How To Respond To Lol? All You Need To Know!

Have you ever wondered how to respond to lol face when they read something on their smartphone? Well, this article will explain the meaning of LOL in different situations, to help you understand when to reply with a LOL and when not to! So whether you want to be an expert at responding to lol, or just want to know what it means, read on!

Respond To Lol

How To Respond To Lol

LOL is a slang word used in texting that abbreviates “Laughs Out Loudly.” It is mostly used when someone is making a joke or someone is trying to be funny. We are seeing that everyone is using the word LOL very much due to which it is difficult to understand how to respond to it.

People who are reading this article are more conscious about the approach of the sender and how to respond to LOL. In this article, we are going to explain the details so you have full knowledge of the word LOL.

No one can tell you how to lol. Some people lol when they are flirting or joking around with their friends, but for others, it is a common way of saying hello to someone they have never spoken to before. It doesn’t matter if you already know someone well, or if it is your first time talking to them on an Internet forum – you must use lols correctly in every situation to ensure that your conversation with someone goes smoothly.

Your response to LOL always depends upon the context. What conversation you are having with your friend. It is possible that the sender sends LOL funny compliment or it is a sign of flirting too. We are going to share the most effective and trusted responses today in this article.

The top 5 responses to the word LOL are:

Send LOL Back To Them

This is one of the best ways to respond to LOL. We know that sender uses it when they are trying to joke with you or when they are trying to make fun of you, but don’t get upset and start getting angry. Keep in mind that he/she is only joking with you. Instead of getting angry, send back a LOL too so that your conversation will remain friendly and enjoyable for both of you.

Send An Emoji In a Reply

This is a common situation when you are talking to someone on an Internet forum and they send you a lol. They may be just joking around with you. If you want to continue the conversation with them, then simply send emoji. This will make sure that your conversation is not offensive rather you are enjoying it.

Change The Subject Of Conversation

Sometimes you may get a lot from someone who you have never talked to before. If they are trying to flirt with you, then simply change your subject of conversation. Start talking about something else so that they will understand that you are not interested in flirting with them. If the sender is also a stranger then ignore their message and start talking to someone else who is more familiar with you and whom you can trust easily.

End The Conversation At Once

If the conversation is going tense and more aggressively, it is better to end the conversation. You know that a guy or girl is sending you LOL in a sarcastic tone. You should immediately leave the conversation by making a story because you will only get yourself down.

Ignore The Message

Sometimes, people are not laughing with you rather, they are laughing at you. In this type of scenario, simply ignore the cause and left it. It is better not to react because you will suffer more.

How To Respond Lol From A Guy?

How To Respond Lol From A Guy

If you are talking with a girl or a boy, these conversations are going to be different. If you are chatting with a guy or a girl, you will feel that chatting with both genders is different. Guy and a girl have different meanings of the same word in the text.

This led us to what would be the response of the guy on LOL? Mostly, the guy sends this message to make funny conversation for example “time in office was great LOL.” It means that the time person wasn’t great at the office that is why he is telling in a funny way.

If a guy wants to know how to respond lol, then he should reply in kind. In other words, if he sends you a long message, then you can send him a response. If you receive an email with lol as part of its content and your reply is important (e.g., an email containing information that someone requests), your response should still include lol as well. For example Thanks for sending me all those reports—I’ve reviewed them now, lol.

If we conclude the above discussion, you should first read your whole conversation and then answer your message according to the conversation. It might be an explained joke, a simple okay, emoji, or a smile.

How To Respond To Lol From A Girl?

How To Respond To Lol From A Girl

Anyone will send LOL if you are talking about funny things or telling a joke. But what if you are talking to a girl and she sends you LOL on your message? In this section, we are going to tell you how to deal with it.

The first thing is first, the girl you are talking to, is she your friend or your crush? You should have some common sense too. Suppose you are sending a joke, obviously girl will send LOL as a reaction. But what if she is sending you LOL on every message you are sending?

It means that she is not interested and just ignoring your messages by simply putting LOL or emoji on them. In this type of case, you should limit your text with a girl or you should change the topic. Because she is bored and you have to change the topic. We are going to share three reasons why the girl is sending you a LOL message. The reasons are:

Girl Don’t Know What To Say

The girl is stuck and cannot think what she should text now. It happens mostly when you are her crush or a new friend to her. In this kind of situation, you will get a feeling that she is feeling something and can’t continue the conversation. In this type of situation, end the conversation as soon as possible.

