434 Area Code: Who’s Calling? Location, Toll-Free? Scam? Time Zone

We came up with an interesting area code. What is the 434 area code? If you are living in the commonwealth of Virginia, you might know something about the 434 area code. We will discuss the history and details of the 434 area code in this article. We will talk about the counties that use area code 434.

Is area code 434 a toll-free number? Can someone scam you through the 434 area code number? How to block unwanted calls coming from the unknown 434 area code? You will learn and know everything about area code 434. Keep reading the article to know more!

434 Area Code

434 Area Code

Area code 434 is situated in the south-central area of Virginia. Virginia is known as the commonwealth state in the United States. One of the most popular cities in Virginia is Lynchburg which uses area code 434. Besides central Virginia, area code 434 also covers Charlottesville and Danville. Area code 434 uses the eastern time zone.

History of 434 Area Code

Virginia State Corporation Commission announced in December 2000 that the 804 area code is going to get split from this state. Because of distributing the area code 804, Virginia State Corporation Commission created a new area code which is known as the 434 area code.

The 434 area code was made operational in the state of Virginia on June 1, 2001. On June 1, 2001, people were able to use the 804 and 434 area codes. But later on, on January 15, 2002, 434 area code was assigned to Virginia.

434 Area Code Used In County

434 Area Code Used In County

The geography of the 434 area code in Virginia is splitter into two parts. The 434 area code is used in counties as well as in cities. We are going to share the names of counties where you can use the 434 area code.

The name of counties that uses the 434 area code are:

  • Lynchburg, VA
  • Albermarle, VA
  • Campbell, VA
  • Pittsylvania, VA
  • Danville, VA
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • Mecklenburg VA
  • Halifax, VA
  • Fluvanna, VA
  • Amherst, VA
  • Greene, VA
  • Prince Edward, VA
  • Nottoway, VA
  • Brunswick, VA
  • Appomattox, VA
  • Nottoway, VA
  • Lunenburg, VA
  • Nelson, VA
  • Greensville, VA
  • Charlotte, VA
  • Buckingham, VA
  • Emporia, VA
  • Sussex, VA
  • Louisa, VA
  • Cumberland, VA
  • Southampton, VA

An interesting thing about Lynchburg, Virginia, is that only percentage of area code 434 is only 1 percent in this county.

434 Area Code Used In Cities

434 Area Code Used In Cities

Just like counties, area code 434 is also used by the cities of each county. We are going to share the names of cities that use the 434 area codes. The name of cities that uses area code 434 are:

  • Danville, VA
  • Timberlake, VA
  • Madison Heights, VA
  • Forest, VA
  • Lake Monticello, VA
  • Danville, VA
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • Lynchburg, VA
  • South Boston, VA
  • Farmville, VA
  • Hollymead, VA
  • University of Virginia, VA
  • Emporia, VA
  • South Hill, VA
  • Crozet, VA
  • Blackstone, VA
  • Altavista, VA
  • Pantops, VA
  • Rivanna, VA
  • Appomattox, VA
  • Amherst, VA
  • Crewe, VA
  • Chase City, VA
  • Twin Lakes, VA
  • Victoria, VA
  • Concord, VA
  • Bracey, VA
  • Lawrenceville, VA
  • Hampden-Sydney, VA
  • Halifax, VA
  • Rustburg, VA
  • Hurt, VA
  • Gretna, VA
  • Chatham, VA
  • Kenbridge, VA
  • Clarksville, VA
  • Ruckersville, VA
  • Piney Mountain, VA
  • Mountain Road, VA
  • Brookneal, VA
  • Motley, VA
  • Nellysford, VA
  • Ivy, VA
  • Blairs, VA
  • Riverdale, VA
  • Motley, VA
  • La Crosse, VA
  • Arrington, VA
  • Jarratt, VA
  • Cluster Springs, VA

Telephone Carriers That Uses 434 Area Code

434 area code is used by many telephone carriers. One example is U.S. Cellular in the United States and its 475 markets, including most of Virginia and some parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

We are going to enlist the telephone carriers into two categories, landline, and wireless carriers. The details about landline and wireless carriers are mentioned in the upcoming section.

Landline Carriers That Uses 434 Area Code

The list of popular landline carriers that uses the 434 area code are:

  • Centurylink uses 24% prefixes
  • Verizon uses 13% prefixes
  • Verizon South-va (contel) uses 7% prefixes
  • Level 3 uses 6% prefixes
  • Telcove uses prefixes of 3%
  • Coretel is another famous company that uses 2% prefixes of landline carriers
  • Other landline carriers use 15% of prefixes

Wireless Carriers That Use 434 Area Code

The list of popular wireless carriers that uses the 434 area code are:

  • Verizon Wireless uses prefixes of 7%
  • Cingular Wireless uses prefixes of 7%
  • United States Cellular – Wireless uses prefixes of 7%
  • Sprint Wireless uses 7% prefixes
  • Virginia PCS Alliance, LC uses prefixes of 7%
  • Famous wireless carrier Omnipoint Cap Operations uses a 2% prefix
  • Bandwidthcom Clec uses a 1% prefix of 434 area code
  • Other wireless companies use 1% prefixes

Is 434 Area Code A Toll-Free Number?

A lie is told by many people that the 434 area code is toll-free. Don’t listen and waste your balance for making calls on the numbers having area code 434. Because area code 434 is not a toll-free number. The calls will charge your balance.

Calling on the 434 area code is not free of cost. There are other search engines that provide you with accurate data about these scam numbers as well as help to block unwanted calls from such phone numbers easily. Keep reading to know more!

Scamming Through 434 Area Code

Scamming Through 434 Area Code

As we know, the usage of the telephone and especially mobile phones is increasing day by day, and scammers are doing fraud with people. Scammers call you and tell you that they are from a law enforcement agency or from the bank and want to know your details like credit card number, account number, etc.

If someone is stating that they are from any agency and asked for your personal data directly, don’t tell your details. First, check the company online that is calling you. If the company exists, check their contact number and other details like how old the company is? Etc.

The best practice is to ignore the calls unless you really want to answer them. We will tell in the upcoming session how to block the numbers.

How To Block Calls Coming From 434 Area Code?

If you are tired of receiving unwanted and bogus calls from area code 434, you can block them immediately. If you are receiving calls by telephone, you can call your network service provider to block the number. But if you are receiving calls on your cell phone, there are two ways. We are going to explain it below.


For block calls on iPhone, you will go to your recent call option. You will find the icon “i” on it. Tap it and select the option “block this caller.” Your iPhone will block the number.


To block calls on Android phones, go to your recent calls option. Just select the option “details” and select “block number.” Your Android phone will block the unwanted number.

Conclusion 434 Area Code

434 area code number was made operational on June 1, 2001. Area code 434 uses the eastern timezone, also known as America/New York. Area code 434 covers the commonwealth state of Virginia, U.S. The 434 area code is not a toll-free number. You will get charged for each call you made on area code 434.

Scammers try to hack your profile by calling you from area code 434 number. If you receive a call from the 434 area code number, don’t reveal your personal data to a scammer. Ignore the call or block the number.

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