Is Chocolate Candy? (All You Need To Know!)

Have you ever wondered is chocolate candy? Well, technically, chocolate isn’t candy. We can say that it falls under the category of sweets, but the composition of candies and chocolates is completely different.

You’ll probably hear people say that chocolate is just another candy, but that is not true. Read on to learn more about chocolate, candies, and the difference between chocolate and candy.

Is Chocolate Candy

Difference Between Candy and Chocolate

Difference Between Candy and Chocolate

Many people make the common mistake of thinking that both chocolate and candies are the same. Candies and chocolate are both different types of confectionery.

For a food to be considered candy, its main ingredient has to be sugar. This is not always the case with chocolate, as we can easily find bitter chocolate in stores. Cocoa beans are the primary ingredient that goes into making chocolate.

Therefore, the difference between chocolate and candy is pretty clear, and now you can answer the question “is chocolate candy” with confidence.

What Is Candy?

What Is Candy

Candy is also known as sweets in British English, the United States, or lollies in New Zealand English or Australian English.

In the manufacturing of candy, the main ingredient is sugar. This category is called sugar confectionery that comprises many kinds of chocolates, kinds of candy, sweet confection, chocolate egg, peanut butter, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, Chocolate candy bars, chocolate chips, chocolate truffles, milk chocolate morsels, chocolate-dipped foods involving sugar candy, chocolate, chocolate drinks, chocolate bloom, chocolate mass and chewing gum for Chocolate lovers. 

Candid are the vegetables, fruit, or nuts that have been glazed and coated with sugar. Physically it is characterized by the one which is made by the significant amount of sugar in it in its manufacturing. It is different from the dessert.

Although desserts are also made with a significant amount of sugar, it is served after a meal or at any happy event. But candies are consumed like a snack. Every culture has its own items for dessert or candies.

A culture is calling something dessert, but it may be called candy in other cultures. Depending upon the different ideas, each culture prepares it accordingly.

How Is Candy Made?

How Is Candy Made

As we have discussed above, the main ingredient is sugar in the manufacturing of candy by Chocolate makers in the chocolate industry.

Mostly we use sucrose for the manufacturing of candy. It is the combination of two sugar molecules such as fructose and glucose.

Different types of candy are formed in various ways. If you want to cook a hard texture candy, then take a small amount of water and put a significant amount of sugar in it.

Now cook it unless it becomes a saturated solution. You can put a small spoon in it to know the exact texture.

After that, it will come up like hard textured candy in the form of crystals. On the other hand, if you want to cook caramel, cook the sugar mixture at around 320 – 350 F.

Always keep in mind that you are cooking caramel rather than crystals. The sucrose will be broken down into fructose and glucose for the caramel, resulting in the formation of mouthwatering caramel candy.

If you want to make soft caramel as you see in the Milky way, then during manufacturing, you have to add a little amount of milk to softball the texture.

What Is Chocolate?

What Is Chocolate

Chocolate is a food product that is made from grounded and roasted cocoa. It is available as a solid, liquid, or paste.

Also, it is used as a flavoring agent in other foods. It comes in various consistencies. For example, they are available in a solid chocolate bar or in the form of liquid such as hot chocolate.

Commercial chocolate is made up of sugar. For taste, sometimes milk is added. Also, depending upon the flavor, different ingredients are added to it.

Chocolate can be flavored with nuts, coconut, milk, caramel, etc. Dark chocolate is bitter in taste as compared to milky chocolate.

Also, the sugar concentration is less in it. So it is recommended for those who are diet conscious of reducing their calories intake. 

Real chocolate is only made up of cocoa beans and sugar. The flavored chocolates are good in taste, but nothing can match with pure chocolate.

You can gift chocolate to your beloved one because it is a beautiful representation of love, passion, and happiness in life.

Cocoa powder is no less than chocolate. It is the raw powder that is used for the making of chocolate that we eat.

However, chocolate can also be faked. You can easily test whether the chocolate you are eating is real or not. If chocolate melts easily in your mouth, then it is real.

But if it does not melt, then it is not real, and cocoa butter is not used for its making. Rather some of the cheap fats are used so that the manufacturers can reduce the input for earning more money.

How Is Chocolate Made?

One thing to note is that cocoa beans are the main ingredients in making chocolate. These must be used to make chocolate, otherwise you’ll end up with a fake chocolate. Chocolate making can easily be understood by following given steps one after other.

