The Best Way to Hang Your Records on the Wall

If you are someone who collects vinyl records, then you know that they can become quite valuable over time.

Before you decide to put your record collection on display in your home,there are some considerations that should be made to ensure that your collection stays in mint condition.

You need to hang it in a way so it doesn’t accidentally fall off the wall and shatter into many pieces on the floor below.

Here is the best way to hang your records on the wall safely so that you can look at them from time to time with a pride of ownership.

Step 1: Set Up an Album Art Display

Set up your album art display. Find a space you want to hang your records and make sure it’s out of reach of pets, kids, or anything else that might damage them.

Place the display at least five feet off the ground so nobody can accidentally knock it over. Put a few pieces of wood or a sturdy cardboard box for added stability if necessary.

Start by hanging your favorite albums in a row–this will be your showcase.

Think about what order you want them in, then put them up one at a time, using thumbtacks, pushpins, or nails (whatever is most appropriate for the surface) to secure each one in place.

Remember not to leave any blank spaces! Fill the whole wall with albums until they’re close together.

Don’t worry about spacing them perfectly – remember this is supposed to look like a collage instead of an organized collection.

If there are gaps, fill those too with other favorites from your collection.

Once all your favorite albums are hung up on the wall, go back and fill any remaining empty spaces with some CDs or 7-inch singles.

Now you have an album art display that looks like something out of Urban Outfitters!

Step 2: Choose a Hanger Type

Hangers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are better suited for certain types of records, like 12-inch albums, while others are more appropriate for square 7-inch singles.

Most hangers offer two or three slots, which is perfect if you have more than one record with a similar size and shape.

Records on wall
Records on wall

Hanging your records has never been easier! If you’re looking for an inexpensive option that works well with almost any style of decor, try 3M Command Clear Hooks.

These hooks adhere to just about any surface and can hold up to 5 pounds—a total weight limit that’s sure to cover all but the heaviest vinyl

Another great way to go is vintage metal wire hangers that don’t take up much space when not in use.

You’ll want some wire cutters on hand before you get started so you can trim off the excess lengths once they’re mounted on the wall.

After that, attach the hook to the back of your chosen piece by bending back one prong at a time, securing it tightly between each bend. 

ake sure the distance from each end matches up with where you’d like it hung on your wall.

Step 3: Prepare & Mark the Wall

  1. Find a level line across your wall, where you want the records to hang.
  2. Mark this line with a pencil or marker. -Decide which direction you want your records to hang (horizontal, vertical), and mark this direction with an arrow pointing in that direction.
  3. Draw another level line below the first one, about 1/2 inch away from it; this will be your hanging line.
  4. If you are hanging records horizontally, draw a third level line across the wall in whichever direction is most appropriate for your setup. This should also be at least 1/2 inch from your other lines.
  5. Attach picture wire (nylon coated wire) to a heavy-duty wire hanger so that the hooks on the wire extend over each of the three lines drawn.
  6. Starting from either end of your wall, place adhesive strips of varying lengths along all three lines so there’s one strip for every foot of length.
  7. After removing the backing from each strip, press them firmly onto both surfaces using firm pressure but not too much force, this way they’ll stay put without any gaps between them and hold firmly when hung up!
  8. Use a level to make sure all three adhesive strips are equally aligned before proceeding to attach them.
  9. Hang up some records on the wire to see if they’re properly spaced; if not, remove a few adhesive strips and replace them with new ones until everything looks right.
  10. Once you have confirmed that the spacing is correct, use scissors to cut off any excess vinyl coating left on the wire and cover it with electrical tape.
  11. Then remove the paper backing from two adhesive strips on each side of your hanging line (the two closest to your desired record height).
  12. Now slide these two strips against the sides of your frames in order to create a gap beneath them wide enough for hooks while still leaving enough room at top and bottom.
  13. Lastly, secure these loops by pressing down firmly against both sides simultaneously until fully adhered.

Step 4: Find Support Objects & Position Them

Place your records in rows, leaving one inch space between each record. The first and last row should be flush against the wall.

Black vinyl record and player
Black vinyl record and player

Measure 2 feet from the floor and mark that point with a pencil or nail. If you have records taller than 8 inches, measure 10 inches instead of 2 feet. You’ll now have a spot for your support objects that will keep your records securely hanging on the wall as well as provide an anchor for when you want to remove or rearrange them.

Determine which side of your support objects will be facing towards your records (usually this is the side where it will have 2 screws).

Now attach these support objects to the wall by screwing them into place with a power drill and appropriate-sized drill bit.

Position them so they are just inside the 2 foot line you drew before, with the top edge of their vertical surface level with it and about 1 away from any outermost edge of your records.

After securing each one in place at its designated height, use a level to make sure everything is straight. When all the supports are secured in place, you’re ready to start hanging your records.

If all your records are standard size, start with one end of the row and wrap it around the support object at eye level using either wire hangers or a wire fence hanger.

Keep going until every other record is attached to its own support object as well as all other supports have been used up if necessary.

Take down the empty end piece of string and loop it around one more time before tying off tightly.

Step 5: Install Hangers

To install hangers, first use a pencil or pen to mark the positions for them. The hangers should be evenly spaced apart from each other and should be at least 1/4 of an inch away from any wall surface.

When installing your hangers, you can either attach them with nails or screws. If you’re using nails, make sure that you drive each nail flush into the wall and that they are level with one another.

For screws, use two per hanger and drill pilot holes before attaching them. Once the hooks are in place, insert your records onto them by sliding them over the hooked end of the metal rod until they sit snugly in place.

Now stand back and admire your handy work! You did it! You now have a beautiful display of your favorite vinyl records that is easy to see and access. Keep checking out our blog as we will be adding more posts soon.

Step 6: Final Touches

Wrap it up by adding a nice frame. If you don’t have one, take your records to a framer and have them make one for you.

Black vinyl
Black vinyl

You’ll want something that will compliment your décor but not overwhelm it. I like simple frames that match my wall color.

And, if you’re feeling really fancy, add some hinges so that they can be taken down without destroying the frame and hung in another location when needed.

That’s it! No more excuses to avoid getting rid of your old records or saving their covers!


There are a few different ways that you can hang records up on your wall. The easiest way is by using hooks. You can either buy hooks at a hardware store or use nails and hammer, but it’s important that you find a stud in the wall, or else it will not be very secure.

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