Does Lowes Drug Test? All You Need To Know!

Let’s say you are looking to join Lowes and are wondering whether does lowes drug test, then you should be well informed that they do.

Lowes is one of the leading companies in the North Carolina of United States, helping businesses, renters as well as homeowners in building their new interiors and homes. Lowes was once a small company but now scales up and operates in different states of America.

More than 1900 stores are operating across the United States with a staff of more than 2000. In order to bring the best of the best towards consumers, Lowes doesn’t compromise in the hiring process. Lowes has the policy to test every employee in their organization.

Even it is a manager or a part-time worker, and you have to take the check. Random drug testing is performed before hiring. 

In the article, we will learn about does lowes drug test? If so, then what is the application process? Query regarding drug-related issues, additional background time frame, etc.

Does Lowes Drug Test

Does Lowes Drug Test?

In order to keep the workers and customers safe from any disease, Lowes drug tests every employee. The drug test policy is the same for every employee. If there are any drug-related issues that occur, the company also helps in it.

If any employee is found taking drugs during the job, the employment contract is terminated immediately. The purpose of workplace drug testing is to keep a healthy environment. However, there are some points where you can have a loose hand during a pre-employment drug test.

The most common test Lowes does to drug test employees is a mouth swab drug test. This test is common and easy to perform. You can get this test from anywhere. A doctor, as well as a pharmacist, can also perform mouth swab drug tests.

In some states, Lowes does pre-employment drug testing after the second interview. Through saliva drugs, lowes conduct a 5-Panel Drug Test through which it can be seen that if a person is addicted to Cannabis, Cocaine, Opiate, PCP, or Amphetamines.

If any of these illegal substances are found in the candidate’s body, he is eliminated from the hiring process. The cheek swab is not common in practice during a drug screen.

In 2019, a new virus known as Coronavirus appeared in the world. The Lowes is conducting the Corona test as well. Although there are vaccinations for Coronavirus, Lowes still wants to make sure that the prospective employees should be taken through the COVID-19 test as well. 

If a candidate is taking any drug due to health issues, he must have to present the prescription for drug use policy. In this, a person can proceed to the next phase of employment. 

What Drug Policy Does Lowes Have?

What Drug Policy Does Lowes Have

Lowes is one of the best hardware companies among other retail companies. The testing facility is available in some Lowes offices. However, the drug screening test can be taken by third-party vendor labs as well. 

You can have your drug test by one of the Lowes offices, or you can book an appointment for drug testing. The drug screening test can be taken before the final interview or before the interview.

It totally depends on the company. In their employee contracts, it is written that they have the right to take any form of drug test through employment. So they can take drug tests whenever they want. There is no fixed time for it.

Indeed, the influence of drugs is increasing for many reasons, so Lowes always makes sure to have the upper hand on employees. Suppose an employee has been working for years and got a promotion. The company will do a background check and start drug screening programs.

So, always be prepared before taking any drug because Lowes has strict drug testing policies over drug usage. Lowes can take random drug tests.

Another best thing about Lowes is the discriminatory hiring practices they are following. There is no gender discrimination in this organization. Every gender is considered a candidate and has to pass the drug test.

How Does Lowes Perform A Drug Test?

How Does Lowes Perform A Drug Test

The most common form of drug testing procedure is by mouth swab test. Through the oral fluid, a 5-panel drug test can be taken to detect any reasonable suspicion. The test is taken under supervised observation to detect any illicit substances.

Pre-employment screening can be taken if necessary because of strict policies. The urine test is a frequent type taken by the organization to detect drugs in urine. It is also possible but again, it depends upon the organization.

The further hiring process is frozen until the results are announced. They will tell you to wait for 3 to 5 days for a further round of hiring. The additional time can be taken if there is a misconception about the result of drug tests.

What If I Got A Positive In Test?

If you have some kind of medical problem and want to be that part of Lowes’s organization, you can apply too. Although over the drug test depends on many situations like drug metabolite, a chain of administration, etc. It also depends on a candidate’s drug issues too.

If you have any kind of health issue and need to take any drug, you can still apply on Lowes. You have to present your prescription drugs to drug testing providers. They will audit it according to the international levels.

After final review, if you are truly on your statement, they will let you pass on that particular saliva drug.

FAQ – Does Lowes Drug Test

The aim of workplace drug-free is the right step. There are many frequently asked questions asked by readers regarding Lowes’s drug screening policy. Some of the important questions are mentioned below:

What Is Lowes?

What Is Lowes

Lowes is a leading hardware retail company among other companies in the United States. Lowes provides every service regarding house building like bathroom ideas, closet organization ideas, and bold painting ideas, etc. as well.

How Much Does A Lowes Drug Test Costs?

Yes, the company bears the expenses during the hiring process. Even the accurate drug is detected within the body of the candidates, and Lowes pays it. If the Lowes office is not near to your hometown, you can get yourself tested from a third-party vendor lab.

What Is A 5-Panel Drug Test?

In this test, a patient is tested for 5 major drug issues like MMJ (Marijuana), PCP, Cocaine, amphetamines, and opiates. Almost every American company conducts this test to ensure that there is not a single drug is detected in the employees.

What is MMJ?

MMJ means Medical Marijuana. It is a test conducted in different companies to ensure the candidate is either using Marijuana or not. MMJ test is conducted by both mouth swab and urine test. Sometimes, people use fake urine or mouth detox products to get a chance in life.

Does Lowes Drug Test For Cannabis?

In short, yes. Lowes does tests for MMJ also. It is also enlisted in drug swab day. The purpose is to make their organization drug-free and keep away from customer complaints. So who got positive in this test will be enlisted in drug test risk termination.

Does Lowes Drug Test Randomly In Year?

This retail chain store has a statement in the employees’ contracts that the company has the right to conduct medical tests anytime. This is the reason that Lowes can take tests anytime.

What To Do If I Smoked Yesterday?

If you smoked yesterday and your drug test arrives, you can use fake during or a strong mouthwash to keep illicit substances down your through keeping the reach out of the drug testing companies.

Does Lowes Drug Test COVID-19?

Does Lowes Drug Test COVID-19

Corona Virus appeared in the world in 2020. Lowes has strict policies against the COVID-19 test. You have to show your Immunization Certificate. Moreover, Lowes conducts the COVID test again.

Conclusion – Does Lowes Drug Test

Lowes bear hiring shortages instead of hiring someone with detection of substances. The purpose of taking drug tests is to keep the organization’s staff and customers as well safe from the influences of drugs.

Lowes has the right to take a pre-employment drug test or post-employment drug test whenever they want. It is true that once you get your saliva drug tested, you will not be asked again.

Lowes usually take mouth swab tests in drug screening programs. However, a urine test can also be taken, but it depends upon the situation like a guard in workplace drug, experience with drug testing, or drug metabolite.

If you are getting a promotion, they will conduct a test to find any illicit substances. If you are having any drug issues and using any kind of drug, you can appeal to Lowes for not taking that particular test.

For this, you have to present your medical prescription to the company. According to the terms and conditions and hiring process, they will tell you for confirmation or termination.

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