What is Walmart Cash Back Limit (Explained in Detail)

Walmart provides its customers the option of cash back when making purchases. You can avail this service using debit cards, personal checks, cash checks, credit cards, and more. This service is very helpful if you are reaching your credit card limit but need extra cash during your visit to Walmart, This feature can be availed as many times as you make purchases at Walmart, though there is a Walmart cash back limit.

It is different depending on the payment method you choose. In this article, we will look at different ways you can get cash back at Walmart. We’ll also discuss how much cash back you can get at Walmart, Target, Cvs, and others.

Walmart Cash Back Limit

What is Walmart Cash Back Limit?

Walmart gives you the option of getting cash back on your purchases, saving you a trip to the ATM while you are visiting grocery stores. Cash back is available on the following methods.

  • Cash back using a debit card
  • Cash back using a credit card.
  • Cash back using personal checks.

You can get a maximum of $100 cash back per purchase at Walmart. Walmart gives cash back in increments of $20, up to $100.

This means you can get the following cash backs:

  • $20.
  • $60.
  • $80.
  • $100.

This doesn’t mean you can only get a maximum of $100 in cash back. You can get more cash back if you make multiple purchases. For example, you make one purchase and get a cash back of $100. Make a second purchase and get $100 cash back, meaning you get a total of $200.

Do note that there is a limit of around 2 or 3 maximum cash-backs at Walmart. Your cash back will be declined if you go above this limit. You should always try to check verification service of your local Walmart to make sure your check doesn’t get rebounded.

How to get Cash Back at Walmart using a Debit Card?

How To Get Cash Back At Walmart Using A Debit Card

Walmart is very flexible as it gives you several options to get cash back using different payment methods at your retail stores. One of them is using a debit card. You can get up to $100 cash back using a debit card as your payment method.

The process is easy and convenient. first, you have to decide whether to get cash back through self-checkout or cash register.

Walmart Cash Back using Self Checkout

If you are using the self-checkout, use the card reader to provide your credit information. Make your purchase and select how much cash back you can get. You’ll get the option to get cash back in multiples of $20, a maximum of $100. Here is a detailed breakdown of the procedure.

  1. Go to the self-checkout to complete your purchase.
  2. The self-checkout will ask for your payment method. You can select a debit card or other options that you want to use. Conduct your debit card transaction as usual.
  3. After you have finished making the purchase, the self-checkout machine will ask whether you want a cash back. You have to select “Yes” and the amount you want to withdraw. You might get prompted for your PIN code. Afterward, you’ll get the cash back through the machine itself or the cashier. Your balance will reflect in your bank and you’ll be charged the amount you withdraw.

Walmart Cash Back using Cash Register

To get cash back the normal way, proceed to the cash register. Make your purchase using your preferred choice of payment and ask the cashier that you’d like cash back. Select the amount that you’d like to get back and the cashier will give you the cash back.

Cash Back Limit for Debit Cards

This is a very specific scenario and would not occur in normal circumstances but do note that there is a limit on debit cards. These limits are placed by banks to prevent fraud. If you reach your debit card transactions limit while shopping at Walmart, your payment will be declined. In simple terms, if the purchase price exceeds the debit card limit, your card will be declined.

How to get Cash Back using a Personal Check

Walmart gives you the option of making purchases through a personal check. You can always ask them about cash checks if you don’t have a personal check. You can also avail cash back using personal checks at Walmart. The maximum cash back you can get using a personal check is $20 which is a lot lower if you were to conduct the purchase through debit card. Do note that you cannot use personal checks or cash checks at self-checkouts.

Here are the detailed steps to getting cash back using a personal check.

  1. Proceed to the cash register counter as you normally would and ask the cashier that you would like to pay through a personal check.
  2. The cashier will ask for your ID card and check. They will run it through a system to verify the personal check and your identity. Once everything checks out, they’ll charge you the purchase amount. Ask the cashier that you’d like to get cash back. They’ll give you a cash back of $20. Your transaction balance will reflect in your bank statement.

What is Walmart Cash Back Limit on Debit Card and Personal Checks?

Walmart has a cashback limit of $100 on debit card purchases. You can get cash back in increments of $20 and up to $100. The limit on personal checks is a lot lower which is $20. These are basically the rules of Walmart and there is no going against them but you can work your way around them.

How to get More Cash Back at Walmart than the Maximum Limit?

You can use cash back service of Walmart up to 3 times a day. This is to limit abuse of the system. Though you can always go to separate Walmart grocery stores and try your luck there. With debit card transactions, you will probably run into issues as Walmart keeps track of which card was how many times in a day.

With personal checks, however, there isn’t any proper way to determine how many times you have used cash back service that day. You can visit several stores and get cash back but do note that you have to make a purchase each time. You are also not getting that much cash back so it is wise to just stick to the rules implemented by Walmart.

Problems you can face with Walmart Cash Back Limit

Problems You Can Face With Walmart Cash Back Limit

While cash back is a great initiative taken by Walmart and many other grocery stores of the like, you can run into some problems and issues. These by no means, are a negative aspect of the service, rather these are some human errors and boundaries set by Walmart to prevent card theft and misuse of the service. If you are facing some other problems conducting your debit card transactions, you can report it to the customer service desk.

You can face the following problems when trying to get cash back.

Personal Check Cash Back Limit is Very Low

Walmart cash back limit on personal checks is only $20. Comparing this to cash back limit on debit cards, which is $100, this amount is indeed pretty low. You can try making several purchases separately to justify that you can still get more than $20 cash back but we cannot deny the fact that we still have to make purchases. Walmart will first check verification service of your personal check to see if it is valid. If the verification check service fails, your check will be rejected.

