What Is Safeway Check Cashing? (Explained)

Do you know that check cash is now allowed in different retail and grocery stores? You might have heard about Safeway check cashing. You can submit your check for cash in Walmart, CVS, Stop and Shop, and many retail stores. Even in Safeway too, you can avail of this service.

In this article, we are going to discuss what check cashing is? Does Safeway give this opportunity? What are the terms and policies of Safeway for check cashing?

Let’s read it without wasting any more time, shall we?

Safeway Check Cashing

What Is Safeway Check Cashing?

Safeway allows their customer for check cashing service. But there are certain rules and conditions to avail this opportunity. A certain amount can be avail through Safeway check cashing. Moreover, there are times when this service can be available.

 Besides Safeway check cashing, there are other checks services available for the customers and some are not. The available checks that can be cashed in Safeway are mentioned below:

  • Payroll Check
  • Cashiers Check
  • Governmental Issued Checks
  • Stimulus Checks

Payroll Check

Payroll Check

At Safeway, you can cash your payroll check. For this, you have to show your national identity and the social security number of your card as well. In many stores not in Safeway, you also had to show the customer loyalty card.

By completing the above steps, you are good to go and can cash your check otherwise, get ready for bounced checks.

Cashiers Check

Cashiers Check

You can also cash your cashier’s check through Safeway. Although this check is considered to be the most secure check because it is directly signed by the cashier of the bank. All you have to do is bring the cashier’s check to Safeway.

Government Issued Checks

In the United States and Canada, peoples are government issue checks to their taxpayers. These governmental-issued checks are also cashable through Safeway. 

Safeway demands to show a government identity card for the encashment of this check.

Kinds Of Checks That Are Not Cashed By Safeway

Safeway is acting as a third party between the check and the receiver. The above-mentioned options are available for a customer to cash a check. There are some checks that are not proceeded by Safeway like:

  • Personal Check
  • Handwritten Check

Frauds can be happened through the above-mentioned checks because of their reliability. Starter checks like these are not allowed for a transaction. Although you can get help from the customer service desk in front of the store.

What Is Safeway Check Cashing Policy?

Safeway’s checking policy is simple. They charge a service fee on all types of checks. Safeway charges 1.15 percent on each check cash. If you cash a check worth 20 dollars, or a worth of 50 dollars, service charges will be 1.15 percent of the check’s value.

Let’s suppose you’re cashing the check worth one hundred dollars. One dollar and fifty cents will be deducted as the service fee by Safeway.

If you cash check of worth 1000$. You will be charged 1.15% of the total amount of the check which is going to be 11.50$.

Moreover, It is in Safeway’s policy that they are allowed to cash checks worth 1500$ only. Safe check cashing is not allowed to cash a check having a value of more than 1500$. So before visiting your nearest Safeway store, review your check’s amount.

How Many Safeway Checks Can Be Cashed?

Under the policy of Safeway, there is no limit to the encashment of the check. You can encash many checks as you want. But the policy regarding transactional amounts is the same. You can’t use a check which contains an amount of more than 1500$.

Although, there is a limit on governmental checks because of their sensitivity. You can only cash a government check one time.

Benefits Of Safeway Check Cashing?

Benefits Of Safeway Check Cashing

No doubt that having a check-cashing facility in Safeway is a good thing for the people of America. But what is the benefit of it? If Safeway is deducting 1.15$ on each check?

There is a number of reasons but we are going to share the most important ones. 

You will be amazed to know that according to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, more than 5 percent of Americans don’t have a bank account. It means that more than 7 million people in the United States are wandering without a bank account.

The service Safeway is giving is a blessing for these people. All they have to do is go to their nearest Safeway. Pass the check and receive the amount. 

Moreover, as every one person has to work in shifts. Some are working at odd hours of the day due to which they cannot make their way to the bank. In this kind of situation, Safeway is the best option for check cashing.

The other good thing about Safeway is that they always ask for a Government-Issued ID, or monthly bills before cashing the check. In this way, a less chance of fraud occurs. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for many business days.

Instead of giving more than 20$ fees to Bank ATMs at gas stations because your ATM access is not near, you should give Safeway a try.

What Is Safeway?

What Is Safeway

Safeway is the superstore established in the United States. It was built by Marion Barton Skaggs in 1915. The purpose of this superstore is to buy anything from it. Whether it is grocery, electronics, or wood material. You will find everything here.

Safeway is now an international store and more than 2.5 million employees are working in this organization. You can find their stores in Canada, the United States, or in Mexico, etc. Their main headquarter is in Pleasanton, United States.

 Safeway is representing other brands within stores as well like KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc. You will find their staff professional. There are other professional services that are opened like availing the service of foreign exchange, Safeway cash checks, etc. 

FAQs – Safeway Check Cashing

Safeway is a famous superstore in America. Most people ask us some questions on a daily basis. We are going to share some of those questions with answers below:

Does Safeway Have Western Union?

Safeway has Western Union for money orders, check cash and other financial services. The amazing thing is separate kiosks are available. You can cash for money orders through Safeway.

What Is Safeway Store Locator?

Safeway store locator is a link built by Safeway through which you can find the Safeway market near to your location. However, there are more than 33 Safeway stores in the United States. Through it, you can go to the closest location.

What Is Safeway Check Cashing Hours?

Safeway check cashing hours totally depends on which branch you are visiting. Because every store is operated 24/7 at busy locations but there are some stores which are closed early. Although, there are no closing hours of this service. You can avail of this anytime you want.

What Is A Service Fee Of Safeway Check Cashing?

Safeway checks cashing charges $1.15 on each check. The standard processing fee is $1.15 on $100. Moreover, Safeway’s cashback limit is $1500. You cannot cash checks larger at retail stores (Safeway) more than $1500

Can I Cash A Stimulus Check From Safeway?

A stimulus check is a form of tax refund checks. The cash stimulus checks are possible through Safeway but you have to show your government-issued checks.

Does Safeway Cash Handwritten Check?

No, you cannot cash a handwritten check, personal check, or even a paper check from Safeway. These check types are prohibited in Safeway.

What Check Types Can I Cash Through Safeway?

You can cash tax refunds, unemployment benefits checks, disability benefits checks, social security checks, and cash cashier checks.

What Are The Normal Hours Of Safeway?

The normal hours of Safeway are 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. But Safeway in busy locations is open for 24 hours. It is still the best than banking hours to cash your check.

Is Safeway Opens On Sunday?

Yes, Safeway opens on Sunday. The normal hours on Sunday are 5:00 Am while the closing hours are 11:00 PM. But again it depends on the location of Safeway. Call your nearest Safeway customer service desk for the working hours.

Conclusion – Safeway Check Cashing

Safeway is a superstore where you can get instant access to cash checking services. Although ATMs are also provided there like M&T Bank ATM, BB&T Bank’s ATM. You can use your debit card, credit card, or even prepaid cards.

But if you want to use check encashment, Safeway is the base option. If you want to cash your party checks, want you ingo money, you can get help from Safeway.

The Safeway policy for check cashing is simple. Safeway charges 1.15$ on each check. You can deposit as many checks as you like but the amount can’t increase more than 1500$. 

You cannot cash third-party checks like online checks or individual checks in Safeway. But you can deposit your traditional banks checks like payroll checks, cashiers check, etc.

Besides that Safeway allows different money services like location to location money transfer through Western Union.

You now, know the check policy of Safeway and the penalty of knowledge regarding the working of checks with cash. If anything comes to mind, ask us in the comment section. Moreover, check our other articles “Does Lowes Drug Test?“, “Does Safeway Take Apply Pay?“, and “Can You Put Glass In The Microwave?


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