Locked Keys In Trunk – What To Do?

In today’s life, everyone is busy with their job, education, family. A time comes when we forget things to do like tie shoelaces in a hurry, forget to wear muffler or forget to wear wrist watch, etc. Most of us drive a car and many readers love to ride on a bike.

In case of emergency or a hurry, we sometimes lost our keys to the house. In such a situation, we called our family members to open the door of the house. But what if we forget our car keys? And especially in a trunk of a car? Then what would be the situation?

In this article, we are going to explain that what happens when keys are locked in a car? How to open a lock? What to do if the door is locked from inside the car? We’ll explain it in detail.

Locked Keys In Trunk

Locked Keys In Trunk

It happens sometimes that while in a rush, we used to forget our car keys in the driver’s seat or the rear seat. What if we forget our car keys in the trunk? It will create a problem. Now, we think there is nothing to do and we are stuck. But it is not as you think. There is always a solution to the problem.

Although, first of all, we should be proactive in this kind of matter. More probably, we should be responsible and be vigilant while driving a car, not to lose our keys. Because it will drag us into the problems.

What if we forget within the parking lot? Or, We have forgotten it in a concert and now there is no one around? So always be vigilant and proactive. In case someone shows to help and asks us for proof of ownership, we can’t show them the documents because we placed them within the car.

Where there is a will, there is a way. It’s an old saying but effective. We should always find a way to face problems like this. Think for while, where did you lose your keys? It might be possible during changing the clothes, you have forgotten it in a shirt hung in a clothes hanger?

We’re going to discuss how to unlock trunk release through different options.

How To Open Locked Keys In Trunk?

How To Open Locked Keys In Trunk?

If you forgot your keys in the trunk and said it was an accident. Trunk release in such a situation is necessary for being safe. We are going to discuss how can you get yourself out of a situation like this. There are options mentioned below:

Look For A Locksmith

First of all, besides doing anything on your own, called a specialist of trunk lock that is a locksmith. Many commercial locksmith services organizations can be accessed through connected service app.

Their efficient service will help you out to unlock the button of locked keys in the trunk. Unlock Button of car’s trunk usually exist in the driver’s seat. Now there are options for how to get access to locked keys in trunk?

An experienced locksmith will open your trunk lid by lock picking. Moreover, what he can do is first know the comfort access of your car. As the technology is increasing, a car’s trunk-open button is positioned on many areas of cars like in drivers seat, inside the AC Window, etc.

It is always used for a security feature like if you are going to the hotel and have to give a valet key, you will use it for a security purpose. You can ask your locksmith to perform a boot lock too.

The commercial locksmith services also include a service call fee, a secure locking mechanism, and other unsavory types like central locking service, etc. So always try to look out for a locksmith instead of locking pin by yourself.

Always Keep A Spare Key

In case you have forgotten your key in the trunk, instead of having a broken window and elbow, always keep a spare key. You can get the exact type of key by again through commerical locksmith services.

They will make you guys a key thank will easily open the trunk lid. So if you don’t have a duplicate key, go and ordered it right away. You can get a key from a locksmith or ace hardware.

Pulling Back Fold-Down Rear Seats

Another quick way to open your car’s trunk is by pulling back the back fold-down rear seats of your car. All you have to do is make your way to the back seats of the car. 

You have to pull back fold-down rear seats. You will see a hinged-type hook inside your trunk. Pull it forwards and your trunk will be unlocked. 

Remind Your Actions

The most important key factor on which we think often. What were you doing at a time when you get your keys locked in the trunk? The first and most common reason is that it is an accident.

What if your key wasn’t in the trunk? Maybe you have forgotten it in your pants hung in a clothes hanger? Maybe, it is in your coat hanger? Who knows?

So before doing anything, let us clear if you are not sure, always check your house and recent activities. What if your front door is open already? You can easily open the trunk lid by pressing the unlock trunk button. 

Make Your Way To Car’s Door

If you are confirmed that you didn’t lose your key and got locked keys in trunk, then make your way to the car. Try to see if you can use the trunk-open button beneath the trunk. If not, then try to boot the release button, it might help you to enter your car.

Check for manual locks, are they open or not? If manual locks are open you can get into your car. If you have your car forbs near the trunk lid, you can use automatic locks to open your car’s trunk.

You can also look for the unlock button in the car’s center console. Once it’s pressed, your car will be totally unlocked. Moreover, you can use the valet key too.

Giving Power To Your Car

If your car has a deadlock feature, you can give your car external power in order to enable the trunk release button. All you need is a battery source and jumper cables.

You can use an external fresh battery or battery for another car. First, you have to pop the hood of your car twice. After that, you have to put electric latch buttons also known as jumper cables on the same side of the battery.

It means that a positive jumper cable latch should be attached positive battery terminal and a negative jumper cable to the negative battery terminal. Once you attached it, you have to give power through an external battery.

Once the volt battery gots power, you can unlock the trunk lid.

FAQ – Locked Keys In Trunk

Faq Locked Keys In Trunk

There are some frequently asked questions asked by drivers. 

Where Does Trunk’s Lid Button Exist?

If you see your car’s trunk, you will see a license plate on it. Your button is right beneath that license plate. All you have to do is press it and push your trunk’s lid upward.

How Much Locksmith Cost?

It totally depends on the locksmith. Because Car company never goes to the dealership for service with a locksmith. So their rates vary according to the experience they have.

Moreover, there are fewer locksmiths who know the actual locking mechanisms of unlocking the car. The average rate is between 15$ to 20$ and is considered to be the fair price.  

Can We open Car’s Trunk Lid Through Fuel Door Button?

Unfortunately, we cannot open it. Because the fuel door button is used only for unlocking the lid of the fuel lock. Although you can unlock it if your exterior locks are opened.

What Is Boot Release Button?

This button is used to pop the trunk. In most of the cars, there is a GRAY / BROWN (-) wire in order to pop the trunk. These wires are connected with a boot release button. 

Conclusion – Locked Keys In Trunk

Conclusion Locked Keys In Trunk

First always keeps practicing keeping your car keys in your pocket. If somehow you have forgotten your keys in the Car’s Trunk. First, remind your recent activities. It is possible that you have not placed it in your car’s trunk. If you have then always seek help from professionals.

Always call experience locksmiths because they know the comfort access of every car and will help you out in a situation like this. They can lock the pick ignition button for unlocking the trunk lid. It saves you a bit of time.

The accurate price of a locksmith is not available because it is according to the nature of the lock. You can also unlock your car through the boot release button.

If you manage to crawl into the backseat of your car, you can unlock your car’s trunk. 

We believe you will get to know what to do if door keys locks windows and how to get out of a situation like this. If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comment sections anytime.

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