Does CVS Have Western Union Service?

There are many retail stores in the United States like Walmart, Walgreen’s, and CVS, etc. Consumer Value Store which is also known as the CVS store is a pharmacy. With the passage of time, it became a retail store selling things rather than drugs like convenience food, seasonal merchandise, cosmetics, products, and many more.

With the passage of time, methods of payment started to grow. You can do a wire transfer, bank transfer, online money transfers, and other methods of the transaction too. 

As we know that a money service is popular nowadays, so CVS started money orders by collecting money order fees too. What If you want to send your money to locations through money order companies? Does CVS allow you to do it?

If you want to make your money order purchase through Western Union in CVS, does it allow? We will find it in this article.

Does Cvs Have Western Union

Does CVS Have Western Union?

Western Union is one of the best financial service company in the United States. It is sad to know that CVS does not allow western union for the money transmission business. However, other retailers like Walgreen, Walmart, and Rite Aid, etc. offer Western Union’s money transmission services.

A strange thing to note is that CVS allows Money Gram’s services for money transfer. Let’s read more to find out why do CVS allows Money Gram and what is a form of payment to carry out your need. 

Why CVS Does Not Allow Western Union For Customer Service?

Well, there is no statement yet released by Western Union or from CVS why they are not letting Western Union to established their kiosk in their store. The information from legit resources said that Money Gram, which is also a competitor of Western Union had already stepped their foot in CVS.

This is the reason that CVS is not offering Western Union for its services. Moreover, it is also true that the two best swordsmen cannot be placed on the same battleground. Both offer money order form, transfer international money, etc.

You can use Money Gram in CVS. They are providing the same services as Western Union does. In case of emergency when you know that there is no bank open, you can still get help from Money Gram’s kiosk in CVS. They are providing the same services that Western Union is offering.

What is Western Union?

What Is Western Union

Western Union is one of the leading financial service organizations operating all over the world. The headquarter of Western Union is in Denver, Colorado, United States. It was founded in 1851 in Rochester, New York, United States by Ezra Cornell. It was first named New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company.

Later in 1856, the name was changed to Western Union Telegraph Company. Western Union provides different services like Money Transfers, Wire Transfers, Money Orders, etc. It has more than ten thousand agent locations with a staff of more than twelve thousand.

Back in the 1800s, Western Union also telegraphs messages. But later, they started only the money transmission business because they were facing a loss because of telegraph services.

The people who are living abroad and making money for their families preferred Western Union because of its fast delivery. Many people use Western Union to send money to their families. You can find Western Union agent locations everywhere. It can be a departmental store, post office, grocery store, etc.

Western Union Money Transmission Services

Western Union Money Transmission Services

You have already known that Western Union is now dealing only with money transfer services. We’ll discuss in detail the form of payment services Western Union is providing.

Wire Transfer

In Western Union Financial Services, wire transfer is used widely across the world. There are two-three stakeholders of this money transfer transaction. A sender, an agent location, and a receiver. A sender sends money through his or her nearest agent location to the receiver’s location.

The receiver has to bring his national identity to receive the money. By showing the security checks on the receiver end, he will get the money.

Western Union Mobile

Another service introduced in Western Union International Services is called Wester Union mobile. A mobile application is launched for the ease of both sender and receiver to transfer money between banks, on agent locations, etc. The procedure and checks are the same as per the policy of Western Union Holdings, Inc.

They also provide a unique payment system. You can send money through chat applications like Viber. But it is not used widely.

Bill Payments

With the help of the Western Union, a person can also pay his bills. Instead of standing in a line in banks, you can pay your bills through Western Union. 

Money Exchange

The best service of Western Union is to transfer money from currency exchange. If you are working abroad and want to send money to your family, you should use Western Union. Why? because it doesn’t take much time to transfer your money.

Western Union simply exchanges the currency according to the receiver’s country and sends it. You can perform cross-border, cross-currency money movement through Western Union.