Girl Is Bore

Girls send LOL they are super boring. It happens when there is no spark or uniqueness in your messages. You will get a feel from the girl’s reply. In this kind of situation, always try to change the subject of context.

Girls Don’t Have Time

Sometimes due to a busy schedule, girls try instead of ignoring messages, they will reply LOL so other people don’t feel bad. If you are thinking you are receiving LOLs on irrelevant messages, give some time to a girl. She will reply to you back once she is free.

Does Context Matter When Replying To Lol?

Does Context Matter When Replying To Lol

It does. How you respond to lol will depend on what kind of chat you’re in and how fast a response is needed. If you’re sending a message back immediately, then good for you: Just hit lol and move on with your life. But when it comes to longer conversations or ones that take place over several days or weeks, context matters—and it becomes crucial to read lolx in conjunction with everything else being said before responding accordingly.

In this section, we are going to share some points on which your context matters. The details of the subsections are:

Whom You Are Talking To?

This is one of the main things when you are replying to LOL. Is a person on the message your friend or family? Your attitude towards your friend is always going, to be frank, and friendly. If you are talking with your boss, you will limit yourself by thinking not to use certain words.

So this is one of the major things when you are responding to the LOL.

Review Your Previous Conversation

Sometimes, you take a small nap or go to pick something and see that your friend sends you LOL. You have no idea why he sends it. The best thing in this kind of situation is to look at your recent chat with the guy. You will have a better understanding of why he sent LOL. It might be possible that you send him a joke and he is now replying to you in LOL.

How Is The Phrase Written?

The style of LOL also matters when you want to respond. Is it written as LOL, lol, or lolx? If we look at the matter, most people use lol when they are just trying to participate in the conversation. If someone sends you LOL, he or she means to laugh at what you sent earlier.

What Are Other Meanings Of Lol?

LOL can be a greeting, a way to express agreement or understanding, an expression of delight, an indicator of sarcasm, and so on. Depending on your tone and subject matter in a given message, lols can have different meanings.

The standard meaning of LOL is “laughing out loud.” You will not believe that the LOL word was created by Wayne Pearson in 1980. The word LOL became popular in the history of chatting. This is why people use LOL to look cooler.

People are making other meanings of LOL words. Now you will find that people will use LOL when they are disappointed with something for example, “Now I have to clean this mess, LOL.” In the sentence we mentioned earlier, it means that a guy is disappointed and going to clean the mess.

How To Use Lol Perfectly In Text?

LOL stands for laugh out loud, and it is meant to convey laughter in text messaging. LOL can also be used on other social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, many people don’t know how to use LOL correctly in the text message.

In this section, we are going to tell you how to use LOL perfectly in any chatting app or phone. Follow the steps below:

  • Always reply LOL when you are reacting to something funny. It means that you are crying because of a laugh.
  • You can use it to take a part in the text message. If you cannot understand with to reply, simply write lol. It will help you.
  • You can use LOL to express your excitement. It is very common that people to use LOL when they came to know a thing looking surprising.
  • You can use LOL with your nearby friends and family members. It makes you feel at home because LOL is a slang word and it will create a friendly environment between you and your companions.

FAQs – How To Respond To Lol

Some frequently asked questions are:

What Is The Abbreviation Of LOL?

The Abbreviation of LOL is “Laughing Out Loud.”

What Does It Mean When A Guy Just Replies Lol?

Mostly it means that he is telling you that he is disappointed in the incident he goes through.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Just Replies Lol?

Mostly it means that a girl is bored and trying to change the subject. That is why she is going with a normal lol message.

Conclusion – How To Respond To Lol

You know how to respond to lol is crucial, both in your everyday conversations with friends and colleagues as well as professionally. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to say LOL with ease and confidence. Now you know how to respond to lol – what are you waiting for? Get out there and say it like a pro! 

And never forget that professionalism matters. Always keep in mind that how you choose to interact with others reflects on yourself as well as your employer. Use appropriate language that’s consistent with your work environment, and feel free to include any of these quick how-to-lol tips whenever they fit naturally into conversation.

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