12 Fun and Festive Balloon Decoration Ideas for Your Next Party

What better way to add some color and fun to your next party than by decorating with balloons? Balloons are inexpensive, easy to come by, and can really bring a room together!

Of course, you’ll need to tie them up somewhere or your guests will walk right into them.

Luckily, there are lots of creative ways to decorate with balloons that can be used in any space and on any wall. Here are 12 balloon decoration ideas that are perfect for your next party!

1) Giant Tweety Bird Wall Decor

If you’re hosting a party with kids or just enjoying a festive gathering in your living room, then this is the decor for you.

Start by attaching two balloons to each side of the wall. Use large, medium, and small round balloons so that they form one row.

Use even more large, medium, and small round balloons to build a second row in between the first set of round ones. Now step back to admire your work! The Tweety Bird is all set up as an entertaining decor.

Next, place helium-filled or regular white balloons along the bottom of the bird so it appears as if Tweety’s legs are dangling down from it.

Add some yellow felt material at the end of Tweety’s feet so he appears like he’s standing on them instead. You can also add color to these felt pieces by using markers, paint, or fabric dye.

Cut out thin strips of paper (can be any color) and tape them vertically onto the balloon strings to create stripes across your Tweety decoration.

For added fun, cut circles out of construction paper (the same colors as your stripes) and place them around Tweety’s head like sunglasses!

2) Foil Balloon Vases

You can make vases out of any number of different shapes using balloons! This is a really fun project that works best with shorter lengths of foil balloons.

Just wrap the foil around the shape you want to make and twist at the end. Voila!

There are many other balloon projects you can try as well, from paper lanterns to hanging decorations.

All of these projects work great on their own or in combination, so have fun experimenting with different ideas until you find one that’s perfect for your party or event!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more subtle, tie two balloons together into an X pattern to create cascading streamers.

If you don’t know how to tie knots in balloons, no worries! YouTube is full of tutorials showing how it’s done.

If none of these ideas sound like they fit your plans exactly but they still spark some inspiration for what might be just suitable for your next celebration or gathering.

I encourage you to do some brainstorming and doodling before shopping online for supplies (whether it be birthday party decorations or baby shower decor).

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about planning parties over the years, it’s that creativity almost always trumps budget consciousness.

3) Colorful Balloons Against the Wall

To get the party started, blow up your helium balloons and arrange them against the wall in a rainbow of colors. Start with red balloons, then yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, and brown.

Balloons are like jewels to decorate a room because they come in so many bright colors! And if you have black or dark colored walls?

No problem! Stick some small metal clips onto the ends of balloons that match your wall color to bring some shine into your living space. Stick some small metal clips onto the ends of balloons that match your wall color to bring some shine into your living space.

If you’re having a party, set out a bunch of different-sized balloons on tables and couches- people will love grabbing one when they arrive and finding their spot in your home!

4) String of Balloons Above a Doorway

Balloons are a cheap, easy, and festive way to welcome your guests at the door! Hang a clear string of latex balloons above the doorway with narrow gaps between each one.

Tie knots at intervals of approximately three feet on each side of the doorway to keep them off the ground and make it easier to blow up.

The rainbows created by tying different colors together give a colorful display that’s sure to delight your guests as they walk in.

These balloons will also work well on porches or decks, from where kids will find it fun watching adults bustle about getting ready for their arrival.

Just don’t forget to take down these decorations after the party ends so there aren’t any hazards lurking around when you’re not looking.

5) Flower shapes with balloons

Child holding flower shaped balloon
Child holding flower shaped balloon

If you’re looking for a fun activity to keep the kids busy while they are waiting on their pizza, have them help you make these pretty flowers with balloons.

First, tie one balloon to the other using a rubber band. This will be the first petal. Then, take another balloon and blow it up. Stretch out the sides of this one so that they form a teardrop shape before tying it with a rubber band at the top point.

Now use your fingers to create petals by pinching in layers of confetti onto this balloon until it looks like a flower!

Make sure you do this inside or outside because confetti is messy! You can also get really creative with colors and themes.

For example, rainbow confetti can go well with parties where children are invited, but it’s not just for kids- everyone loves rainbows!

Lastly, hang the balloon flower by the wall!

