Does USPS Deliver Guitar Shipping Box?

Does USPS deliver a “guitar shipping box”? That’s one of the most mostly questions asked by online merchants who want to ship guitars across different parts of the US or even across different countries in the world.

In this article, we will try to explain as detailed as possible if USPS delivers guitar shipping boxes and how much it costs, so you can calculate the cost when shipping guitars with USPS. We will also give you alternatives to use other delivery services that are much faster than USPS and can ship the same guitar shipping box at a much lower cost than USPS.

Guitar Shipping Box

Guitar Shipping Box

You will be happy to know that USPS ships a “guitar shipping box.” However, there are terms and conditions with the delivery package. Moreover, the cost also varies from the size of the guitar to the place from where you are shipping it. The cost ranges between $13-75 (approx.). Let us understand in detail.

You can ship only those items which qualify for Standard Postage Rates through USPS. These items can either be new pin-packed or used. The condition should be good enough to avoid getting damaged while shipping it out.

Let’s take an example, and If you are shipping an average guitar and shipping it in 2 days average delivery category, you will be charged $65 (with $1000 insurance cost) per package.

The size of the guitar is measured through its length X width X height. In the case of multiple guitars, we will add these values together to find out the total cubic inches that qualify for Standard Postage Rates through USPS. You should not exceed 70 cubic inches per item to ship them via standard postage rates through USPS. Again if there is more than one item, then all items combined should not exceed 70 cubic inches total.

How Much Guitar Shipping Box Service Cost At USPS?

A valid question that every reader should be worried about. There are multiple factors on which the cost of a guitar depends upon. First, you have to keep the measurements of the guitar in mind, like its length, volume, and weight.

Second is the distance that it would come from one location to your shipping address. USPS has a package plan for the ease of its customers. We will explain the cost of an average guitar, which is about 107 cm in height and 5.4 kg in weight.

Priority Mail Express 1-Day Shipping will cost about $125 for an average guitar. If you use USPS’s Priority Mail Express 2-Day Shipping, it will cost you $55.

You can use USPS other shipping services like USPS Media Mail or Retail Ground, which costs less than $50, but it will take a long time to deliver your guitar.

If your product is coming from a longer distance, it will cost you more. In short, it is wise to go for services like USPS Priority Mail Express 1-Day Shipping if you are in a hurry or USPS Retail Ground if you are okay with waiting a few days.

USPS Guitar Shipping Box Services Types

USPS Guitar Shipping Box Services Types

There is no doubt that USPS is considered the best option for guitar shipping box delivery. You might be wondering which type of USPS service will be best for you? We are going to discuss four types of USPS delivery services for you.

Priority Mail Express 1-Day Shipping

In this shipping method, USPS will deliver your package within one day only. Indeed, there are some terms and conditions with this type of delivery. You can send a product only 70 pounds of weight and 110 inches of height. You can have insurance up to $100 for your delivered product.

USPS will send your package even on Sunday too. This type of delivery is best if you need your package urgently.

Priority Mail Express 2-Day Shipping

This shipping method is the same as 1-Day Shipping; the only difference is that it takes 48 hours to deliver a product. The conditions are the same as those used in Priority Mail Express 1-Day Shipping.

The maximum size that you can carry on this shipment is 70 pounds of weight and 130 inches in length. This package can also deliver on Sunday with extra charges.

USPS Media Mail And Retail Ground

USPS presents have economical delivery packages that are Media Mail And Retail Ground shipping. On this shipping, you can deliver your product, but it takes 5 to 6 business days to reach the destination. It is better not to send musical instrument through this option.

How To Ship Your Guitar Through USPS?

How To Ship Your Guitar Through USPS

An interesting yet confusing point is, how do we prepare our guitar for shipping it through USPS? Well, no worries, gentle advice is at your service.

First, lose the string attaches to your guitar. You can take it out from the acoustic guitar too. The reason is if your guitar box got a bit shake, it wouldn’t break the string of the guitar. 

Try to take all movable components of the guitar from it. As we discussed earlier that an average guitar weighs 8 to 9 pounds and contains a height of 30 to 40 inches. Try to pick a case a bit larger than a guitar.

After removing the moveable components, wrap your guitar in a bubble wrap or any other padding wrapper. It will always keep your guitar safe from any scrape or scratch.

It’s time to put your packed guitar in a hard case. Gently put your guitar in a case and then add packing peanuts, foam, bubble wrapper, or any other padding wrapper. After adding a layer of padding, shake your case gently.

If you sense that your guitar is moving, it is a sign that you need to put more padding material. You will add more padding and shake it again. If the moving sound disappears, your favorite guitar is ready to ship.

The logic behind the movement of the guitar is that if somehow a jerk applies to your product during shipping, it may be fragile. Try to follow instructions for packaging properly and use high-quality packaging tape.

You can seek the help of certified packing experts if you want to. But it is best to pack your product by yourself because you will never do improper packing.

So to avoid any mishap, use good packaging tape, use air bubble wrap if needed, and always be careful.

Does FedEx Ships Guitar?

Does Fedex Ships Guitar

The short answer is yes, FedEx also ships your guitar. FedEx charges more than USPS, in many people’s opinion. You can visit your nearby FedEx office for more competitive options. 

FedEx Express Saver is a shipping type that costs almost $72. It takes 2 working days to deliver the product. You have to pay extra if your delivery days are Saturday or Sunday. You can use FedEx 2D AM, which costs you about $94. 

FedEx also provides their fast shipping that is FedEx Priority Shipping. It costs almost $150 and will deliver your product within a day, but terms and conditions apply.

The FedEx costs are slightly greater than USPS. It costs around $356 for delivery through FedEx Standard Overnight Shipping. That’s why people recommend USPS over FedEx. But everyone has their own choices. What do you think?

Is It Safe To Use USPS For Guitar Shipping Box Delivery?

Is It Safe To Use USPS For Guitar Shipping Box Delivery? The answer to this valid question is absolutely yes; it is safe to use. In fact, most American prefers to use the USPS shipping service if they need to deliver something securely.

USPS charges a normal amount and delivers your guitar in no time. There is always an option for fast delivery by USPS. The choice is yours, but many people recommend that you should choose USPS for the delivery of the guitar shipping box.

Conclusion – Guitar Shipping Box

If we sum up the conclusion, we will see that USPS is the best way to deliver your guitars. It costs economically great than other delivery service providers.

If you need your guitar urgently, you can use USPS Priority Mail 2-Day shipping which costs about $65 with insurance of $1000. You can use the other three methods as well that are Priority Mail 1-Day, Media Mail, and Ground Retail shipping.

It is always the best and secure way to keep your guitar in a bubble wrap or any other padding wrapper. Through this, your product will reach its destination safely. You can ship your average-sized guitar easily through USPS.

But you also have FedEx Shipping expensive option on your hand too. The choice is totally yours which delivery option you would choose.

We believe you will now be able to judge which service you should use to deliver your guitar. If you like our article or you have any questions in your mind, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section.

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