Is Smartwater Good For You? Explained

Smart water is great and refreshing but have you ever wondered, “is smartwater good for you?” Smartwater is really just regular water, with the addition of vitamins and minerals.

In this article, we’re going to discuss whether SmartWater is good for you and all of the details related to it. 

Is SmartWater Good For You

What Is Smartwater?

What Is Smartwater

Smart water is also known as Glaceau Smartwater. It is Coca-Cola’s most profitable water brand. It is formed by the industrial process, which consumes a lot of energy.

For example, for the manufacturing of one liter of smart water on a regular basis, almost 78 calories of energy are required.

It converts water into vapors. After that, all the necessary nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium, and potassium are added to it.

After vaporizing it, all the impurities are removed from it along with the essential nutrients. So in this process, first, they are removed and then added again.

It is not proven that distilled water is healthier than filtered tap water. In 1982, WHO described the harms of demineralizing water.

It takes off the necessary nutrients and then causes increased diuresis and the elimination of electrolytes. It also decreased serum potassium concentration in water.

These nutrients protect the body from the deficiency of necessary nutrients. It also played a role in aiding biological functions such as homeostasis.

Hence, smart water encourages people to drink water when they want to consume those carbonated soft drinks, having plenty of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, and calories in them. Therefore, if someone asks you “is smartwater good for you,” you can confidently say that yes. it is.

These sugars are extremely injurious to health and will cause obesity in the end, along with many other health harms. So smart water is serving us in a good way.

One of the benefits is that it comes in a highly refined and recyclable bottle using Coca-Cola’s plant bottled technology of bottled water brands.

According to the Smart Water website, the plant bottle is the first-ever bottle that is made by using plants rather than fossils.

It is highly eco-friendly and reduces carbon dioxide emissions in the environment. It is made by the consumption of sugar residue rather than petroleum.

The distillation process is made by removing chlorine, fluoride, limescale, and other contaminants from water molecules.

Despite having many health or other benefits of alkalinized waters, there are many negative outcomes of its consumption.

It is that we are using plant bottle technology for making smart water bottle plastic. Plastic bottles are still single-use plastic.

It has a great impact on our environment. Ecologically it is not sound to drink smart water because just for manufacturing one liter of it, we have to consume a lot of electricity.

Also, it has to go through the process of distillation during manufacturing, and it is said that the necessary nutrients are added back in it after removal. Still, we are not sure that these nutrients are added in proportion, and we are going to get the same benefits out of it.

 What Is SmartWater Made Of?

The main ingredients used in its manufacturing are Spring Water, Electrolytes: Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Bicarbonate.

It tastes different or weird sometimes because of the level of added minerals in it. It is because that they distill the local water and then add minerals to it.We now know the answer to the question “is smartwater good for you” as it is evident that it is.

Is Smartwater Good?

Is Smartwater Good

Smart water is known for its much harm because of the mineralization and remineralization of this product. It affects your body via interacting with the body’s metabolism. But still, there are many benefits that we get.

Pros Of SmartWater

Pros Of Smartwater

Following are some of the pros of using Smartwater.

  • It seems like it helps your body to remain healthy. The most important thing is that your body should remain healthy and loaded with the essential nutrients.
  • It is the best alternative to sodas and other carbonated drinks. These drinks are made by the use of artificial sweeteners refined sugar which is highly injurious to your health. So people who are addicted to those drinks can use them as an alternative.
  • The essential minerals will contribute much to your body’s metabolism, but it is still a matter of debate or doubt.
  • If you are extremely dehydrated after doing a hard workout, then it can be the best source for providing you with depleted nutrients.
  • The bottle used for smart water is eco-friendly to some extent. It is made from plants rather than fossils, known as plant bottles. There is less risk of the addition of GHS in the environment as compared to other plastic bottles that are extremely injurious for our environment.
  • It uses the ‘SmartWater Strategy’ in Nottingham in England, where 56,000 homes had their property which is marked with the SmartWater. The covert operations using SmartWater were investigated by the police. There has been a reported reduction of 40% in burglary since the start of the initiative.