Cacao Cultivation

The process for making chocolate begins with the cultivation of cacao. It is cultivated within 20° north and south of the Equator. It grows in a mix of hot temperatures, rain, and shade.


The cacao pod is ripened when its fruit is of yellow or orange color. 

The long branches are hanging from the stem, a separate branch of a tree, or tree trunks. You can harvest it twice a year. 

The pods are opened after harvesting, and seeds are removed.


When you expose beans to the light, they will become purple. After that, the fermentation process proceeds.

In this process, all of the seeds are heaps in a pile on the ground and covered with the leaves of the banana. 

After 2-9 days, its color will be changed as well, as it will give an aroma that is similar to the taste of chocolate.

Drying and shipping 

After the completion of the process of fermentation, the beans are dried completely. It may be placed on the ground or bamboo mat, and you have to change the sides facing sun rays so that no moisture should remain in them. After drying, seeds are packed safely and checked for quality. Now they are shipped to the international market.

Preparing cacao mass

The chocolate beans are proceeded to make cacao mass. First of all, you have to roast them at a low temperature. Now remove shells and separate them from nibs. After that, grind it well in a powdered form to form two raw products for chocolate making, cacao powder and cacao butter.

Producing chocolate

For making, all you have to do is to make a smooth paste. The ingredients for making chocolate depend upon the flavor that you want at the end.

For making dark chocolate, you only need butter, cacao powder, and sugar. If you add some of the milk to it, then it will make a Milk Chocolate Bar or quality chocolate. 

For making white chocolate, you need to mix cacao butter, sugar, and milk. No cacao powder is added to this bar of chocolate.

However, some of the additional ingredients, such as nuts, can also be added to increase the flavor of molten chocolate.


It is a very fine and delicate process. There is a large agitator in which the mixture is put for making a fine texture.

It is a very important step for the formation of chocolate because, after that, you will get the desired aroma and taste of the mixture.

At this stage, some of the lecithin and cocoa butter may be added for increasing fluidity. It is heated until the mixture becomes smooth.

You can make Crystalline candies or Noncrystalline candies after that from this paste.

Tempering & Moulding

Now you have finished the whole process, and before transporting it to the make for sale, you have to convert it into blocks or ration bars.

During the process of tempering, the cocoa butter crystals or cocoa mass reach to the most stable form to give a shiny and appetizing look to the chocolate.

Never-ending creativity

This is obvious that chocolate does not remain in the block form. Chefs around the globe find it interesting to convert it into various shapes and forms. It is wrapped in plastic wrap for specialty candies.

FAQs – Is Chocolate Candy

We have compiled some common FAQs regarding is chocolate candy or not. These have been listed below.

Is Milk Chocolate Considered Candy?

No, it is not considered as candy, but according to the State Department of Revenue, it is regarded as candy because it does not have any of the flavors.

Is Dark Chocolate Considered Candy?

Dark chocolate is not considered candy regarding the comments of the consumers.

According to the State Department of Revenue, it is called candy because of the ingredient list of principal ingredients.

You can conclude the notion with the concept that chocolate is too considered as candy despite the fact that the nutritional value is different from the candy.

So do not be worried about it and just enjoy the delicious taste of the sweet.

Which Is Better Between Chocolate And Candy?

Both chocolate and candy come under the same category of sweet. 

A sweet lover can easily satisfy the desire with its consumption. Also, it is totally related to the personal choice that what you want to consume and what you like the most.

Candy is used as a snack, and the same goes for chocolate. But candy is stickier to your teeth and can decay your teeth.

However, chocolate, if in a pure form, will easily melt in your mouth, and we can enjoy the taste of melted chocolate without the fear of having the worst consequences.

Conclusion – Is Chocolate Candy

We had a detailed discussion on the question “is chocolate candy” and composition and especially emphasis on the steps that are followed for making chocolate.

For having fine results at the end, you have to stick to each of the steps. After making chocolate, some of the additional flavors are added in accordance with the demand.

Sugar, cacao powder, and cacao butter are the main ingredient. However, for white chocolate making, no cacao powder is added.

A dark chocolate bar is also good, especially for those who are diet conscious and are keen on blood sugar levels because it has less sugar in it. People with diabetes can consume it easily.

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