6) Rope Lights with helium balloons.

This is a fairly simple decoration to set up, but it’s so pretty. Rope lights are really popular when it comes to party decor, so why not use them with balloons?

Wrap the rope light around your balloons letting the light hang down in bright colors.  It will give off a great effect that will look especially good at night!  Plus, this one is super cheap and easy to put together.

7) Explore your creativity!

While it might seem like an afterthought or a simple table accessory, balloons add so much more life and character to any event!

It is always an added bonus when they coordinate with your decorating theme.

For example, if you have a garden party theme with vibrant colors then try tying small helium balloons in shades of green and yellow from trellis branches or chairs as part of the decorations.

At a New Year’s Eve celebration, try hanging silver metallic balloons from ceiling beams for added sparkle.

Go completely unexpected by using hot pink latex balloons on lace ribbon as an outdoor banner during Valentine’s Day!

It all depends on how creative you want to get with these basic materials but the possibilities are truly endless.

8) Use Balloons To Create Cool Centerpieces

The best part about using balloons as centerpieces is that they are usually budget-friendly.

Balloons are often available at the dollar store, or if you have a nicer party theme, you can purchase some more expensive helium-filled balloons to place around your centerpiece.

Once you’ve filled the space with balloons, tie them together so they don’t float away.

The large pieces will work well as decorations on the ceiling while smaller balloon pieces can be used as accents throughout the room.

Tie balloons together with fishing wire and hang them from walls, ceilings, or doorways for an instantly festive look.

You can also cut apart lengths of string into small pieces and tape these to the sides of glassware.

Or use latex paint to paint shapes onto glassware before tying on a string of balloons to make your own customized chandelier.

9) Oh, So Pretty!

Three heart shaped balloons
Three heart shaped balloons

Did you know that balloons are not just for children’s parties? We can also decorate our walls and ceilings with them! If you need some creative ideas, Here are 5 fun and pretty balloon decoration ideas:

1. Use of a piece of ribbon to tie up your loose balloons. Tie the ribbon to one side of your ceiling or wall, then tie it again to the other side so that all the strings hang in different lengths and create a beautiful, yet simple look.

2. Bundle your balloons together in individual clusters to create festive bunches. Hang these bunches on the wall using clothespins, string, or tacks. They can be grouped by color, shape, or theme (e.g., Christmas).

3. Fill empty jars with colorful balloons to create interesting table decorations.

4. Put balloons on your guests’ chairs before they come over – no more wandering around looking for an open seat!

5. Tape balloons to chair backs like this for a cute way to personalize each chair at your party

10) Blacklight Reactive Balloons Creates A Fun Night Light in The Dark

The benefit of using blacklight reactive balloons is that the color inside of them changes depending on the lighting in the room.

This creates a really fun night light effect. There are three main types of these balloons – two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and inflated spheres (balloons without a neck).

Lay the balloon flat and trace an outline around it. Leave a one-inch border on all sides. Cut out the circle by drawing around it with scissors or by cutting away sections to lift out individual pieces.

11) Draw emojis on balloons

Woman holding balloons with emoji shapes
Woman holding balloons with emoji shapes

Instead of deflating and throwing away these balloons after your party, draw fun emojis on them with permanent markers and fill them with helium.

Keep an eye on the message of the messages you draw and make sure they’re awesome.

Draw some popular emojis like a monkey or see-no-evil monkey or some yummy food like a hamburger or ice cream cone. Lastly, hang them on the wall!

12) Balloon Alphabets

Woman holding balloons with love letters
Woman holding balloons with love letters

Get balloons that have the shape of alphabets! They can be used to spell out a word or phrase in your party room.

Letters A-M can be spelled with 10 balloons, and N-Z needs 20 balloons. Blow up the first letter of your word, then repeat this until you finish the whole word.

The words “Happy Birthday”, require 18 letters, which will require 18 balloons (H-A-P-P-Y – B-I-R-T-H-DAY). Add some extra decorations like banners, flowers, and candles along with the letters to make it look more festive.


Balloons are timeless party decorations that never go out of style. When choosing balloon décor, remember to take the setting into consideration.

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a large affair, there’s something for everyone on this list.

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