What Time Do Amazon Packages Arrive? All You Need To Know

If you have placed an order on amazon and are asking “what time do amazon packages arrive?” then you might be facing a late delivery. You might simply be busy most of the time and want to know in advance when to expect your package so you are available to collect it.

There are many factors that go into the arrival time of amazon packages, so let’s look at them in detail.

What Time Do Amazon Packages Arrive

What Time Do Amazon Packages Arrive On Weekdays?

What Time Do Amazon Packages Arrive On Weekdays

Once the Amazon situated near your address got your package, they will prepare it for delivery. Amazon packages arrive on weekdays from 8:00 AM till 8:00 PM. It is their standard official time for delivering the package. The Amazon delivery driver will deliver it to your doorstep within the delivery time.

The package can also arrive till 10:00 PM but it depends on the situation of that moment. There might be some incident going on near your accident or the third-party delivery services are delaying the process etc.

If you are a prime member of Amazon, you will get special delivery benefits like nominating a delivery time, needing a signature before giving it to a customer, etc.

What Time Do Amazon Packages Arrive On Weekends?

Amazon delivery driver delivers the package, parcel, or grocery within the mentioned business day. The usual time for amazon packages to arrive in the same, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. You can also track your package’s status where is it for your ease.

The delivery drivers deliver approximately 300 packages daily. Delays in shipping might be due to massive delivery. You can get your package late if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime Subscription. It helps you in many things.  

Sometimes, delivery drivers got late till 10:00 PM to deliver your package due to a number of reasons like a natural disaster, incident in your area, etc. For the ease of shipping on weekends, you can get your package after 10:00 PM if you are a prime user of Amazon.

Of course, you have to pay extra for this additional shipping option but it is worth it. 

Sunday Amazon Delivery Is Not Available Everywhere

Every courier services or delivery service companies don’t deliver parcel or courier on Sunday. You will be happy to know that Amazon gives you an amazing feature that they deliver on Sunday too.

The Sunday Amazon delivery exists from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. But there is one problem, If you are not in the coverage area, then Amazon cannot deliver the shipping box. 

Amazon Prime has an amazing offer which is 2-Day Shipping. In 2-day shipping, you will get your shipping box on Sunday if you book it on Friday. This shipping offer is displayed on checkout too if you are planning to book your package on weekend. The amazing shipping offer isn’t it?

Amazon Scheduled Delivery

Amazon Scheduled Delivery

Amazon offers their customer for scheduled delivery. Instead of Two-Day shipping, it gives you relaxation. While setting up the shipping address, you will set your shipping date and time. The shipping times will be according to the changes you have made.

You don’t have to worry about shipping speed because you set it. The purpose of this scheduled delivery is for customer satisfaction. It is considered to be the most accurate delivery by Amazon. Although the delivery fee is slighter high than others.

The scheduled delivery is usually used for big and large deliveries. It also requires an adult’s signature at the time of delivery to the shipping address.

How Much Time Does Amazon Delivery Take?

How Much Time Does Amazon Delivery Take?

Amazon delivers customer’s shipping box through delivery companies like USPS, USP, and their own Amazon flex drivers. Amazon flex delivery service is an initiative taken by Amazon to lower shipping costs. The delivery for customers varies according to the alternative delivery methods.

Amazon allows you to choose your package delivery type. There are three delivery options for delivering packages. It is up to your which delivery option should you choose. All the Shipping types are different. Some of them are briefly explained

Free Shipping

In this type of delivery option, you will get your package at your doorstep without paying a penny but you have to wait for 5 to 8 business days. It doesn’t include weekends so probably 10 days to wait for your precious arrival.

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping charges start from 8.99$ and you can get your package within 5 business days. You can also change your shipping from standard to expedited or priority courier shipment. It totally depends on you.

Same Day Shipping

This is an interesting one. You will get your package in real-time. You don’t have to wait for a week to have your package in your hands. You will instantly get your parcel.

The Prime Free Same-Day Delivery costs only 2.99$ if you are a prime member of Amazon. Otherwise, same-day delivery charges are high.

What Time Do Amazon Groceries Arrive?

Amazon is one of the fastest grocery delivery and picker service providers. The delivery speed is between 2 hours. The Amazon Grocery also can be delivered between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The delivery drivers pick groceries from Amazon Fresh and deliver them on a delivery notice of two hours.

They more than two thousand Amazon fresh units in the United States. If you are ordering your grocery through a third-party seller, you can still use alternative delivery methods made by Amazon. You can have two-day shipping, one-day shipping, or prime free one-day shipping, etc.

It all depends on you. But keep in mind that it can take a couple of days to receive your groceries.

What Is Amazon Package Delivery Logistics Network?

Amazon gives you the best logistics network. When your amazon package is ready for logistics, you will receive a tracking ID. You can check your delivery address, delivery date through this tracking id. 

Amazon delivery service partners deliver the parcel to your shipping address. If no one is found at the location you mentioned, the delivery agent places it in a safe site.

If the safe site is not observed or the delivery location requires someone to be present at the time of delivery, an email is sent to the file. Three delivery attempts are made. If delivery is not received by an owner, it is sent back to Amazon for a refund. The return process is an easy and efficient process.

Sometimes, it seems that the tracking id is showing that the shipping box has been delivered but it is not. In this case, try to contact your neighbor or search your house’s front door. Because delivery service partners usually knock on the door instead of a doorbell.

If still your eligible items are not delivered to your house, you can mark a complaint by contacting Amazon Customer Service.

FAQs – What Time Do Amazon Packages Arrive?

Here are some questions asked frequently by customers of Amazon. You will find it helpful.

How Late Amazon Keys Can Be Delivered?

Key by Amazon service provides you access to get your shipping box delivered to your house or a garage. It can be delivered between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Although it cannot be late than 4 hours. If you want your household items within four hours, try to order them in the early morning.

Can I Order Amazon Deliver Before 8 AM?

Early to bed and early to rise is still practiced among people. If you are a morning person and want your delivery early, you can order it. You can order it at your business addresses too.

Can I Use Prime Free One-Day Shipping On Every Product?

No, only eligible products for this delivery are applicable. Although, there are a couple of options in Amazon to get billion of products early.

What Is The Benefit Of Delivery With Lockers?

The benefit of using the Amazon locker hub is that it is safe and the most convenient method to receive your package within your own time and date. You can schedule it on the weekend even if you are not at home because it is safe.


Amazon is people’s first choice because it is the fastest delivery service even on weekends. You can get your delivery package between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

If weekend delivery is eligible in your area, you can get your products delivered on weekend too. If you have Amazon Prime subscription, you can use free one-day shipping too.

Moreover, you can also schedule your products before 8:00 AM if you are a morning person. The benefits of having Amazon are way beyond than we think.

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