478 Area Code – Location, Time Zone. Scam? Toll-Free? Who’s Calling?

If you are from the state of Georgia, you have an idea about the 478 area code. 478 area code is operational in Georgia, in the United States. There are so many concepts behind it. Is it a toll-free number? Or, who is calling you from this number?

Are you getting calls from the 478 area code? If so, you aren’t alone! It seems that scammers have found the 478 area code, and they’re using it to trick consumers into giving up sensitive information that scammers can use to break into their bank accounts or steal their identity. This article will show some of the most questions about this scam and help you figure out whether you should answer when one of these fake phone calls comes in!

478 Area Code

478 Area Code

478 area code is a telephone area code that serves the state of Georgia in the U.S. Area code 478 covers Macon, Wadley, Milledgeville, Eastman, Hawkinsville, Cochran, Dublin, and Central Georgia.

478 area code was partially made from area code 912 by the North American Numbering Plan. It was made operational in Georgia state on 1st August 2000 by Federal Communications Commission. Area code 478 follows the eastern time zone. It is also known as America/New_York.

In early October 2021, 478 area code was only assigned to central office code 988 telephone numbers. But later, it was also designated for National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Before 24th October 2021, area code 478 was used for seven-digit dialing. But after that, it is used for ten-digit dialing.

Area Codes Besides 478 Area Code

With time, Georgia received more area codes besides 478. Because It is difficult to cover the whole state with only one area code. The area codes distributed are as follows:

  • Area code 706/ 762 and area code 404/770/678 serves northern Georgia
  • Area code 706/762 covers serves western Georgia
  • Area code 478 serves central Georgia
  • Area code 803/839 serves eastern Georgia
  • Area code 229 and 912 serves southern Georgia

478 Area Code Used In Counties

478 Area Code Used In Counties

The state of Georgia has 159 counties in its state. In this blog, we will share the 25 counties that use area code 478. The details are as follows:

  • Houston, GA
  • Bibb, GA
  • Baldwin, GA
  • Laurens, GA
  • Peach, GA
  • Jones, GA
  • Washington, GA
  • Monroe, GA
  • Emanuel GA
  • Dodge, GA
  • Bleckley, GA
  • Macon, GA
  • Crawford, GA
  • Johnson, GA
  • Jefferson, GA
  • Twiggs, GA
  • Wilkinson, GA
  • Pulaski, GA
  • Burke, GA
  • Jenkins, GA
  • Dooly, GA
  • Taylor, GA
  • Telfair, GA
  • Upson, GA
  • Treutlen, GA

You will be stunned that counties Telfair and Upson do not use area code 478. Area code 478 is operational but not used there.

478 Area Code Used In Cities

478 Area Code Used In Cities

If we analyze the study taken by the U.S Census Bureau in 2017, there are 537 cities in Georgia state. We will share the details of fifty cities in central Georgia. The names of cities that use area code 478 are:

  • Warner Robins, GA
  • Macon, GA
  • Milledgeville, GA
  • Dublin, GA
  • Fort Valley, GA
  • Perry, GA
  • Swainsboro, GA
  • Centerville, GA
  • Cochran, GA
  • Sandersville, GA
  • Eastman, GA
  • Byron, GA
  • Hawkinsville, GA
  • Hardwick, GA
  • Unadilla, GA
  • Forsyth, GA
  • Montezuma, GA
  • Gray, GA
  • Louisville, GA
  • Millen, GA
  • Wrightsville, GA
  • East Dublin, GA
  • Gordon, GA
  • Wadley, GA
  • Butler, GA
  • Davisboro, GA
  • Chester, GA
  • Twin City, GA
  • Marshallville, GA
  • Tennille, GA
  • Robins AFB, GA
  • Oglethorpe, GA
  • Jeffersonville, GA
  • Reynolds, GA
  • Sardis, GA
  • Roberta, GA
  • Adrian, GA
  • Mclntyre, GA
  • Ivey, GA
  • Dexter, GA
  • Irwinton, GA
  • Byromville, GA
  • Dudley, GA
  • Ideal, GA
  • Cadwell, GA
  • Toomsboro, GA
  • Harrison, GA
  • Salem, GA
  • Empire, GA
  • Rentz, GA

Macon city’s population 1% uses area code 478. A crazy number to see, isn’t it?

