7 Ways to Instantly Spruce Up Your Home with Flower Wall Decor

Flower wall decor may seem like an interesting concept, but you’ll quickly see how gorgeous it can be once you try it.

You’ll find that flower walls are great options for various rooms in your home, including the bedroom, living room, dining room, and bathroom! Follow these 7 tips to create stunning flower wall decor in your home today!

How To Choose The Best Color Scheme

Choosing the right color scheme is just as important as choosing the right flowers for your wall decor.

For a quick start, it can be helpful to use one of these 6 color schemes as your guide:

  1. Primary Colors.
  2. Monochromatic Colors.
  3. Split-Complementary Colors.
  4. Analogous Colors.
  5. Triadic Colors.
  6. Tertiary Colors.

By using one of these color schemes, you’ll have an easier time creating a cohesive look in the space.

If you want something that’s more specific and unique for your space or event, you’ll need to do some research.

What colors are already present in the room? What colors work well together? What type of mood are you trying to create? Is there a certain color that needs to stand out?

Once you answer those questions, then it should be much easier to choose the best color scheme for your space. Here are the steps:

  1. Pick a dominant color from the room or event space.
  2. Then pick three other colors to complement it. These three colors should all sit on opposite sides of the color wheel from the dominant one. So if red is your dominant color, then green, blue and orange would be great complimentary shades!
  3. Next, add a neutral tone (white, black or gray).
  4. Repeat this process for any other rooms in the house so everything has its own distinct identity but still blends together well!

The Benefits Of Adding A Green Wall In Your Home

Pink roses
Pink roses

Green walls are an increasingly popular trend in modern home design. With the ever-growing consciousness about global warming and its effect on the environment, having a green wall is an investment in a sustainable future.

For those not looking for such a major commitment, there are plenty of other small ways you can infuse plants into your living space without buying and maintaining any new equipment or furniture. Here are five ways you can instantly spruce up your home with flower wall decor:

Add some botanical prints and plant posters

There’s no need to go out on a hunt for framed images; instead, it can be much easier just getting up close and personal with them by hanging these items on your walls! When it comes to where to find pictures, Etsy has many gorgeous options from local artists.

Create an indoor garden at your windowsill

Flower pots hanging on wall around window
Flower pots hanging on wall around window

If you’re lucky enough to have a window with natural light coming through it then this idea is perfect for you!

You can use self-watering planters or pots made specifically for indoors that come equipped with their own little water reservoir that ensures minimal watering needed.

Of course, if this isn’t possible then try adding lots of different houseplants around the room as they too provide lots of benefits such as improved air quality and humidity levels while giving off oxygen (essential during winter months).

Bring the outdoors inside

Just because your space may not have access to a garden doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck when it comes to adding greenery!

Instead, grab yourself some moss balls which are typically composed of one-quarter each peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, and Sphagnum moss. Place them anywhere in your home for instant nature-inspired appeal.

Get creative with DIY art projects

White flower against wall
White flower against wall

In addition to hanging photos and posters, why not also include painting original pieces?

Utilize a variety of objects like wire coat hangers or even old paint brushes to create something one-of-a-kind that will certainly bring a bit more color into your life. It’s all about being creative, so get ready to step outside the box.

Add some seasonal flowers

One of the easiest ways to add life to your surroundings is by bringing flowers in from outside!

This could be anything from tulips in springtime to hydrangeas, depending on what time of year it is. Consider setting them all over your coffee table, bookcase, or mantelpiece for added flair

How To Create A Beautiful Flower Wall In A Small Apartment

It’s not always easy to make an entire space your own. You might not be able to move furniture around, but sometimes you can use a little creativity.

We’ve found five different ways that you can add beautiful flower wall decor that will instantly spruce up any room in your home without changing anything at all!

