Hanging Shoe Boxes On Wall: The Ultimate Guide

A closet full of shoes can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! You can hang your shoe boxes directly on the wall. It does two things, find you a place to manage your shoes and make your wall look cool!

To hang shoe boxes on a wall, you’ll need a shoe box, shoes, and thumb tacks or drywall anchors depending on your shoe weight. Hold your shoe box against the wall and insert thumb tacks in the four corners. Lastly, put one shoe inside the box and place the other on top of the box, and you are done!

Keep reading for a more detailed step-by-step process of hanging shoe boxes on the wall.

Tools Required

You’ll require the following basic tools for hanging your shoe box:

  1. Shoebox along with shoes.
  2. Thumbtacks.
  3. Level.

To start off, you obviously need a shoe box along with your shoes. The better the condition the shoebox is in, the greater it will look on the wall.

The reason you need a level is to ensure the shoebox is even on the wall. You may think you can hang something straight on a wall using your eyes but mistakes happen, and level will ensure that doesn’t happen.

Lastly, you’ll need thumbtacks to hold your shoebox in place on the wall. Also keep in mind that when we talk about thumbtacks, we assume that you are hanging the shoebox directly on drywall without studs.

You might need to use drywall anchors, or nails depending on your wall type and where you hang your shoes. Keep reading below to find out what type of nail you need to use.

When to use thumbtacks or nails?

To understand when to use nails or thumbtacks to hang your shoeboxes, you need to briefly look at different wall types.

To clarify, drywall is a hollow wall that is put in front of wooden frames known as studs. Not every portion of your drywall will have a strong wooden stud behind it. Most homes nowadays have drywalls.

If you hang too much weight directly on drywall such as more than 3/4th of a pound, your nail will slide right out of the drywall since there is nothing sturdy behind the wall to support its weight.

This is why when hanging things, we usually hang stuff by drilling screws or hammering nails into places on the wall where there is a stud.

Normally, shoes such as sneakers don’t weigh that much (roughly they weigh around 0.6 pounds), therefore, you are safe using thumbtacks on drywall.

But if you are hanging a heavy pair of shoes, such as worker boots, you definitely want to make sure you hang them on a stud.

If you can’t find studs, worry not as you can use a special kind of screw known as a drywall anchor. They are made specifically to be used in places on drywall where there isn’t a stud.

If you have a brick wall, or the location you choose on your drywall has a stud behind it, you’ll skip the thumbtacks and use nails instead.

With all of that clear, let’s move on to actually hanging the shoe boxes on the wall.

How to hang shoeboxes on the wall with thumbtacks?

Shoe placed on top of shoe box
Shoe placed on top of shoe box
  1. Take your shoebox and hold it against the wall with its lid facing towards you.
  2. Use a level to ensure it is even. The last thing we want is to hang the shoebox at a tilted angle.
  3. Now remove the lid if it is removable or open it if not.
  4. Now you are going to insert thumbtacks inside the 4 corners of the shoebox. One at the top left, one at the top right, one at the bottom left, and lastly, one at the bottom right.
  5. Once you are done inserting the thumbtacks, make sure your box is secure and use a level to ensure it is even.
  6. Lastly, put one shoe on top of the shoebox and place one inside it and put the lid of the shoebox back on.
  7. Enjoy the view of your wall as you are done!

That was pretty easy to do! Remember if you’re shoe weighs heavier than a pound, it’s best to use drywall anchors.

Also, remember that you’ll only use drywall anchors on direct drywall. If you are hanging by a stud or on a brick wall, simple nails will suffice.

The process for using nails or drywall anchors to hold shoeboxes is the same with the only difference being that you’ll not be using thumbtacks anymore.

Related Questions

Below is a list of other related questions and FAQs regarding hanging shoeboxes on wall.

How can I show off my sneakers collection?

Sneaker and shoe box
Sneaker and shoe box

There are many ways of going about it. If you want to keep it simple, simply hang the shoeboxes on the wall and put a shoe on top of the box. It’ll make your shoe collection look insanely good.

Another option is to install small shelves on your wall and put your shoes on the shelves. We have a guide covering how to hang shelves.

Should I keep my sneaker boxes?

It depends. if you’re a collector then you must definitely keep your sneaker boxes. It also helps to have sneaker boxes on hand if you might send your sneakers in the future.

If none of these apply to you, then you probably don’t need the sneaker boxes. You can also use your shoeboxes to decorate your wall by building a shoe collection on the wall using the shoe boxes.

How do you make a sneaker display?

You can make a sneaker display that has a wow factor in many ways. You can hang shoe boxes on the wall and put sneakers on top of those boxes.

You can also install shelves on your wall and your shoes on top of them. Another option is to get a shoe rack to show off your cool sneaker collection.

What can you do with shoe boxes?

Shoeboxes may seem to hold no value but you may be wrong. You can build a beautiful wall shoe display using your shoe boxes.

Hanging shoe boxes on walls and putting shoes on top of them is one of the best ways to decorate walls. Another benefit of having a shoe box is you can use it to sell your sneakers at a good price in the future.


We went over all the details about hanging shoe boxes such as the tools you’ll need and why you’ll need them. We also discussed when to use thumbtacks and when to use nails.

We discussed the individual steps for getting the job done. So there you have it, a step-by-step guide to hanging shoe boxes on your wall.

This way, you can maximize storage space and keep your shoes organized and out of the way. Plus, it looks pretty darn cool. So go ahead and give it a try!

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