Cons Of SmartWater

It is formed by the distillation of tap water. During this process, all impurities are removed along with the necessary nutrients present in water.

Then by the process of redistillation, these nutrients are filled back into the water. This is why it tastes weird and does not benefit you in the way that tap water does.

Is Smartwater good for you? Yes, it is but if we consider every health factor, then the answer might be no.

Smartwater Vs Normal Water

Following is a comparison of normal drinking water and Smartwater.

  • Smart water has fewer nutrients as compared to tap water.
  • Smart water can increase potassium efflux as compared to normal water, which helps in the process of homeostasis.
  • Smart water has refined sugars in it as compared to normal water, which is quite healthy for you.

Alternatives To Smartwater

Even if you know whether is smartwater good for you, here are some alternatives to keep in mind. 

  • Smart water is rich in vitamins, so you can contact the municipal committee to know the vitamin content in your tap water.
  • You can use filtered water as compared to smart water, which is free from impurities but not from essential nutrients.

Should You Take SmartWater Over Normal Water

It is better to use safe drinking water, but if you want instant nutrient intake after doing a hard workout, then you can go with the enhanced water or ionized minerals to boost your energy.

What Is Smartwater In Terms Of Forensic?

So far, we’ve discussed the drinking water called SmartWater. For those of you looking for information on smart water used by law enforcement, here are the details.

There is a lot of difference between tap water and smart water. Smart water is obtained by evaporating water into vapors to remove all the impurities and necessary nutrients present in it.

It is then remineralized to feed it with nutrients again. It is a forensic liquid having a unique forensic code on it.

This code is visible under UV light. So even if it is stolen, police can recover it by examining this code under UV in a laboratory test that will locate its owner.

It comes into three variants as “Index Solutions,” “Indsol Tracer,” and “Smart Water Instant.” All of these indexes use different techniques to embed the code on them.

Phil Cleary says that it allows “millions of chemical signatures.” It is an identifier superior to genetic fingerprinting DNA.

It is a water-based solution that uses low-level additives. It is blended by using a binary sequence to ensure its uniqueness.

The Smartwater is held inside a spray which is activated whenever an intruder enters the premises. It acts like an alarm and the police can use it to find criminals involved in the break-in.

The “Indsol Tracer” variant solution is a polymer emulsion. It blends different chemical agents according to a binary code which allows 10 billion different possibilities, as stated by the company.

The “SmartWater Instant” solution mainly consists of a copolymer of vinyl acetate in isopropyl alcohol.

It contains millions of small fragments. One of the unique numbers is called “SIN” (“SmartWater identification number,” registered in a national police database together with the owner’s details). It is encoded into each of those particles.

Security expert Bruce Schneier pointed out in February 2005 that the abuse of SmartWater was possible.

It is because an owner of a personalized solution can easily administer it to other people’s essential or valuable items.

In 2008, Bruce Schneier accepted that SmartWater worked as a deterrent. It was cited in the 2008 publication of a research paper led by Professor Martin Gill.

Professor Martin Gill held interviews with criminals about whether the presence of SmartWater would stop the criminals from committing crime or not? 74% of them said it would. The SmartWater company also developed a crime reduction program which is called ‘The SmartWater Strategy.’

Final Verdict/Conclusion

Is Smartwater good for you? Yes, it is.

Smart water is formed by the filtration process. Water is evaporated to remove all the impurities and necessary mineral content in it.

Then it is loaded with healthy minerals by vapor distillation process. So it can never be compared with bottled water or regular water because it has refined sugar in it that can grant you health benefits.

But smart water is a blend of electrolytes that can be a booster when you need nutrients. It is a better hydration option.

Also, the plant bottle used for smart water is eco-friendly as compared to normal Plastic water bottles used for regular drinking water or regular tap water.

Plant bottle is obtained from plants as compared to fossil fuels. It causes less emission of GHG.

The best alternative to Smartwater is to contact the municipal water sources to know the nutrient content in tap water.

So that you can get those nutrients from alternative sources and avoid the harm from smart water.

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