn’t I Receive the Parcel After Getting the “With Delivery Courier” Message?

The reason DHL or any other company alerts you through text that your parcel is with the delivery courier is that this is the final step of the delivery process.

It also means that you can expect your delivery that same day, and you might also receive a call from your delivery person confirming your exact location.

Sometimes, however, you receive a text message and wait, but no parcel arrives at all.

The reason for this is simple, accidents happen and the delivery was delayed.

If you don’t get the item at this stage of delivery, something unfortunate happened, and the delivery personnel will try the next day.

Delivery personnel tries their best to perform the actual delivery on the same day to become a successful employee, but they can face issues because of weather and not finding the time to deliver to your location because of other orders.

In worst cases, you can see a delay of a couple of days. For example, you changed your address at the last minute, or your location is very far from the normal delivery route of the delivery.

Do note that the delivery guy is a valid driver hired by DHL, and something unexpected happened because of which your order was not successful.

Rest assured, as the delivery team will deliver your product the next day when they are on their daily route.

Why Does the Message Say “DHL With Delivery Courier”?

There isn’t any specific reason other than marketing for DHL to use the term “DHL with delivery courier.”

All of the courier service providers send you a message similar to “Out for deliver” to aware you that your order will reach you soon.

DHL uses a unique message to appear different as a brand, so one can tell at a glance that the delivery is being done by DHL.

Are “DHL With Delivery Courier” and “Out For Deliver” the Same?

The message that you receive which explains the details about your order being in the courier delivery’s hands is pretty much the same.

If you are a DHL customer, then you will get the “DHL with delivery courier” message instead of some other generic. This is because each DHL customer is valued, and they try their best to keep the experience unique and engaging. They also make sure to make the progress smooth for international customers so they can build a good rapport globally.

Courier companies send these messages to keep the customer engaged and make them happy that their delivery will soon reach them.

Note that the courier service delivery time of one courier company will be different from another, so their time of the message and the actual delivery time may vary.

All of the delivery companies try to complete the delivery in the current delivery cycle to make sure no delays occur.

If the duty of the delivery person is nearing its end and there is a mile to customers’ location, they will try to make the delivery, but any more than that, and they will postpone it for a later date.

 It is best that you always provide the exact delivery address to the delivery courier so they can deliver on time and you can get your order as soon as possible.

Conclusion – “DHL With Delivery Courier”

DHL is one of the delivery experts, and they do delivery for parcels, letters, and other items as well.

At some point, after placing or sending your parcel through DHL, you will receive a message saying “DHL with delivery courier” which basically means that your parcel is very close to your address location.

When the delivery man is handed the package, and he is going to your location to deliver the product, courier companies send message alerts to keep the customers aware of the current status of their item.

In some cases, the delivery person will leave the parcel at your place if you are not there to receive it along with the slip of delivery without signature.

If your address location falls in the last-mile delivery route of the delivery personnel, they may not be able to complete the delivery that same day and will try the next day.

You can also opt for morning deliveries by using DHL Express 9:00 if you are not available at a later time to make sure your parcel reaches you before you go to work.

A maximum of 50 lbs with delivery courier can be sent to your location, and any more than 50lbs to clients, you will have to look for alternatives by reaching out to their support. 

You can also contact the courier office for delivery details and the status of your parcel.

We hope you now have a clear understanding of the term “DHL with delivery courier.”

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