Can you put Cardboard in the Oven? Explained

Pizzas are great, and everybody loves them. Though pizzas are a bit large and not everybody has a large pan in their kitchen. You might wonder, “can you put cardboard in the oven?” Well, the simple answer is that you shouldn’t.

Let’s say it’s Friday and you get home from work. You call a couple of friends to hang out and order some pizza. The pizza finally arrives, and even though the packaging keeps your pizza warm, it turns out a bit cold, and you don’t want to ruin your weekend ahead, so you go about heating it.

The only problem, though, is you don’t actually know how to heat it up effectively. Nobody has a large pizza pan in their kitchen on which they can put a 13-inch pizza. If you do, well, then you are a lucky fellow.

Moving on with our story, though, you think to yourself that it should be okay to put the pizza along with the pizza box it came in inside the oven rack. STOP! Please don’t do that as cardboard are flammable and can catch flames. A piece of cardboard is a paper product, and it can burn very easily. The pizza packaging is mostly cardboard boxes.

The last thing you want is for your weekend to be ruined and unwanted smoke all over your house. 

Can You Put Cardboard In The Oven

Should you put Cardboard in the Oven?

We get that it can be tempting to put the pizza box in the oven as it is, but you shouldn’t do that. Not only pizza, but you also shouldn’t put anything that is inside cardboard in your oven.

Cardboard is a combustible material, and it can catch flames pretty quickly if you are not careful. The burning point of cardboard is around 800 F and 427 C.

A Pizza is normally baked around 450 F, and while it is way low below the burning point of cardboard, you still can’t be too careful.

What about the claims of Heating Pizza in Cardboard?

We will not disagree that there are a lot of people who claim you can heat the pizza slices or the leftover pizzas from last night in cardboards, but you really shouldn’t do that.

We are only looking at the success scenarios, not the failed attempts. You’ll find that there are lots of people whose oven caught fire because of heating their pizza in a cardboard. Therefore the simple answer to “can you put cardboard in the oven” is no, and you can’t.

Why Do Pizzas Have A Cardboard Base?

Why Do Pizzas Have A Cardboard Base

Okay, so we can’t heat pizzas and cardboard in the oven. Why do the pizzas even have a cardboard base?

The reason for this is so that your pizza stays in place during delivery. A pizza is a very fragile and delicate food. It can easily be messed up during it’s journey to your home. That is why many pizza sellers use a cardboard base to make sure that the crust stays still and has some support. 

Have you noticed that hot pizzas are kind of like liquids? Imagine what will happen if you don’t put your pizza on cardboard and it doesn’t have any support. The pizza on cardboard gets some support, so when it arrives at your doorstep, it isn’t a mess.

Another use is that many people don’t like keeping the pizza in cardboard pizza boxes when it arrives. The cardboard base can be used as a plate, and you can easily cut the pizza slices on it without worrying about scratching your table’s surface.

Therefore, the answer to “can you put cardboard in the oven” is a clear no.

How To Bake Pizza Without Cardboard?

How To Bake Pizza Without Cardboard

ow that you know the purpose of cardboard pizza boxes, along with why you shouldn’t put them in the oven, let’s talk about how you can bake a pizza. Remember, don’t put cardboard boxes or cardboard bases in the oven.

There are many ways to bake a pizza, but we will only focus on baking the pizza in an oven without cardboard. You should avoid using the oven with cardboard.

You can also bake your pizza using certain techniques in a frying pan or a pot, but they go beyond the factual nature of this article, and you should read a recipe for this case.

We were also very confused as to whether “can you put cardboard in the oven” or not, but the answer is not.

Following are some of the ways you can bake your pizza in an oven without the use of cardboard.

Bake with Pizza Stones

One of the best ways to heat pizzas in your oven is to use a pizza stone. A pizza stone is a cooking utensil used to heat or bake a pizza. These are also pretty cheap and can last a lifetime.

Simply place your pizza on the baking stone and put it in the oven. Leave it in there at medium heat until the cheese starts to bubble and then you can take it out and enjoy your warm pizza just like it was when you got it. Using a pizza stone will make the crust crispy and your cheese smooth and stringy.

Bake with Pizza Pan

Another alternative baking method is to use a pizza pan. You can also use a pizza pan for baking your pizza. This is the best way to bake a pizza. The baking time is also not too much.

Arrange the dough evenly on the pizza pan and garnish with cheese and toppings. Make some holes using a fork in the pizza dough, so your crust turns out even crispier.

Then, simply put the pizza pan in the oven at normal oven temperatures and let it sit there until your pizza is done. The normal oven temperatures will cook your pizza slowly, but it will turn out great.

There are different kinds of pizza pans out there, so make sure you get one that will last you longer and the one whose shape matches the kind of pizza you make the most.