  1. Cut out some old magazine pages and tape them onto the walls using double-sided tape. Spread out a handful of flowers in front of them for a more vibrant pop of color! Bonus points if you add book pages around the flowers for even more vintage vibes.
  2. Tear or cut out petals from magazines and glue them onto your wall. The edges won’t be perfect but they’ll give the illusion of a lush garden in your apartment.
  3. Take a thin paper or tissue paper, soak it in water then apply it to the walls as decorations! Flowers are messy so this is one way to have the look without the hassle.
  4. Find art prints with images of flowers on them (we found some really pretty ones by Etsy seller Joyful Lines Designs). Frame them with inexpensive frames from Ikea ($6-$12), Target, or Walmart, and hang them on your wall for instant beauty!

How To Turn An Ordinary Pot Into A Stunning Flower Vase

Transform your ordinary pot into a dazzling flower vase by putting it in the freezer for at least four hours.

Then, use a spoon and scoop out the frosty residue. This will create an opening that you can fill with water and cut flowers of your choice.

You can also try using ice cubes or crushed rock instead of water for an added decorative touch. Here are five more ideas for turning your pots into eye-catching flower vases:

Gather up the leaves from whatever plants you have growing around your home.

Combine them with glue, glitter, and twine then place them inside a plastic container that has been washed thoroughly.

You can even add small crystals if desired. Fill up any open space in the container with soil or sand before placing it on top of a clear glass bowl filled with water and covering its bottom rim around the edge of the glass bowl’s lip.

Be sure to place these on high surfaces like shelves or mantles so they don’t accidentally fall over while they’re wet!

Use actual flowers as stems! Cut off the stem of a potted plant and remove all the roots. Cut off the bottoms of 4-6 long stem flowers (preferably roses).

Place them in a shallow container that is larger than their length such as IKEA 365+ square cm pot, then pour water until it reaches 1/2 inch below the base.

The submerged part will act as a seal against dirt seeping out which helps keep things cleaner. Lastly, arrange each stem evenly throughout the planter without crowding them together or being too spaced apart. Make sure to change your flower arrangement every week to keep things fresh!

Interesting Color Combinations For Inside And Outside The House

Learning how to create different color combinations can be helpful in a variety of areas, and flowers are no exception.

When planning flower arrangements, most people don’t give much thought to color schemes other than what the florist suggests when they order from the grocery store. Learning about flower wall decor gives you more control over your design options for an arrangement, even if you do work with a professional.

You can choose from four main groups of colors: monochromatic (using variations of one hue), analogous (with two hues that are side by side on the color wheel), complementary (opposite hues on the wheel), and a combination of any two contrasting hues.

The following list provides some tips on which types of flowers go well together based on these color groupings.

Monochromatic: light pinks and purples, yellows and greens.

Analagous: lavender with pink roses or coral lilies with fuchsia carnations.

Complementary: blue irises with purple tulips or yellow daffodils with red tulips Combination: white roses paired with bright yellow zinnias

How Do You Make A Paper Flower Wall?

It’s just as easy as you might think. All you need is some clear paper and string, some paint and a little patience.

Assemble the flower petals by gluing them to the sheet of paper in a tight circular pattern. Add your preferred paint color and let it dry.

Then all you have to do is attach your two circles of string (one for tying off the edges of the paper flower onto a hanger, one for attaching it on to the wall) on each side of your masterpiece, cut away any excess string, hang up your floral work of art and enjoy!

That’s how you make a paper flower wall.

What About Painting Floral Patterns On The Walls?

Painting decorative patterns onto your walls can be tricky, but not if you use flowers! Paint some potted plants near windows or create hanging shelves for plants so that they can grow upwards and cover the space.


There are many ways that you can bring life and beauty into your home or workspace. A wall of flowers is an eye-catching way to brighten a space and feel good about how you make the world around you a more beautiful place.

But the wall doesn’t have to be flower-themed! We hope you found our tips helpful! Also, check out “how to hide tv cords on wall“, “how to hang a flag on a wall“, and “DIY wall decor ideas“. For more similar content, check out our homepage


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