Does Target Drug Test? (Explained)

Target is one of the largest retail corporations in the United States and other countries and it can be a great place to work at. It ranks 8th as the largest retail company in the US.

Many aspirants looking to join Target have different questions and one such question is whether does Target drug test.

Target is an established company and they aim to provide a good consumer experience, so they have a strict drug-free policy at work.

In short, no drugs are allowed on their platforms such as tobacco, alcohol, or any other drug.

In this article, we will look in detail at Target’s hiring procedure regarding drug tests, when they do these tests, and how they do these tests in detail. 

Does Target Drug Test

Does Target Still Drug Test?

Target maintains a strict drug-free policy to ensure no errors or mishaps occur on its platform. It means that some of its roles require mandatory drug testing.

When seeking a job at Target, you have to pass a drug test to ensure you are not under any influence. Target uses Accurate Background in order to do employees’ background checks and drug tests.

It is best to avoid any sort of drugs if you are planning to apply for Target because you can be almost certain that they will perform a drug test.

Also note that these tests are required in all of Target’s departments, rather some of them where Target has deemed necessary that a person cannot be under any influence while working.

What Drugs Do Target Test For?

Target has their employees or job applicants undergo a drug test and many people don’t know what they will be tested for.

Target mainly tests to see whether a person has had alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or any synthetic drugs in their system in the past 24 or more hours.

This is to ensure that while an employee is working on their platform, they are not under any sort of influence that may cause accidents or hinder their progress.

Keep in mind that Marijuana is used as medicine and it is also legalized in some states, in such cases, Target will have a discussion with you regarding your necessity.

However, there isn’t any policy designed around MMJ(Medicine Marijuana) at Target so you can rest easy if you utilize MMJ.

When Does Target Perform Drug Tests?

There are certain stages at which Target tests its employees for drug use. These are pre-employment, random testing, post-incident testing, and other reasons.


The first test of drugs you will face at Target will usually be at the time of your hiring, meaning you’ll be asked to take pre-employment drug tests.

Target does drug tests whenever hiring a new employee and it is mandatory to pass them to get the job.

Not all employees need a drug test, this is done for people operating machinery, managers, and those who operate in customer relations.

You should be drug-free for at least a week before applying to Target as some substances stay in your system for some time and you don’t want to fail Target’s interview just because of a test.


Target reserves the right to test their employees for drugs any time they want but this doesn’t mean they can just pick you out of the crowd and ask you to do a test.

There are reasons why Target may ask you to perform a drug test. For example, an incident occurs or someone is suspected of drug abuse.

In such scenarios, Target can ask its employees to undergo tests to see whether they’ve been using any drugs or not as per its drug policies.


Target can also have its employees tested for drugs if it has suspicion or reasonable cause that led it to this decision.

If an employee is found under the influence of any drugs or shows any type of erratic behavior, Target might have that employee undergo a drug test.

What Type Of Drug Tests Does Target Test For?

What Type Of Drug Tests Does Target Test For

Target has its employees undergo different types of drug tests. These are usually done through a urine drug test, but some tests can include a blood test.

Breath tests can be done in order to check alcohol consumption in employees. Out of all of these methods, a urine drug test is the most common one.

Target uses the company Accurate Background to perform drug tests on its employees. You can rest assured that you are in good hands as Accurate Background is one of the largest companies that do drug and background tests of potential employees.

Target Does Not Randomly Drug Test Employees

We understand that people may consume drugs in their free time and it can be worrisome if you find that Target can drug test you anytime they want but this is not the case.

While Target does reserve the right to test its employees anytime it wants, it will probably not do that unless an employee gives them a reason to.

If an employee is found suspicious of being under the influence or displaying erratic behavior, then they might be asked to undergo a test for drugs.

They may also ask you for a screening if you are found carrying illicit drugs and you will have to follow drug testing procedures laid out by Target’s policy.

Keep in mind that Target may drug test seasonal employees twice or more times a year.

Therefore, this isn’t much to worry about, unless you go to work high on substances.

Target Will Drug Test At The Interview

Target Will Drug Test At The Interview

While Target offers great job opportunities, many feel afraid of drug tests.

When you are applying for a job at Target and your interview is successful, before offering you the job, Target will ask you to perform a drug test.

Target has a strict drug testing policy so it only hires people if they’ve cleared these tests.

Keep in mind that this is only for jobs that require these tests such as operating machinery and dealing with customers, not all jobs require you to undergo a test for drugs.

When asked to undergo the test, you have 24 hours to accept their offer or else they will move on from you as a candidate.

If you do agree to take the drug test, you’ll be asked to proceed to the nearest Accurate Background testing center to take the test. Also, note that you’ll be required to take your ID card with you for identification purposes.

If you are not tested for drugs right after your interview, you will be asked to take a screening test at your future work location. The testing location is usually near the location of a Target store.

What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test At Target?

You might be wondering what would happen if a job applicant or an employee of Target fail a drug test so let’s look at these two scenarios.

If an employee of Target undergoes a test for substances and it comes out positive, the employee faces the risk of losing their job. At best, Target will suspend the employee.

It might seem harsh but Target is dedicated to providing the best services and doesn’t allow any sort of negative behavior on its platform.

As for job applicants who are asked to take drug tests and their report comes out positive, then they will not be offered a job. Target hires responsible workers and people who are under the influence of any sort of substance will not be allowed on their platform.

Lastly, your data will remain confidential as Target does not leak your reports, it stays with them just for verification purposes.

Which Target Jobs Require Drug Tests?

Which Target Jobs Require Drug Tests?

As we’ve stated before, not all Target jobs require you to take tests for substance abuse or any kind of drugs. These tests are usually performed for asset protection or managerial positions.

All other positions don’t usually require a drug test but keep in mind that Target can still ask you for a test since their policy doesn’t mention anything about it specifically.

Conclusion – Does Target Drug Test?

Does Target Drug Test? Yes, it does. We’ve gone into detail about how, why, and when does Target takes tests for drugs.

Target can ask its employees to undergo substance tests anytime it wants but this is not usually done.

Target will only ask for these tests if the behavior of the employee appears to be under the influence of something, or after some sort of incident.

Also, keep in mind that new employees must take a drug test before they can be offered the job.

However, not all jobs require a drug screen. Some of the positions that require such tests include asset protection and management, meaning all other positions don’t require any tests.

Target also has the right to perform random drug testing.

Drug tests are necessary to keep the work environment positive and promote health welfare which is why Target can be considered the best for keeping such high morals. These are necessary to have a drug-free workplace policy which is very beneficial for the whole office.

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