Bake on the Oven Rack

You can also place your pizza directly on the rack if you don’t have a pizza stone or a pizza pan.

This will make your pizza crust crispier as the bottom is also exposed to direct heat, but you might get some grease from the cheese here and there. The answer to “can you put cardboard in the oven” is no.

Keep your oven at the lowest temperature first to heat the oven and then begin baking your pizza.

There is also the risk of toppings falling off as the pizza cheese expands during the cooking time, but if you keep an eye on things, the pizza will turn out pretty good, and you will have a crispy crust.

Bake on the Cookie Sheet

Another way to bake your pizza is using a cookie sheet. Make sure you don’t use the cardboard boxes. The cookie sheet is mostly rectangular, so you’ll have to go with a small-sized pizza if you want to use it.

Another thing to note is that your pizza’s crust will be a bit soft with this method. You can poke holes in the dough using a fork to make your crust a bit crispier.

Bake on Aluminum Foil

You can also use an aluminum foil baking sheet for baking your pizza, but we really don’t suggest it unless all of the above options fail.

There are some hazards relating to aluminum foil, so make sure you take proper care if you do use it for baking your pizza.

While aluminum foil can be used to bake your pizza, it will not provide much support for the pizza dough.

One of the plus points of aluminum foil is that it keeps the oven clean. The aluminum foil acts as an anti-grease layer and keeps your oven free of grease.

Pizza with aluminum foil has a weird taste to it, so we really don’t use it ourselves. We prefer takeout pizza or store-bought pizza over aluminum foil heated pizza any day.

How to Heat Pizza without Cardboard?

How To Heat Pizza Without A Cardboard

Let’s say you have some frozen food, cold pizza, or frozen pizzas. You can heat them in many ways, but not each way is the best.

While you can heat your pizza slice in the microwave, you really shouldn’t, as we’ve noticed that it makes the crust soft and soggy. Most of the people like their crust crisp, but if you don’t mind a soft crust, you’re welcome to heat the cold pizza in the microwave.

Just a side note, please don’t put the pizza box in the microwave. You’ll get instant fire and a charred pizza as a result. Now, if someone asks you, “can you put cardboard in the oven” you are confident that you cannot put pizza cardboard in the oven.

Any parchment paper, cardboard paper, a layer of paper, or anything even remotely related to paper such as card boxes should not go in the oven.

Heat Pizza in the Oven

You can heat your slices of pizza or the whole pizza in an oven. Simply place your slices of pizza in the oven and let it bake at the lowest temperature for around 10 minutes until the cheese starts to melt and bubble.

Keep the oven heat constant throughout the cooking process. Please don’t put the entire pizza box or the frozen pizza cardboard in the oven.

You can also use a specialized pizza oven or a pizza block. We suggest you go with a pizza block or a baking pan instead of using the rack.

Now that the pizza is heated, you can put it back in the cardboard to keep the pizza hot, and remember to use some pizza sauce to reward your taste buds.

Heat Pizza in a Microwave

If you don’t have a regular oven, don’t worry. You can also use the microwave oven to heat your pizza, but we really don’t suggest it unless you don’t mind soft crusts. Only leave the pizza slice in the microwave for a couple of minutes, and it will come out piping hot.

Please don’t put the pizza cardboard or the pizza with cardboard in the microwave. Pizza with cardboard can cause flame in the microwave. You can try ceramic sheets as an alternative.

For some reason, the microwave oven makes your pizza crust soft, and we don’t like a soft crust, so we usually avoid it. Though there is nothing wrong with using a microwave to heat your pizza, it’s just that we think the delicious pizza loses its crispiness in the microwave.

Though if you just want to heat a slice of pizza, simply use the microwave. You can also put the slice of pizza on a cooking pan at slow heat and let it warm up.

Conclusion – Can you put Cardboard in the Oven

Several types of food and mostly pizza, come in cardboard. You might have wondered to yourself, “can you put cardboard in the oven?” No, you cannot, as cardboard is a flammable material. The last thing you want is for your oven to catch fire and make smoke all over your house.

We also talked about whether you should use cardboard for baking your pizza. If you ask a normal person the question, can cardboard go in the oven, they will probably reply with yes, which is wrong. You shouldn’t put anything made with paper in a microwave or an oven and certainly not cardboard boxes.

No one likes a cold pizza. Warm pizza can be eaten, but the fun begins when it is piping hot and the cheese is melting.

There are different ways to heat or bake and keep the pizza warm in the oven, and this includes using a pizza pan, pizza stones, aluminum foil, using the oven rack.

Cardboard ignition temperature is around 800 F and 427 C. Even if you do manage to heat the pizza in the cardboard, the pizza will have a bitter taste.

Do your last night’s leftover slice some service and heat the leftover slice in the oven without cardboard.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, as we really enjoyed drafting it.

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