Low Cash in Self-Checkout or Cash Register

Even if you are making debit card transactions, the cash back limit for which is $100, you cannot get cash back if the self checkout or cash register doesn’t have enough cash. Though it’s very unlikely for big box stores like Walmart, Sam’s Club, and CVS to run low on cash but this can happen.

Your check might get Debounced in Case of Overdraft

If your bank account balance is less then the amount of personal check you are using, your check will be debounced. You can try using overdraft but note that it can cost you more than just $20 of cash back that you are getting back. Many banks have an overdraft fee of more than $30 which is pretty expensive for instance, Bank of America charges around 35-40 bucks fee for an overdraft. It’s best to double-check whether you really need that extra money because banks like Bank of America are always on the lookout for extra fees. It’s best to keep your bank statement above the negative.

Credit Card is Not Eligible for Cash Back

Not only Walmart but other stores such as Food Lion, Sam’s Club, etc, refrain from giving cash back on credit cards. This is because transactions conducted with credit cards are credit card cash advances and stores usually don’t allow them. You also don’t want to affect your credit score for just a few bucks. You can always go to your financial institution to get a cash advance.

Does Walmart Charge any Fee for Cash Back?

Does Walmart Charge Any Fee For Cashback

Walmart does not usually charge a fee for using its cash back service but some of its grocery stores branches might have different policies. Walmart suggests first check with your local grocery stores. It is a really great service of Walmart that they don’t charge any fee because many stores do charge a fee. Dollar Stores, Dollar General, convenience stores and other grocery stores usually charge a fee for such service.

Instead of guessing, you can always ask at the customer service desk whether a particular branch provides cash back or not. 

Cash Back Limits on Other Stores

While Walmart’s cash back is stellar, it is also wise to know the cash back policies of other big stores.  CVS, Walgreens, Target, Sam’s Club,  Fred Meyer, Duane Reade, Dollar General are examples of stores like Walmart.

Following is a brief overview of cash back limit at several stores such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, etc.

  • algreens cash back limit is $20.
  • CVS cash back limit is $35 .
  • Target cash back limit is $40.
  • Dollar Store cash back limit is $50.
  • Dollar General cash back limit is $40.
  • Walmart cash back limit is $100.
  • Kroger cash back limit is $300.

All stores have different policies regarding

What is Walgreens Cash Back Limit

Walgreens provides cash back of up to $20 on debit cards only. This means you can only get a maximum of $20 cash back on each transaction. Also note that Walgreens doesn’t give cash back on personal checks, credit card transactions, or credit card advances. You must have your debit card on you to be able to get cash back. Though you can always get more cash back by making multiple purchases. The minimum purchase amount to be eligible for a cash back is only 1 cent which is very little.

Walgreens is a pharmaceutical retail store company in the US with around 9277 chains spread across the states.

What is CVS Cash Back Limit?

The maximum limit of cash back CVS is $35 which is a lot lower than Walmart cash back limit which is $100. Do note that the $35 limit only applies to one transaction. You can always make another purchase to get more cash back at CVS. They also have a limit of 3 cash backs maximum per day but you can always try other branches or stores like Food Lion, Walmart to get extra cash back.

CVS is a large retail store company with over 9967 branches in the states. It also has a mobile app with several features to assist its users.

What is Target Cash Back Limit?

Target gives a maximum of $40 cash back on debit transactions. You can always make multiple purchases to get more cash back. Target doesn’t charge anything for their cash back service but it’s best to always check in with your local store. Make sure that your debit card has enough amount to avoid cash advance fees in case of an overdraft. You can always visit an ATM on your trip to gas stations to get cash instead of relying only on cash back.

Target is a large retail store company operating in the United States. It’s up there with major stores like Walmart, Fred Meyer, Sam’s Club, CVS, etc.

What is Dollar General Cash Back Limit?

Dollar General has a cash back limit of $40 but as with other stores, you can get more cash back by making more transactions. Dollar General also allows cash back on PayPal transactions.

Dollar General is a retail corporation situated in the United States with over 17266 stores working over the region.

What is Sam’s Club Cash Back Limit?

Sam’s Club has a limit of $100 cash back on debit transactions. You can always make multiple purchases at Sam’s Club to get more cash back. Sam’s Club also provides cash rewards on annual basis.

Sam’s club is a membership-based company based in the united states. Sam’s Club has over 599 branches.

What is Kroger Cash Back Limit?

The cash back limit at Kroger is up to $300 which is the largest we have discussed so far. Other examples of stores that provide more cash back are Walmart and Sam’s club. Note that you can get this large amount of cash back only on debit transactions.

What is Walmart Cash Back Limit – Conclusion

Walmart gives a cash back of $100 per debit transaction and $20 on purchases made with personal checks. Your debit card or credit card limit don’t matter, what matters is the number of times you can use cash back which is 3. By making separate transactions, you can get more cash back than the limit imposed by Walmart. You can always work your way around it by going to a separate store but you should just use the ATM services provided at the outlet to skip making extra purchases.

A Walmart gift card is not eligible for cash back, but you can always refund a Walmart gift card for cash. You can also sell your Walmart gift card to willing buyers.

In conclusion, Walmart cash back is a great service that enables customers to get cash back making everyday purchases. Walmart, Fred Meyer, Target and other such stores are doing a great job by providing cash back service as it saves their customers a visit to the gas station ATM to withdraw cash.

Hope it explains a topic and gives you the knowledge of Walmart cash back limit. If you have any question or suggestion, ask it on comment section. Go checkout our other blogs “Laugh Now Cry Later Meaning“, “Why is water refreshing?” , “How to get rid of small black bugs in the house?“.


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