What Is The 832 Area Code?

If you see that number “832 area code” pop up on your phone screen, you may wonder what it means and who is calling you? The 832 area code isn’t one specific location; it covers several areas within the state of Texas, including Conroe, Houston, Katy, Kingwood, Missouri City, and Sugar Land.

In this article, we will explain what the 832 area code means? Is it a toll-free number? Who issues the toll-free numbers etc. So let’s buckle up and keep reading for the new adventure of toll-free numbers!

832 Area Code

832 area code

Back in 1947, when the North American Numbering was built, the Texas numbering plan areas were divided into four parts. Accordingly, the North American Numbering Plan gives four exotic area codes to the Texas state. North American Number gives area codes according to the geometrical position of the lands. The total purchase area code was four.

NAMP gives 713 area codes to the southeastern part of Texas, covering the Sabine river and Brazos Valley. On March 19, 1983, Houston got 713 area codes while the western, eastern, and northern areas got area code 409.

Area code 713 was no longer united and split on November 2, 1996. Houston’s most areas like suburbs got area code 281. Over time, it was seen by the companies that the demand for telephone services was growing.

To meet the demands, 713/281 was removed from the boundary of Texas on January 16, 1999. A new code known as area code 832 came into existence. It covered the entire region and became a ten-digit dialing number in Houston.

Area code 832 is currently assigned to a ten-county region of Southeast Texas, including Harris County and Fort Bend County, located in the southwest area of Texas. The cities that have been served by area code 832 include Baytown, El Campo, Galveston, Hempstead Lake Jackson, and La Marque, which are located around Houston. This number has originally served to an East central section of Texas from Beaumont through Matagorda with a few locations around Austin and San Antonio.

How Does 832 Area Code Work?

You are curious about how does it work? How can you know exactly that area code 832 will dial within Houston or in Pearland, etc. It is quite simple. The North American Numbering Plan divided each state’s territories into three-digit telephone number prefixes.

After that, each telephone is assigned a seven-digit number. So when you dial the specific area dial code with a specific seven-digit number, you get your call on the location you were trying. You can also check code history through code class warfare.

Is 832 Area Code A Toll-Free Number?

First, you should have the concept of a toll-free number. A toll-free number is one that you won’t get charged for when you call. If we talk about the 832 area code, it is not a toll-free number. You will be charged an amount according to the telephone carrier you are using. 

Where Is The 832 Area Code Used Today?

Where Is The 832 Area Code Used Today

An interesting yet challenging statement is the 832 area code used today? There are so many fields where you can see this area code is running. You can find it in offices, counties, and in cities of Texas.

832 Area Code – Location In County

First, we will share the top nine counties where area code 832 is used. The name of counties are:

  • Harris
  • Fort Bend
  • Montogomery
  • Brazoria
  • Galveston
  • Liberty
  • Waller
  • San Jacinto
  • Chambers

It is interesting that Harris, Texas, has a total population of about four million. Harris’s 96% population uses area code 832.

832 Are Code – Location In Cities

There are almost fifty cities of Texas that are using area code 832 with a lot of volumes like Mont Belvieu, Jacinto City, etc. But we will share the details of the top ten reputed cities of Texas that use the 832 area code.

The details of cities of Texas that are using area code 832 are mentioned below:

  • Houston, Texas
  • Pasadena, Texas
  • League City, Texas
  • Pearland, Texas
  • Sugar Land, Texas
  • Baytown, Texas
  • The Woodlands, Texas
  • Spring, Texas
  • Missouri City, Texas
  • Atascocita, Texas

Each cities’ 100% population uses area code 832. Does a question arise that you can receive a fraudulent call on area code 832? We are going to discuss it in the upcoming section.

Can I Receive Scamming Calls Through 832 Area Code?

Can I Receive Scamming Calls Through 832 Area Code

There are some groups of fraudulent who will call you through area code 832. They represent themselves as a real estate agency or an insurance company. It is better not to pick up the call from area code 832 if you don’t recognize the number. Some customer service offices may call you from this code but always be sharp.

 The most common type of area code scam is when criminals use a phone number with an area code that you may recognize as a local number. The idea is to make you think they are a business or person near you and seem more legitimate. Suppose they can trick you into answering or calling them back. In this case, they might be able to steal your information by pretending to be from your bank, government organization, or utility company.

Let’s consider for a moment that they are calling from a company. The first thing you should check is online does the company exists or not? If it exists, is the number is same on their site or not? These are some common checks and balances that you can go through before picking up a call.

How To Block Calls Coming From 832 Area Code?

How To Block Calls Coming From 832 Area Code

If you don’t want to attend uncommon calls coming from area code 832, you can do it in simple steps through your cell phone.

If you are an android user, simply go to your call log option. You see the number from which you are receiving the calls in it. Select the number and tap on three dots. You will see an option of block contact. You will block the contact easily.

If you are an iPhone user, simply tap on the call log icon. Tap on the contact and select the option “Block Caller.” iPhone will block the number.

It is better to keep yourself out of trouble instead of picking up the wrong calls because they will make your mind in such a way that you will spill out your personal details by default.

Conclusion – 832 Area Code

We have discussed in detail what the 832 area code is? Area code 832 is a number plotted by the Northern American Numbering Plan in Texas. The area code 832 is now widely used in Texas’s Counties and its cities. Telephone area codes are given to the largest city of Texas cities. 

Houston is one of the largest cities in Texas. This texas city also covers 832 area codes. The additional area code is issued according to the code location map.

The most common problem you might face is that scammers will scam you through this number. It is always better not to receive calls from unknown resources. If you somehow picked up the call, never ever reveal your personal details.

In case this scammer claims itself a legit resource, the best way is to search it online does it exist or not. Moreover, you can always block the caller who is calling you and annoying you. We believe that you now have penalty knowledge about the 832 area code. If you have something in mind, ask us in the comment section.

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