When Was Running Invented? All You Need To Know!

When was running invented? Running is one of the oldest and most basic forms of exercise around, but it may surprise you to learn that running wasn’t always as popular as it is today. If we are late for work, got to catch a cab, or rushed into the crowd, we run to get on time.

Many readers on our platform want to know the origin of running and when running was invented. The infotakeaway team gathered a lot of data and wrote it for our readers in simple terms so you can understand it within this article. Read on to learn more about when running was invented and its place in athletics through the years.

When Running Was Invented

When Was Running Invented

You have watched the films where hero runs faster to catch the bad guy. You see marathon runners who run from one city to the other. Running is so popular these days. The question “when was running invented” is ambiguous to answer.

Thomas Running did not invent running. Running is inherited in humans by their ancestors. You will find one answer on an online search which is Thomas running. Thomas Running invented running in 1748 by walking twice faster.

There is no actual history or written statement that when was running invented. Everyone has their own beliefs on it. Some people say that since man was firstborn in the world. Some people will say that our ancestors discovered it with trial and error.

The majority of people say that it is a natural habit of our human body. Your body will receive a response to run if you are getting late. Anybody can run but how to run faster is a different game. You can train your body to cover more distance in a shorter time by training like marathon runners, sprinters, etc.

We will discuss the origin and history of running, like when it becomes a part of sports? How many types of running exist? Etc.

History Of Running

According to science and archaeologist, Australopithecus are ancestors of humans. The Australopithecus started to walk upright on two legs four and a half million years ago. After that, when humans started to evolve more, they developed skills like walking, crawling, and running.

Early humans practised running for hunting purposes. The hunting process is called “chase myopathy”, in which humans runs along with prey until it is exhausted. With time, the human body changed and developed big knee joints muscular glutei maximi, which helps in running.

The scientist also gave comparative physiological proof of running as the natural habits of the animal kingdom in which humans also exist. Running was also used as a tradition in many areas like Greece, Egypt, Asia, etc. Running was either used as a religious ritual or tradition in the human race.

Running is also used as a sport in the origins of the Olympics. Olympics also have a major role in running, which we will discuss in later sections.

Human Race And Running

Humans are known as sapiens. But were we the sapiens from the start? No, we as humans went through many phases in the stone Age. Humans save themselves from predators and manage to run for their lives.

This is how humans developed running skills—running not only help humans to survive but also to hunt too. Running became a competition in a later era where people who ran faster were considered to be the fittest.

Other tactics humans do while hunting prey are running with their prey and hunting it down when exhausted. During the hunt, humans run for catching their prey. This is how running comes into humans.

Who Invented Running?

We have discussed running earlier that humans did not invent it; it is within human behaviour. Running was a part of human life. With the passage of time, mankind is improving its running skill by making new shoes, platforms, places, etc.

A person named Thomas Running in 1748 discovered that he could run faster if the wind was opposite to the direction he was running. He tried to put his foot twice for running. This is not authentic information that Thomas Running invented running. Running is a part of human behaviour.

Running Is Known As Symbol

Running Is Known As Symbol

Running was not only used in sports or military combat. Running is known as a symbol for many ancient societies like Mayans, Chinese, Egyptians, etc. We are going to discuss the Egyptian symbol of running.

Egyptians used to celebrate a festival known as Sed Festival or Heb Sed back in 3100 B.C. The festival was held after 30 years of Pharaoh’s rule. The Heb Sed was the celebration of the completion of the successful ruling of Pharaoh’s kingdom. Running was the symbol of the Heb Sed festival.

Sed festival is one of the giant festivals in Egyptian history. The Pharaoh offered to pray to their Gods, and the re-crowning ceremony was held again for Pharaoh. It states that the Pharaoh is going to rule Egypt again. During this ceremony, the central part was focused on running, which Pharaoh ran too.

Sed festival consists of four laps of running. Pharaoh will run in royal clothing in the first two laps stating that he is the king and rules the entire Egypt. The last two laps state that Egyptian society is moving from the old to the new era. Another reason why Pharaoh has to run by himself is to see if he is medically fit or not.

When Was Running Became The Part Of Sports?

Running was not known as a sport. However, a sports festival named Tailteann games used running as a sport in 600-1000 B.C. Running was also used in the Olympics, held in Olympia, Greece, in 776 B.C.

