Does Petsmart Drug Test Their Employees?

Petsmart is one of the largest pet products retail stores dealing in the United States. Does Petsmart drug test? It’s a question because many of us have a pet and we don’t want to deal with a salesman or manager who is high.

All over the world, reputed retail stores and companies hire professional staff. The staff should have professionalism towards their job. It is also necessary for almost every company that their employee should be drug-free.

For judging the candidate before hiring, a drug test is conducted for each candidate to make sure no one is a drug addict. It is necessary for an employee for customer dealing. 

In this article, we are going to discuss Petsmart and its policy regarding drug testing.

Does Petsmart Drug Test

Does Petsmart Drug Test?

Petsmart is one of the leading companies in pet-related products in the United States. The criteria of hiring a new employee are tough for those who are addicted to drugs. Petsmart has a chain through which the candidate goes through. It is known that Petsmart is not drug test people now.

It is necessary for each candidate to drug test because if any candidate got positive tested in the drug test, he will be terminated for further interviews and jobs. They have strict policies against drugs usage. The test is not taken to let down any candidate but for securing any workplace accident because of drugs.

For drug tests, Petsmart usually takes urine drug tests before the interview process. In this test, the sample is passed to the inspection laboratory. In this lab, drug presence is identified by tracing it.

If drug traces are shown in the sample, the candidate is terminated from Petsmart jobs & careers. This work is usually done by a drug reporter.

Another test for asset management positions is a five-panel drug test. This type of drug test is done if further reporting is necessary. In this Pre-Employment Drug Testing, the drug testing center took samples either by mouth swabbing or through urine sampling. 

The sample is tested for amphetamines, drug metabolites, cocaine, marijuana, etc. If any illicit drug test is found in the candidate, he or she is terminated.

If you are taking any normal drug for your medicine, you can show prescription drugs that contain information regarding their usage of it. For example, you are a medical marijuana patient, you can show the prescription of the usage.

Note it is mostly considered to be a valid statement in states where marijuana legalization laws are passed.

What Is Petsmart Drug Test Policy?

Petsmart has a policy that state that it can drug test their employee whenever they want once they are enrolled in it. Petsmart usually drug test their employee once before the job and then after the job whenever they want to.

The main reason behind drug tests is to see the previous history of the candidate if he or she is a drug addict or not. If the results show a positive drug test, they are terminated from enrollment.

The prospective employees of Petsmart are still being tested because of the drug testing policy. A misconception is created regarding the pre-employment drug tests. It is not necessary to confirm the pre-employment drug screenings.

The potential employees who are surpassing in this industry are tested again for checking if they are taking illegal drugs or not for the promotion.

How To Pass Drug Test Of Petsmart?

How To Pass Drug Test Of Petsmart

First of all, we should know that drug is not a good thing. It does not only have a wide range of health risks, besides that it also closes the opportunities for advancement in life. Get rid of the drugs and start the exercise.

You can meditate too if you have cravings for any drug. Try to drink detox drinks as they help a lot in getting rid of drugs. There are many famous detox drinks brands like quick clear detox drinks, etc. You can make a natural detox drink at home.

Ask potential workers of Petsmart for the interview and hiring process. They will give you some interview tips. If plenty of jobs is opened in Petsmart, first you have to see in which position you are applying. Moreover, see the job description before applying.

Does Petsmart Drug Test For Internal Promotion?

Does Petsmart Drug Test For Internal Promotion

According to the previous record, the drug test is not mandatory for internal promotion at PetSmart. But if you are accused of using drugs or having a similar accident, the clear drug test report in Petsmart can keep you safe, and this test will be helpful in securing your promotion.

It is possible that if you are promoted to managerial positions, for the sake of drug-free workplaces, you will take drug tests again. So, keep in mind that it is very important to go through this test for promotion and pass it. 

What is Petsmart?

What Is Petsmart

Petsmart is a chain of pet superstores established in the United States. It was built on the 14th of August 1986. The headquarter is in Phoenix, Arizona. Petsmart is a company ideal for dealing with pet products. An array of products are produced by this organization.

The company is having more than 300 stores and 56+ thousand employees working. The ideology of this company is to bring foods and products for pets.

It can be either cat food, normal food, cricket food, or even any reptile’s food as well. Petsmart is an easygoing workplace. If you love animals and want to work for animals, this place is for you.

The ideal workplace like Petsmart not only takes the career of pets but of their employees too. Resources said they give health benefits, bonus programs, etc.

FAQs Does Petsmart Drug Test?

An ideal career is everyone’s wish. Frequently asked questions that average American employers and employees asked are mentioned below:

What Is 5-Panel Drug Test?

This drug testing program identifies basic drugs in persons which are Cocaine, Marijuana, PCP, Opiates, and Amphetamines. It is performed by mouth swabbing or urine sample. Almost every organization prefers this form of drug testing because it is cheap and effective.

What Is Meant By Pre-Employment Drug Screens? 

During the hiring process, a mandatory drug test is taken. It is to identify if any upcoming retail employees take drugs or not. If you are stated as “negative drug report”, you qualify for another round. 

Is Marijuana Still Considered As Drug In Job Search?

As the legalization of marijuana started in different states, The organizations are considering implementing marijuana legalization laws on their organizations. But it is not done yet.

Conclusion – Does Petsmart Drug Test?

Petsmart is now giving a hand on pre-employment drug screenings. But they take a drug test for high-level management positions. If you are thinking to work in Petsmart as a full-time employee, you should keep in mind that drug test is going to be taken by them.

It is mostly taken by either taking urine samples or through mouth swabbing. The common type of drug test taken by Petsmart is a 5-panel drug test. It is always better to not addict yourself to any kind of drug.

It will makes complications while getting into employee advancement. We believe we have shared a penalty of knowledge and information regarding does Petsmart Test.

If you have any questions in mind, comment to us and we will be happy to answer them. Meanwhile, go check out our other articles Is Sparkling Ice Good For You?“, “Safeway Check Cashing“, and “Does Lowes Drug Test?“.


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