8 Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas You’ll Love

Do you want to give your home an amazing look? Well, one way of doing it would be adding decorative elements to the outdoor part of your house.

Yes, we are talking about outdoor wall decor ideas that you can get from various places and incorporate into your exterior design.

These ideas can not only serve as extra seating space but also add beauty to your home overall. Here are eight outdoor wall decor ideas that you will love.

1) Follow the golden ratio

The Golden Ratio is a very simple mathematical law that many people have used to create beautiful and perfect compositions in art, architecture, design, and more.

The ratio is 1:1.618. It starts with a line on one end and then divides the line into two sections of 1:1 until you reach the other end of the line where it will be at 1:1.618.

This concept can be applied to many different things from designing an outdoor wall decor to decorating a cake or even making your bed!

Follow this principle when deciding what should go first and what should go last. Then start filling in the gaps to make sure everything has its place.

A great way to use this rule is when adding succulents to your outdoor wall decor. Plant them close together so they are all aligned vertically, keeping similar colors next to each other.

Another idea for outdoor wall decor would be some nice wooden pallet signs hung up outside your front door or house for a rustic look that’s both modern and classic at the same time!

2) Create the mood with colors

Umbrellas hanging from thread
Umbrellas hanging from thread

Paint colors are great for bringing life to a room or outdoor space, but we recommend sticking with neutrals when it comes to your outdoor spaces.

Neutral colors are more versatile and go with anything. The four most popular neutrals are beige, taupe, cream, and off-white.

If you’re looking for something bold and bright to liven up the exterior of your house or apartment building, consider using bright colors like reds and oranges as accent colors.

These colors will pop against the neutral backdrop of your home’s exterior wall.

Keep in mind that darker paint colors might make your house look smaller than it really is – especially if you live in an urban area with lots of high-rise buildings around you.

On the other hand, light colors have a larger visual effect on your home and will open up your place considerably.

When choosing lighter paint colors, remember that white trim should always contrast with whatever color you choose for your walls.

For example: If you decide to use yellow walls inside of a living room, white trim is necessary to highlight all of those dark corners!

Experiment with different shades and textures until you find what suits you best.

A perfect example of what NOT to do would be painting your outside brick with a dark color such as black or brown.

Not only will this drastically change the appearance of your house, but it will also make the brick itself less durable and crack over time due to exposure to harsh sunlight.

Brick can actually turn green from these damaging effects, so keep this in mind before making any rash decisions about exterior decorating!

As an alternative, you could cover your brick facade with wood planks and stain them to match your chosen paint color.

Or maybe even try out one of our favorite DIY trends: adding texture by staining or painting old roofing tin pieces onto your bricks.

3) Know your size limits and budget

If you’re looking for a new way to decorate your home and you happen to have an outdoor space, there are plenty of options for you.

For example, if you’re looking for a funky, abstract type of wall art that’s not too costly and won’t take up too much space, paintings are a great option.

Vase against a wall
Vase against a wall

There are many styles of paintings out there from figurative to abstract, so it’s easy to find something that fits your style.

These will also look great on any type of wall surface whether it be brick or wood paneling since the colors and textures will match easily.

The only downside is the maintenance involved with keeping the painting clean in order to avoid dirt or grime sticking to it.

Other than that, they’re perfect!

If you want some more ideas for what kind of artwork would look good outside, try these:

  1. A sculpture – they don’t need any upkeep like a painting would and can range in price depending on size and detail. Just make sure to keep them away from direct water exposure or extreme heat/cold as these can cause cracks.
  2. Wind chimes – these are another type of art piece that doesn’t require maintenance but does produce a sound that some people may prefer over the artwork.

Whatever your tastes might be when it comes to outdoor wall decorating, you should always make sure that whatever you choose will stay where it needs to because things can become very expensive when being repaired by professionals!

