Get That Rustic Charm with These Home Brick Wall Decor Ideas

Brick walls have an incredibly rustic charm to them, and they can provide the perfect look to your home depending on the rest of your decor.

So if you’re looking to add some authentic style to your home, consider some of these ideas for home brick wall decor!

The great thing about brick wall decor is that it comes in all sorts of styles, ranging from modern to traditional and even rustic.

You can choose whatever fits your design the best! Let’s take a look at how you can get that rustic charm with these home brick wall decor ideas!

Hanging bricks

When you’re trying to create that rustic look in your home, a nice and simple way to do it is by using bricks.

Start by finding a light colored brick that has some visible cracks for the accent wall. For example, using light blue bricks creates a cheery vintage feel in an otherwise drab space.

Next, have your friend drill small holes into the back of the bricks before nailing them to the wall to give it more of an authentic effect.

Fill in the gaps between the tiles with darker-colored mortar and then use grout or plaster to cover up any visible seams or cracks around where they’re joined together.

Afterward, seal the whole thing with one coat of water-based primer and two coats of chalkboard paint.

Finally, insert a few dowels through each row at different heights so you can hang things like string lights and bird cages from them without damaging the surface below. 

These projects are sure to add some new life to your home decor.

DIY painted bricks

Love the look of brick walls but can’t commit to a long-term installation? A really easy way to get that rustic charm is to do a temporary DIY.

Brick wall with vines and plant pot hanging on it.
Brick wall with vines and plant pot hanging on it.

All you need are some bricks, exterior house paint, and painter’s tape. First, prep your surface by applying one coat of paint.

Next, you need to measure the wall and make sure it is square so the bricks line up nicely. To keep them in place, put painter’s tape on each brick until it is time for installation.

Paint your line where you will start your installation at least an inch down from the top of the wall. Once your line is painted, begin placing the first row of bricks onto the wall.

Use your painter’s tape as guidelines and aligning this row with the first. You may also find it helpful to take out any excess mortar if there was any between the bricks beforehand.

Continue laying rows until you reach the end of your wall or have run out of space–whichever comes first!

Keep track of how many rows you’ve completed so that when installing another row, it matches up with its corresponding row above or below without having gaps in between.

Once all rows are complete, paint over every brick and edges using a light/clear color to blend everything together seamlessly as well as provide a protective coating against weathering.

The best type of paint to use is acrylic because it dries fast, resists chipping and will not peel off like latex paints. Lastly, let the newly painted bricks dry before removing the painter’s tape. And voila! With minimal effort, you’ll have added a new dimension to your home decor.

Different ways to paint them

If you want a clean and light look, stenciling your brick wall is the way to go. You can pick out any pattern you want for a unique addition to your home.

Splatter Paint Technique

A similar technique as stenciling, but slightly messier. Grab a roller and splatter paint your wall in any design or color scheme you please. When it dries, repeat if needed! This technique is easy and fun for all ages!

Wood Paneling: Replacing Your Bricks With Wood Panels.

It’s not just for your walls anymore! If you have plaster on your brick walls already then this is an easy way to update them!

Buy some wood panels (the width of your desired space) and use finishing nails to secure them over the bricks. Use painters tape around the edges of the wood panels before applying a coat of primer.

Painting your wood panels can also add that rustic charm to your living room or dining room while adding texture and depth!


Using stencils is another great way to get those fresh new designs onto your brick walls. Apply the design by rolling an acrylic craft paint onto the surface, peeling off the top layer, and pressing firmly into place.

Repeat until you have covered the entire surface of your wall or desired area. Let dry overnight before painting over with primer or finish coat of paint. Another option would be to use the stencil like vinyl decals, only less work!

Peel off the backing and stick the adhesive side directly onto your primed canvas. Stencil away from there and watch your creativity come alive!

The best part about stencils is that they’re reusable, so if you get tired of one design simply remove it and replace with a different one.

Shelves that look like bricks

A common misconception is that the brick shelving style means they are made of actual bricks. This isn’t the case; it is typically just an illusion created by paint or paper on a flat surface. However, there are ways to make these shelves look more like real brick if you want to go for a more rustic charm.

Chandelier and brick wall
Chandelier and brick wall

Spray paint the shelving as evenly as possible in a red or brown hue to give it a warmer and darker texture.

Or you can leave it white for a brighter, lighter stone appearance.

Paint the bottom of your shelf in dark grays or blacks to mimic shadowing from natural stones that is due to weathering over time.

You can also use this effect to give the impression of broken or dirty brickwork with streaks of gray running down from the top to the base.

Don’t be afraid to use color! An accent wall in black, gray, or white (depending on how much contrast you want) will pop against any backdrop.

You could also paint one wall yellow for a sunny touch! The possibilities are endless when it comes to home brick wall decor ideas!

Graffiti-style walls

Something so alluring about writing on the walls of old homes brings me back to my childhood. Graffiti-style wall murals were something I grew up seeing in secondhand stores, charming vintage houses and rundown neighborhoods.

Two screens mounted on a brick wall
Two screens mounted on a brick wall

Though it may not be for everyone, painting a wall can be done in any style you desire by using wallpaper samples or paint stencils.

Add some faux stained glass windows and tall armoires for an old-world vibe or draw farm animals on one wall and showrooms on another for a truly unique decor piece.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more conservative, try out our long-lasting distressed wood paneling instead!

The warm red color will bring warmth into your home while the weathered boards will give off that cozy cabin feels.

You’ll need some decent tools to hang these panels but don’t worry–they won’t take up too much space when they’re removed from their brackets and stored away in their box.

If you want to do something quick but impactful, add pictures of your loved ones (not digitally printed) onto the walls!

Incorporate other elements for a modern twist

The next time you are feeling bored and want a creative project to work on, get ready to put your crafty talents to the test.

A DIY home brick wall decor idea may be exactly what you need. It will have a traditional charm while still managing to maintain a fresh and modern twist.

For example, you can make your own personalized sign from scratch or stencil out words such as love or home. Here are some amazing ideas for turning those outdated bricks into one-of-a-kind decor:

  1. Create an old-fashioned potting bench
  2. Hang up photos in frames
  3. Add shelving for plants and flowerpots
  4. Make a mantle above the fireplace with family pictures
  5. Put up pictures of all the people that live there for decoration
  6. Plant succulents around them for greenery
  7. Paint them red, white, and blue for an Independence Day feel
  8. Designate a small space for a garden where visitors can pick their own flowers
  9. Frame images of various styles of homes.
  10. Paint a mural of favorite things.
  11. Apply chalkboard paint on the backside to use as a chalkboard or dry erase board
  12. Place a plant stand over them to add character.


Hopefully, these ideas and tips helped you as you work to freshen up your home!

Give some of these ideas a try, maybe combine some to get the desired result, or come up with an entirely new idea that speaks to you.

No matter what, there’s sure to be an idea in this list that will change the vibe of your space for the better. Also, check out “balloon decoraiton on wall“, “how to hang curtains“, and “shoe boxes on wall”. Check out infotakeaway for more similar content.


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