514 Area Code – Time Zone, Location. Who’s Calling? Scam? Who’s Calling? Toll-Free?

Have you ever worried about who was calling you from the 514 area code? Or who was calling your business? The best way to find out is to look up the area code they are calling from. This information will help you verify who they are and be trusted. Everything you need to know about the 514 area code, including city and time zone, location, and other important details that will help you determine if you can trust this caller! Read on.

514 Area Code Explained

514 Area Code

The 514 area code is distributed by the North American Numbering Plan for Quebec, Canada. Area code 514 is operational in Montreal, the Island of Montreal, and Île Perrot. Officially, area code 514 was created in 1948 by AT&T. 514 Area Code was later added to the NANP. AT&T and North American Numbering Plan split the original 514 area code twice in history.

North American Numbering Plan split area code 514 and created the 819 area code in 1957. Later in 1988, AT&T created area code 450 from area code 415. In the area of Montreal, 514 area code was assigned mandatory with ten-digit numbering.

Currently, two major exchange centers are operating 514 area codes. One is an incumbent local exchange carrier, while the other is a competitive local exchange carrier. We will discuss more telephone carrier exchanges, so keep reading.

History of 514 Area Code

In July 1881, some operators dialed the Montreal area manually through four-digit local numbers assigned to Montreal. Later in 1898, the authority of exchange gave four names, “Main,” “Westmount,” “Uptown,” “East,” for calling purpose.

After the 1900s, area code 514 was officially operated on the Canada-US border to the Hudson Strait for calling purposes, specifically in the western half of Quebec. AT&T and Bell system created this 514 area code in 1947, which is also enlisted in the first 86 area codes. Later, 514 was split into area code 450 and area code 438.

Area code 514 follows the eastern time zone, also known as America/New York. 

How Does 514 Area Code Work?

The 514 area code is located in Quebec and was put into service. Currently, 514 area code is used by individuals and businesses to have unique telephone numbers that identify their places of residence or business. Those researching personal information about someone should use phone number directories to find out if a person is living in a particular city or area of Canada.

You can either have a seven-digital dialing number or a ten-digit dialing number for area code 514. It is up to you and your chosen telephone carrier which dialing number you get.

Area Codes Near 514 Area Code

We have told earlier in the above sections that area code 514 is operating in the half of Quebec, Canada. Other neighbor area codes operate with 514. We will share the names of area codes that are near 514 area codes.

The names of nearby area codes with their states are:

  • Area Code 438/514 operates in Montreal, QC
  • Area Code 819/873 operational in Sherbrooke, QC
  • Area Code 450/579 works in Granby, QC

514 Area Code Used In Cities

514 Area Code Used In Cities

We will share the names of cities and islands where the 514 area code is operational. The names of serving areas are:

  • Pointe Claire, QC
  • Lle Perrot, QC
  • Montreal, QC
  • Lachine, QC
  • Saint Genevieve, QC
  • Lle Bizard, QC
  • Pierrefonds, QC
  • Roxboro, QC
  • Lachine, QC
  • Kirkland, QC
  • Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC
  • Senneville, QC
  • Pincourt, QC
  • Westmount, QC
  • Mount Royal, QC
  • Montreal West, QC
  • Hampstead, QC

Telephone Carriers That Uses 514 Area Code

Telephone Carriers That Uses 514 Area Code

The 514 area code uses incumbent local exchange like Bell Canada and competitive local exchange like Vidéotron, Rogers, etc., carriers. Out of 100 percent, only 2 percent prefixes are not assigned to any telephone carrier.

These carriers are further divided into two parts; wireless and landline carriers. We are going to share the name of both carriers below.

Landline Carriers That 514 Area Code Uses

The names of landline carriers that the area code 514 uses are:

  • Bell Canada uses 39% prefixes of landline carrier
  • Videotron General Partnership uses a 5% prefix
  • Telus uses a prefix of 2 percent
  • Rogers Partnership (cable) uses 2% prefix
  • Isp Telecom also uses 2% of prefix
  • Allstream uses only a 1% prefix
  • Iristel uses a 1% prefix
  • Other uses 3 % prefix

Wireless Carriers That 514 Area Code Uses

The names of wireless carriers that the area code 514 uses are:

  • Bell Mobility uses a 16% prefix of wireless carrier
  • Rogers Partnership (wireless) use 11 percent of prefix
  • Fido Solutions has a share of 10% in the prefix of wireless carrier
  • Telus Mobility also holds a share of prefix about 6% 
  • Videotron General Partnership covers 1 % of prefix
  • Other local wireless company has a 1% prefix of wireless carrier

Is 514 Area Code A Toll-Free Number?

Not many people know it, but the 514 area code is not a toll-free number. It looks like those who call from the 514 area code don’t pay for their calls, while 514 area code numbers call them might have to pay if they call back. 

Keep in mind that if you receive a call from someone using 514 as area code and you call back, you will probably have to pay for your phone call even though you never asked for it in the first place!

So make sure not to waste your balance by calling on a 514 area code because it is not a toll-free number.

Scamming Through 514 Area Code

Scamming Through 514 Area Code

There are many people who will call you and tell you that they are from real estate agencies and call from your nearby areas in Canada like Montreal, Quebec, etc. It might be a scammer who is trying to scam you.

Before talking to them, check their status online, whether it is a genuine company or not. If there is a company from which they are calling, try matching the number from the website. After that, talk to them. Never expose your debit card, account number, or social security number to anyone on the phone.

No government or law enforcement agencies will ask you your details. If someone asks you about your date of birth, consider it a fraud and ignore the call.

How To Block Calls Coming From 514 Area Code?

There is a lot of fraudsters who will call you from the 514 area code. The best thing to do is avoid them. But if you are receiving so many unwanted calls, you can also block their numbers.

If you use a landline carrier, you can ask your network service provider to block the number. But if you are using a smartphone, you can block the number, as explained in the next section. 

Block Unwanted Callers On iPhone

To block the unwanted number on iPhone, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the recent calls option.
  • Select the number you want to block.
  • Select the option “i.”
  • Select the option” block this caller.”

Block Unwanted Callers On Android Phone

To block unwanted callers on Android phones, follow the necessary steps below:

  • Select the number from your recent calls option.
  • Select the “details” option in it.
  • Check the option “block number.”

Conclusion – 514 Area Code

514 area code is used in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The time they are following is in the eastern timezone. If you receive any call from a number, never provide any personal information, including SSN “Social Security Number” and Bank account details to them. If you want to be sure about them, then contact or check their website or simply leave a comment here below so that we can check it as soon as possible. Thanks for reading our article hope it helped you guys! Stay Informed for more interesting topics!

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