What Is Money Gram?

What Is Money Gram

Money Gram is the competitor of Western Union. It is the second-largest financial service company operating all over the world. It contains the same payment services as the Western Union does the slighter difference between these two is that Western Union is a larger company.

Between the list of companies providing kiosks of financial services companies, Money Gram also plays an important role. They charge almost the same service fee as Western Union does. 

Money Gram is operating in different department stores, drug stores, even in post offices as well. The one benefit Money Gram got over Western Union is that they have a kiosk in CVS.

What Is The Difference Between Western Union And Money Gram?

People mistake by considering Money Gram as a child company of Western Union. While it is not true. Both provide services in money transfers but due to a larger company, Western Union wins over Money Gram. Although, you can send money across locations from both financial institutions.

The Western Union customer service is better than Money Gram resources said. Moreover, there is a slight difference between both companies if we talk about cash deposits. The U.S. Bank also preferred both companies for displaying the legit foreign exchange rates.

These companies provide promotional discounts if you use their services from different agent locations. The only difference yet is that Money Gram is available at CVS. If you are wandering at night and want to caps with money transfers, Money Gram is the best option in CVS.

FAQs – Does CVS Have Western Union

A number of frequently asked questions are below that every customer asked before availing of the service of a financial institution.

Does Western Union Provide CVS Health?

No, Western Union is not enlisted to be the authorized payment location within CVS. So you cannot use Western Union for CVS Health.

How Many Payment Options Money Gram Gives?

Money Gram allows different payment instructions like sending money to a debit card or credit card, online payment coupon, child support payments, money transfer or quivck collect, etc.

What Are The Agent Operating Hours Of Western Union?

The working hours of Western Union are 8:00 am to 9:00 PM. You can also use Western Union by visiting their nearest agent locations like departmental stores, health care company, counter drugs, etc.

Is Western Union Available At Walmart?

You will be happy to know that Walmart does have a kiosk of Western Union. If you are lucky enough to enter in 24/7 stores of Walmart, you can avail the customer service counter of Western Union. You can use it by accessing the nearby agent location.

Does Walgreens Allows Kiosk Of Western Union?

Yes, Walgreen has agent location hours of Western Union. You can use Western Union in Walgreen for detailed payment instructions. But be aware of money order scams. Don’t give your details to anyone. A single detail like online payment confirmation might put your money at risk.

Does CVS Charged Money Gram On Healthcare Payments?

No, CVS does not charge Money Gram on healthcare payments. They provide you free of cost money transmitter over healthcare payments.

Does Money Gram Have A Mobile Application?

Mobile phone is now a need of everyone. Yes, money gram does provide a mobile application. You can download it and use it on any cell phone. Moreover, You can use it for international money transfers, applicable money transfers, etc.

Does USPS Provide Money Order Service?

You can use USPS domestic and international money orders to send your money. The USPS money order charges 0.40 dollars on the transaction. The sad thing is you can use it within the United States.

What Is CVS?

CVS is a retail store of CVS Health. You can buy different drugs and medical products from it. Besides medical products, you can buy beauty products, credit card products, seasonal convenience items, etc.

Conclusion – Does CVS Have Western Union?

Western Union is the largest money transfer institute. You can find their agent locations all over the world. The acceptable payment methods are money transfer, foreign exchange rates, Western Union mobile, online bill payments.

Western Union Financial Services, Inc. is not available at CVS. However, you can use Money Gram in CVS money transfer. There is a limit for money transfers in each financial institution. There is a slight money order fee comparison between Money Gram and Western Union.

You can avail of Western Union agent location within normal business hours. Besides CVS, it is located in Walgreen, Walmart, and Rite Aid, etc. Although Western Union and Money Gram are the best options for application materials.

It is up to you which you choose. You have now a penalty of knowledge regarding CVS allows as a money transmitter. If you have any questions about this topic, leave us a comment.

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