Olympics, which is also known as the religious festival of Greece, was held to honour Greek God Zeus. There were many games in the first Olympics besides foot running. There was boxing, wrestling, and chariot racing too.

The Tailteann Games

The Tailteann Games, also known as the Irish Olympics, was first exhibited in 1829 B.C. Tailteann Games were held for the memory of Irish Goddess and queen Tailtiu. Tailteann games festival also make a competitive racing competition.

There are other competitions in Tailteann games besides racing. The names of games in Tailteann games are:

  • High Jump
  • Spear Throwing
  • Long Jump
  • Sword Fighting
  • Archery
  • Chariot Racing
  • Boxing

When Was Running Invented As A Profession?

Running has its impact in sports but did you know that running is used as a profession in Greek messengers. In 490 B.C, there were Greek messengers known as Pheidippeides. There were Hemerodrome, who is known as a man courier. Hemerodrome was used to run for bringing things from one place to the other.

According to an account of his life and times, he ran from Athens to Sparta and back (about 150 miles), for which he received free meals for life at any temple. That’s not all, though; Pheidippeides is said to have run more than 40 marathons during his lifetime (not bad). The first recorded marathon took place in 776 B.C and was won by Leonidas of Macedonia.

When Running Becomes A Part Of Olympics?

When Running Becomes A Part Of Olympics

The Olympics is one of the great sports entertainment in history. Olympics first started in 776 B.C in the town of Greece “Olympia.” Greece formed Olympics before the Tailteann games.

Greek introduced sports competitions in the Olympics to bring together people from different parts of the world who can unite and have fun through it. Greek arranged the first running race in Olympics in 724 B.C. The running game in Olympics was known as the “Stadion Race”, in which participants had to run for 200 yards.

A stadion is a place where people are gathered just like in stadiums. The stadium originated from the stadion. The Pheidippides inspired marathon in 490 B.C. Greek introduced the marathon race in Olympics in 1896.

Types Of Running

You can run on a shorter or longer distance. You can also run faster or slower according to the rules of the running competition. In this section, we will tell you the main types of running used today.

Track Running

Track running is a type of running in which a group or individual has to run at a specific distance made in an oval running track. It has a specific distance, and it can use for sprints, long-distance, hurdling, or middle-distance running.

Road Running

Road Running is used in groups of runners. Road running is mostly used to cover distances more than 5 kilometres. This type of running includes half marathons or marathons.

Cross-Country Running

Cross-country running is a proper activity in which a group of people has to run and cover whole rough terrain. Cross-country includes water, hills, mud, grounds, woodlands, etc. The sport’s purpose is to reach a destination point by crossing all the hurdles, including swimming, cycling, running, hiking, etc.


Sprints are running in which an individual or a group of runners runs for a shorter distance with maximum impact. Sprint has three types of racing :

  • 50 Metres Sprint
  • 55 Metres Sprint
  • 100 Metres Sprint
  • 200 Metres Sprint
  • 400 Metres Sprint
  • 500 Metres Sprint

Sprint is the oldest running competition in which athletes runs on a short distance track or field. The first 13 Ancient Olympics Games only introduced the Stadion race, in which participants had to run from one side to the other side of the stadium. Over time, Sprint also includes the Olympics.

Sprint starts in a crouching position in starting blocks. However, the art of Sprint is gradually moving into an upright position while leaning slightly forward. During the position, athletes run faster to cover the distance in a short time. Sprints are also known as endurance running because they are made perfect with time.

Another thing you should know about Sprint is that it cannot be longer than 30 seconds. Because the human body cannot maintain top speed for more than thirty seconds because it will build lactic acids, and the legs will deprive of oxygen.

Conclusion – When Was Running Invented?

The origins of modern running can be traced back to Ancient Greece. Over time, civilizations have continued to add their unique spin on our beloved sport. So the question is, when was running invented exactly? And who do we credit with developing it as a sport? When you begin to look at these questions in detail, there’s one name that jumps out: Pheidippides.

There is no exact date, or a person is known as the inventor of running. Running is human behaviour and going through ages from human ancestors. There are many formations in the running like sprints, jogging, vertical running, etc.

We hope you can run and choose the exact type of running you want. If you have any questions about running, ask us in the comment. Meanwhile, take a look at the articles “What Does Swordfish Taste Like“, “515 Area Code“, and “Is Dr Pepper A Coke Product“.


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