510 Area Code – Time Zone, Location. Toll-Free? Scam? Who’s Calling?

Are you receiving a lot of unwanted calls from the 510 area code? Find out what time zone and location this 510 area code call belongs to. Learn who owns the 510 area code phone number, how much money telephone carriers made online last month, their website, and other interesting facts about them with just one click of your mouse button! Please explore our article to find all the information you need about the 510 area phone number!

Area Code 510

510 Area Code

510 area code is created by the collaboration of the North American Numbering Plan and AT&T.. Area code 510 covers California, United States. Area code 510 mostly covers Contra Costa County and western Alameda County, including Oakland city. Besides Oakland, area code 510 covers Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, and Sunol. 

Area code 51- was created from area code 415 on September 2, 1991. California used 510 area code to cover the west of the hills. With population overgrowth, California Public Utilities Commission adds area code 341 with area code 510 to cover the East Bay. Ten-digit dialing also formed in East Bay on June 22, 2019. Area code 510 was used in Oakland with seven-digit dialing before 2019.

The History Of 510 Area Code

The history of area code 510 states that Western Union used it only for TWX (TeletypeWriter eXchange.) Western Union made TWX company in 1969. TWX company also used area code 710 for the Northeast, 810 for Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Alabama, and 910 for the western side Mississippi.

TWX also works in Canada, using area code 610 for communication.

510 Area Code Used In County

510 Area Code Used In County

Area code 510 has only two counties. The names of counties are:

  • Alameda, CA
  • Contra Costa, CA

510 Area Code Used In Cities

510 Area Code Used In Cities

510 area code is operational in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties of California. We will enlist the names of the top 33 cities that use area code 510. The names of popular cities are:

  • Fremont, CA
  • Hayward, CA
  • Oakland, CA
  • Berkeley, CA
  • San Leandro, CA
  • Richmond, CA
  • Union City, CA
  • Alameda, CA
  • Newark, CA
  • Castro Valley, CA
  • Hercules, CA
  • San Pablo
  • El Cerrito, CA
  • San Lorenzo, CA
  • Albany, CA
  • Ashland, CA
  • Cherryland, CA
  • Pinole, CA
  • Piedmont, CA
  • El Sobrante, CA
  • Emeryville, CA
  • Fairview, CA
  • Tara Hills, CA
  • Rodeo, CA
  • North Richmond, CA
  • Kensington, CA
  • Crockett, CA
  • East Richmond Heights, CA
  • Montalvin Manor, CA
  • Rollingwood, CA
  • Port Costa, CA
  • Sunol, CA
  • Bayview, CA

Telephone Carriers That Uses 510 Area Code

Telephone companies buy prefixes of area code 510 and sell them to different cities. 87% prefixes are in use by wireless and landline telephone companies. We will share the names of companies that sell 510 area codes.

Landline Carriers

The landline carriers that contain prefixes of area code 510 are:

  • Pacific Bell has a 40% prefix
  • Pac – West Telecomm has a 3% prefix of area code 510
  • Teleport Group – San Francisco uses a 2% prefix
  • Xo use 2% prefix
  • Micimetro Access Transmission Services has a 2% prefix
  • Bandwidthcom Clec 2%
  • Other telephone companies contain 15% prefix of 510 area code

Wireless Carriers

Names of wireless carriers are:

  • Cingular has a 9% prefix
  • Sprint has a 7% prefix
  • Verizon Wireless has a 7% prefix
  • USA Mobility Wireless contains a 2% prefix of 510 area code
  • American Messaging (am) has a 2% prefix
  • Metro PCS has a 1% prefix
  • Other wireless companies have a 2% prefix

Scamming Through 510 Area Code

Scamming Through 510 Area Code

You get a phone call that states that they are from any law enforcement agency and ask for your personal information; don’t get into their trap. Scammers can scam you easily by threatening you or fooling you by calling through the 510 area code.

If you get a call from an unknown number with a 510 area code, do reverse lookup research and retrieve the full information. For example, search unwanted calling numbers on search engines. If they track to any company, open it and check it. Is it look legit or not?

Moreover, never tell anyone on the phone your bank account number, credit card number, or social security number. In later sections, we will discuss how to block calls coming from area code 510.

How To Block Calls Coming From 510 Area Code?

You can easily block numbers calling you through area code 510. If you are using landline numbers, contact your network service provider. Your network service provider will block the number that is calling you. If you are using iPhone or Android, see the steps below to secure the numbers.

iPhone User

To block a number on iPhone, do the followings:

  • Check your recent calls menu.
  • Select the number you want to block.
  • Tap on the number and select the ‘i’ option.
  • Select ‘block this caller option.

Android User

To block a number on Android, do the followings:

  • Check your calls history.
  • Select the number and check the “block number” option. 

Is 510 Area Code A Toll-Free Number?

Area code 510 is not a toll-free number. Your wireless or landline network service provider will charge you if you make a call on the area code 510. Charges of a phone call depending on the duration of the ring.

The call charges on the 510 area code will be different if you are making a call on an international number. Never call unless you know the number because it is worthless and will cost you.

Conclusion – 510 Area Code

The 510 area code was created on June 1, 1999, by AT&T. This makes it one of 510 area codes in existence today. All of these codes cover the region in California, where San Francisco is located (the capital of CA). As for how many counties are covered by 510: Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Marin County, and San Francisco County are all included in 510’s coverage area. You might be wondering what time zone 510 covers too!

You can block unwanted calls on your iPhone and Android phones. Area code 510 was first used by TWX company. TWX is a child company of Western Union. We believe that you now know area code 510. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section.
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