Prefixes Used By 478 Area Code

Telephone prefix means that a number is used after the area code to make a call. It can be of seven-digit or ten-digit dialing. The country code for Georgia is 995. After that, Area code 478 will place the area code. You can use seven-digit or ten-digit dialing after the area code.

Only 39% is assigned to area code 478 by the North American Numbering Plan in the prefixes. Area code 478 prefixes are divided into two parts, wireless and landline services. 64% is assigned to a landline, while 36% prefix is in Wireless carriers.

Telephone Carriers That Uses 478 Area Code

Central Georgia uses both landline and wireless carriers for telecommunication purposes. You can make a phone call through both cell phone and telephone. We will share the details of each landline and wireless carrier.

Landline Carriers That Uses 478 Area Code

The list of landline carriers with the percentage of the prefix is:

  • Windstream carrier with 7% prefix
  • Southern Bell Tel & uses 23% prefix
  • Level 3 uses 4% of prefix
  • 2% prefix used by Deltacom
  • 2% prefix used by Georgia Windstream
  • Progressive Rural Telephone Cooperative uses 2% prefixes
  • Pineland Telephone Cooperative 2% prefixes
  • Other landline carriers use 21% prefixes

Wireless Carriers That Uses 478 Area Code

The list of wireless carriers, along with the percentage of prefixes, are mentioned below:

  • Sprint uses 6% of prefixes
  • Alltel uses a 3% prefix
  • Verizon Wireless uses a 14% prefix
  • 4% prefix used by Cingular wireless carrier
  • Southern Servies with 3% prefix
  • Powertel Atlanta Licenses with 2% of prefix
  • Cricket Comm uses 1% only
  • 4% prefixes used by other wireless carriers

Is 478 Area Code A Toll-Free Number?

478 is not a toll-free area code. Like all area codes, it can come from landlines and cell phones (without incurring any charges). If you call on a three-digit 478 area code from your cellphone or telephone, you will get charged for a call.

Many people still think that area code 478 is a toll-free number. So, please don’t be a victim of exhausting your balance on making calls on it.

Scamming Through 478 Area Code

Scamming Through 478 Area Code

The 478 area code is used by scammers calling from overseas, using a system to cloak their true location and trick people into thinking they are local or legitimate. These scam calls use automated dialers or robocalls (automated prerecorded messages) to deliver their pitch or con.

So if you pickup a call from area code 478 who told you that your computer got hacked or you win a prize pool, etc. Don’t trust them. Simply ignore the call, and if they are irritating you by calling, again and again, you can block them.

The procedure of blocking unwanted numbers from calling you is in a later section.

How To Block Calls Coming From 478 Area Code?

Everyone in this era receives a call that says they are from a legal agency and need your personal information like bank account number or credit card number. You do not have to panic and spill out your details to them.

No matter who is calling and pretending they are from government agencies. You can simply block them through your cell phone as well as on your telephone. We are going to explain the procedure.


You can block calls on iPhone by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go check your recent call details.
  • You have to select the number which is a scammer.
  • Tap on the number and click on the option “block this caller.”
  • The software will block the number on your iPhone.


You can block calls on Android cellphones just like on iPhone. The steps are:

  • Check out recent call logs on your phone.
  • Check the option label with “Details.”
  • Select the option “Block Number.”
  • The caller was trying to scam; you will block the number on your phone.

Conclusion 478 Area Code

478 area code is a telephone area code created by the North American Numbering Plan. 478 area code is operational in central Georgia. You can call central Georgia with a seven-digit or ten-digit dialing through area code 478.

Many counties and cities in central Georgia use the 478 area code. You cannot call this number free of cost because it is not a toll-free number. You will be get charged for it. Moreover, no company or agency will ask for your details on a call.

So if you received a call on your phone from area code 478, do not tell your information like credit or debit card information, bank account number, or social security number to anyone. You can check the company online does it exists or not. If it doesn’t exist, you can block them through your cell phone or through calling your landline network service provider.
You can ask queries in the comment section for this topic. Meanwhile, read our articles “507 Area Code“, “515 Area Code“, and “Can You Boil Frozen Chicken.”


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