Suede Brooks – What You Need to Know About the YouTube Star

One of the most popular YouTube stars today is Suede Brooks, and she has amassed an impressive following on the video-sharing platform over the past few years. The young woman first began her channel in 2012, and it gained traction pretty quickly, garnering hundreds of thousands of subscribers within a few months of starting.

Since then, she has continued to grow her channel and regularly uploads content that’s viewed by thousands of people every day – making her one of the top YouTubers on the platform. But who exactly is Suede Brooks? What do we know about her life and career so far?

Who Is Suede Brooks

Suede Brooks

Suede Brooks is a wildly popular internet star from Nevada, Las Vegas, United States. Suede is a 20 years old Instagram star who earns by posting fashion blogs and entrepreneur content on her Instagram. She has 1.5 million followers on her Instagram account. You can see how famous she is for her fashion blogs.

Suede Brooks mostly made videos on online beauty communities. She also started her own YouTube channel where she posts beauty videos and makeup tutorials. She has more than 1 million followers on her TikTok account and around 340, 000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, which makes her one of those female YouTubers who are getting famous quickly.

She is also active on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc. She has more than 15kfollowers on Facebook and around 47.8k followers on Twitter. In upcoming sections, we will look at Suede Brooks’ biography, early life, and many more things. So keep reading the article till the end.

Suede Brooks Biography

Suede Brooks Biography

Suede Brooks was born in Nevada, Las Vegas, United States. Suede Brooks’s parents are Lisa Brooks and Steven Brooks. Suede Brooks is 20 years old now and she has beautiful dark blonde hair and brown eyes which catch the eyes of cameras and her followers.

Suede has two siblings; a sister India Rae Brooks and a brother who is a graphic designer name, Blaze Brooks. Suede’s siblings are older than her and care for her as do her parents. Suede doesn’t have any financial problems because her family because they support her.

Suede Brooks belongs to the white Caucasian ethnicity and believes in Christianity. Suede’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. Suede Brooks was always fond of the fashion industry and loves to do modeling since she was five years old. Suede graduated high school in Nevada.

Childhood And Early Life

Since childhood, Suede Brooks loves the fashion industry and keeps knowledge of beauty and fashion. Steven Brooks and Lisa Brooks opened a beauty salon and named it “The Diva Studio Salon”. Suede got motivation from her parent’s beauty salon and makes her way into this booming fashion industry.

Suede grows in the life of the fashion industry and keeps her motivated to bring new things into fashion design. Another reason that she is fond of the fashion industry is that she got bullied in her school. The bullying causes Suede’s parents to left Suede’s school and started online classes session.

Resources said that Suede started to make a Youtube channel and other social media platforms to keep herself distracted from the bullying she faced.

Personal Life Of Suede Brooks

Suede Brooks went through many different problems when she was young. Suede got bullied in middle school because of her looks and the things she does. Suede Brooks began to obsess with her face, body, and her environment. Suede’s sister was going into mental health too which affects her life of Suede.

Suedes got bruise marks on her body and she took this as her strength and started an anti-bullying campaign. Ever since Suede got confidence and makes her own Youtube channel to make content on fashion and makeup.

Social Media Of Suede Brooks

Suede makes her channel on Youtube and started Anti-bullying campaigns on it. After that, she started posting videos on makeup tutorials and fashion. Later, she makes her other social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.

Suede Brooks started her modeling career with an Instagram account. When she got enough followers, she started her TikTok account for making videos about makeup tutorials, fashion designs, etc. Over time, she started anti-bullying campaigns and share them on her social media channels.

Suede Brooks’s social media channels are so easy to find because every account name is “@Suedebrooks”.

What Is The Age Of Suede Brooks?

Resources told us that she has just turned 21 this year. The date of birth of Suede Brooks is 8th February 2001.

How Much Does Suede Brooks Weigh?

Suede Brooks always takes care of her body and weight. Suede Brooks weighs 60 kilograms. If we look at her weight in pounds, it will be 132 pounds. Suede Brooks knows and keeps her weight under control because of her nova fashion looks.

What Is The Height Of Suede Brooks?