4) Create focal points without words

Plant pots around door
Plant pots around door
  1. Place a potted plant at the base of the wall to bring life and greenery to your space.
  2. Hang some colorful string lights above the wall for an extra bit of ambiance.
  3. Add texture with a faux brick or cinder block accent wall to make your space feel more cozy, rustic, or industrial.
  4. A long strand of lights can be used as curtains for your outdoor space when you don’t want too much light inside your home or if you want it to feel like nighttime outside all day long- this is great for entertaining!
  5. Create a living wall by planting vines on an otherwise barren surface in order to create privacy. If you have access to electricity, we recommend installing hanging planters that are wired to grow vines.
  6. Create interest by putting up varying heights of trellises and attaching climbing plants (i.e., honeysuckle) to them so they grow up and over the trellis.
  7. Use simple household items such as bookcases, crates, buckets, etc. to give your wall a little personality.
  8. Paint the walls white and add some fun decorations around them
  9. Paper mache letters hung in sequence spell out a word or phrase.
  10. Write inspiring words on sheets of paper and hang them from fishing line across the wall space to provide some inspiration while you’re outdoors relaxing or cooking dinner.
  11.  Make small cutouts from paper or foam board and use chalkboard paint to make words and phrases stick out even more against their blank backgrounds (we love adding words like home sunshine friends family).
  12. Cut shapes from vinyl lettering materials, apply removable adhesive strips behind each letter, then carefully adhere the letters onto plywood or another solid surface for additional decoration without having to paint it first – bonus points if you use different colors of vinyl for each letter

5) Use only 1-2 items for each space

Break up the space by adding a mirror or artwork to the space above your headboard. It will add dimension and reflect light.

A piece of art is a great way to create an illusion of height or depth. If you have low ceilings, hang your pieces as high up as you can on the wall in order to make the room feel taller and more spacious.

Use mirrors strategically so that they bounce light around the room, making it seem larger than it really is.

Hang them over an empty fireplace mantel or place one behind your sofa to reflect light off of your walls and ceiling.

The effect is especially dramatic when you have an overhead fixture with few bulbs that doesn’t produce much light! Place a large mirror next to it and all of those gloomy shadows disappear. Mirrors are also great for bathrooms because they open up the area visually and help reflect natural light from windows onto small spaces.

Try painting different sections of your living room in different colors to create distinct zones for each activity: TV watching, eating, reading.

Paint a muted color on one wall to set it apart from the rest or paint over two sections with complimentary colors if you want two distinct areas.

You can also use furniture or pictures (even art work) to divide these areas if you don’t want painted lines.

Hang paintings vertically instead of horizontally for an unexpected look that’s perfect for smaller rooms.

6) Keep everything level with the ground (except candles)

Many people neglect the outdoors when they’re decorating, but this is a mistake! There are so many great things you can do with your outdoor space that will add style and elegance to your home.

When deciding what to put on your outdoor walls, it’s important to keep them level with the ground.

This way, everything will match and you won’t have any issues with water damage. When hanging a mirror in an outdoor space, try to pick one that is made of metal or stone.

These materials are durable and will not be easily damaged by moisture. A lot of people place candles outside during the holidays, but be careful where you place them!

If they get too close to plants or furniture near the candle, these items can catch fire from drips from the candle wax.

7) Do not overthink, keep it simple!

  1. Hang a framed piece of art
  2. Place solar lights near plants or shrubs.
  3. Add furniture pieces with plenty of pillows and blankets for curling up on the porch or patio with a good book.
  4. Create an outdoor living space – such as a screened-in porch – by adding chairs, tables, an outdoor rug and ceiling fans to create the perfect space for family dinners, games and fun summer nights.
  5. Put up faux flower arrangements on your porch railing or in pots around your house so you can enjoy them all year long without worrying about picking up after them when it’s time to go inside for the winter months!
  6. Plant flowers, herbs or vegetables in containers next to your front door for beautiful color that is always within reach.
  7. Line your walkway with mason jars filled with colorful seasonal items (seeds, twigs, pine cones) for interest that will last all year round.
  8. Plant a small tree near your porch or deck steps for shade during those hot summer days and beautiful foliage during the fall season. Add some string lights to the trees for even more ambiance!

8) Put yourself in the shoes of those who will be viewing your design.

When it comes to outdoor wall decor, there are several options to choose from that will bring your space to life.

Here are some of the best ideas for adding a splash of color and creativity to your yard.

  1. If you’re going for an eclectic look, try cutting apart vintage maps and taping them up on your wall. It’s a fun way to give an old-school feel to an otherwise modern design. Plus, this can be done on the cheap by recycling old maps!
  2. Planting succulents is another great idea for those with a green thumb because they require minimal maintenance and can be easily tucked behind other objects in order to keep them from getting trampled on by visitors. What does your home need? A splash of color, a little style, some inspiration? The possibilities are endless.


We hope you found our 8 tips useful. Also, take a look at “stick on wall tiles“, “black wall decor“, and “white wall decor“. If you’re looking for more advice on how to decorate your outdoor space, be sure to check out our blog!


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