Suede Brooks is a heightened Instagram model. The height of Suede Brooks is:

5’11” in Inches.

180.34 cm in centimeters.

1.8 m in meters.

What Does Suede Brooks Do?

What Does Suede Brooks Do

Suede Brooks is an influence, model, and Youtuber. She started her career on Youtube by posting the video of anti-bully campaigns. When the videos went viral and Suede got fame, she then follow her dreams and posted videos on makeup and fashion.

After getting success on her Youtube channel, Suede started her TikTok account and posted videos on fashion and makeup short tutorials. Suede Brooks’s net worth is about 2 to 3 million dollars.

She is now working as a model for famous brands like H&M, Sephora, Marc Jacobs, Adidas, etc. Suede Brooks also started her fashion clothing brand and named it “Suede”.

Career And Net Worth Of Suede Brooks

Career And Net Worth Of Suede Brooks

Suede Brooks is a model by career. She shared her photos and makeup tutorials on her social media channels. She started IG posts when she was 9 years old. Suede’s modeling career puts her into magazines and articles moreover, she got the model role in H&M.

Besides her modeling career, She started her Youtube channel and uploaded makeup tutorials and fashion clothing videos. She also started vlogging and other challenging videos on her channel. She made 2 to 3 million dollars from her different social media channels and giveaway contests.

Currently, Suede makes her clothing brand “Suede” and makes extra expenses from her brand.

Who Is Suede Brooks’s Boyfriend?

Besides her career, everyone has their personal life which no one wants to talk about. Suede Brooks has a boyfriend in 2016. The name of her boyfriend was Niall Horan who is an Irish singer-songwriter. The relationship between Suede and Niall breaks out when the paparazzi took photos of both in Los Angeles.

Suede Brooks and Niall Horan’s relationship catches the eyes of fans and started discussion and questions about their relationship. There are many conferences regarding Suede and Niall’s relationship. Some say they were just hanging out at a party while other group says that they were dating.

Suede Brooks And Her Post About Palestine

When the world began to talk about what is happening between Israel and Palestine, Suede Brooks uploaded a video in which she was supporting the violence. But when the got posted, many people started to report her account and comment to her that she didn’t do the right thing.

After seeing so many negative reviews on Suede’s video about Palestine, Suede took that video off and apologize online, and said that she didn’t support any side without knowing the whole picture.

She uploaded an apology video on her TikTok and Instagram so her apology video can reach as many people as it could. Because of this act, many followers started to think that Suede is a selfish person and ignorant because she just said what she wants to on a matter without knowing it.

FAQ – Suede Brooks

We are going to answer some questions that everyone wants to know about Suede Brooks. The questions are:

Is Suede Brooks Dating Someone Now?

Suede is happy and enjoying her life with friends as a single. She is getting projects on modeling and focusing on her social media career. She is more dedicated to boom in industry rather than in a relationship.

Are Suede Brooks Parents Famous?

Lisa Brooks and Steven Brooks are parents of Suede and both are American. Steven works in RUSK company is a director of sales. After some time, Steven left his job and starts a business Salon along with his wife Lisa. The name of Brooks’s company is “The Diva Studio Salon”.

Is Suede’s Father Died?

Rumors are spreading around that Suede Brooks’s father died but it is not true. Viewers on social media say that Suede’s dad is not around her due to which she is sad.

Did Suede Brooks Attended College?

Suede started her modeling career when she was nine years old. She is now a successful model and businesswoman. Suede has no interest in college because her life is going on the right path where she wanted.

How Old Is Suede Brooks Now?

Suede is now 21 years old according to her date of birth which is 8th February 2001. Many readers will see that Suede’s age is 20 but it is not true. Suede is now 21 years old.

Overview – Suede Brooks

A 22-year-old internet sensation, Suede Brooks is a model and an entrepreneur. She currently has an estimated net worth of 2 to 3 million dollars and she has amassed her wealth through her internet presence on YouTube and Instagram. 

Although you may not be familiar with Suede’s name, you’re probably familiar with one of her videos or memes that have garnered well over 25 million views. You can ask questions if you want in the comment section.
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