What is a Reference Number?

A reference number is a way to identify a specific transaction. Whenever we make a purchase, our transaction is assigned a unique numeric or alphanumeric number, then used to identify our order.

In normal circumstances, reference numbers are used by banks to keep track of transactions. These are also used by many stores and online shops to keep track of your order.

Reference numbers are helpful whenever there is a dispute in an order. You can also use a reference number to check the current status of your order.

If the website you placed an order on doesn’t provide a tracking facility, you can always ask their support to check your current status. They will ask for a reference number to give you the details.

Different merchants and banks may have different ways of storing reference numbers. Reference numbers are created for each order and transaction; even if your merchant or seller doesn’t provide you one, they do keep their own reference numbers in every case.

Cash and credit are two different payment options, but a reference number is kept in each case.

Banks may also store additional information in a reference number to make a certain transaction easily identifiable.

Reference Number

What are Reference Numbers?

What Are Reference Numbers

Have you wondered how banks and stores keep track of millions of transactions? Every day, people make thousands of purchases in stores and online stores.

Each transaction gets assigned a reference number which is used to identify that specific purchase.

A reference number is a random 23 digit number created for each transaction made through a credit card purchase. Banks always create a reference number of each transaction that you make to keep track of it.

Most retail and online stores also keep a reference number for any transaction made on their platform. Reference numbers help them to keep track of each order and transaction easily.

Reference numbers allow us to easily identify a transaction without depending on details such as location, merchant, or card terminal.

A credit card reference number and order reference numbers are different types of reference number. Some stores and businesses store no information in a reference number, and these are just unique random numbers created for a specific order. This can help them find a particular transaction pretty quickly.

However, banks and some stores do store additional information in their reference numbers. These are encoded in the 23 digits of a reference number. No sensitive private information is stored in these reference numbers.

What is a Credit Card Reference Number?

Your credit card transactions are assigned a reference number for bank identification purposes. Any transaction that you make through your bank will show on your credit card statement.

There are billions of credit card transactions happening every day, and reference numbers help identify these credit card transactions.

It depends on the bank, but they can send you reference numbers for your transaction in your credit card billing statement.

If you have some disputes regarding a transaction, you can always contact your card company. Reference numbers make it easier for banks and stores connected with credit card processing to keep track of transactions.

In case of disputes regarding a transaction on your credit card billing statement, you can contact your credit card issuer with your reference number. The reference number of your transaction is sent to your credit card issuer.

These numbers can help the credit card issuer to keep track of all the orders in an organized way. You can always talk to the customer service representative of your credit card issuer to discuss any dispute you have regarding credit card transactions.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Clickbank – sample credit card or a card from the bank of china; all cards get assigned a reference number. The bank of China or any other bank assigns a reference number to credit card transactions.

From the second digit up to the seventh digit of your reference number, information about your bank is stored, such as Bank Of America, Bank Of America Merrill Lynch, and many more.

The remaining digits store other additional details such as the time of the transaction, location, and other details.

Types of Reference Numbers

There are different types of reference numbers though they mean the same thing, a way to uniquely identify a transaction, loan, or proof of age card.

No matter which company or bank we are talking about, they always store reference numbers. There are thousands, if not billions, of transactions made each day, and we have no other way to keep them organized other than to use a reference number.

It doesn’t matter if you are making a bulk payment at a wholesaler, buying something online through your credit card, or are buying groceries at your local retail; reference numbers are always kept.

Proof of Age Card Reference Number

Proof of age card license also contains reference numbers to make them unique.

You can find the reference number of your proof of age card on your driving license if you ever need it. These can help you contact customer support very easily in case any dispute arises.

Online Transaction Reference Number

Each transaction made on any platform also gets assigned a reference number. Some stores don’t keep reference numbers of transactions made through a cash payment, but this is a bad practice as they cannot identify any cash transaction.

Though more and more stores are adopting this practice of keeping reference numbers. You should note that payment through a card is the most convenient payment method for banks to keep track of reference numbers.

Loans Reference Number

Loans are also assigned a reference number. It is very important to keep track of reference numbers when applying for a visa to make sure your online bank transfer is successful.

If not, you can face problems completing the online bank transfer successfully.

UPS Freight Pickup Reference Number

UPS Freight Pickup Reference Number

UPS assigns a freight pickup reference number to each of their orders so they can keep track of thousands of orders they receive every day.

Customers can use this reference number to check the status of their order or raise a dispute regarding a specific reference number.

FedEx Express Reference Number

You can keep track of your FedEx Express or FedEx Ground shipment through the FedEx insight tool.

FedEx Express and FedEx Ground give you the reference number of your shipment, and you can use it to keep track of your shipment very easily through their website.

It’s best to provide the customer service at FedEx with the reference number of your shipment to ensure a smoother experience.

FedEx Ground and FedEx Express are essentially the same services; they deliver stuff. While FedEx Ground shipments take around 1-5 days to complete shipment, they are cheaper than FedEx Express.

How does a Reference Number work?

How Does A Reference Number Work

Transaction details are kept in the databases of banks and merchants, and reference numbers work by making these transaction details unique and easily identifiable.

Address details of the customer may also be stored in the reference number. If you placed an order on some site and can’t find the address details of a specific order, you can always contact their customer service reps, and they will give you the address detail of your order.

Reference numbers have made the lives of customer service reps a lot easier.

Reference numbers work by creating a unique 23 digits long alphanumeric string of characters. This is used to keep track of any transactions made and is stored by banks, merchants, stores, and even customer support sites.

Additional shipment details may also be stored in your reference number if you are using a shipment service like UPS. 

Conclusion – Reference Number

A reference number is a unique 23 long numeric digit assigned to a transaction by banks, stores, online shops, and customer support tickets.

Reference numbers help to make a certain order or transaction makes it easy to find a specific transaction.

A credit card reference number is a unique number assigned to each transaction you make on credit.

This helps you and your bank company keep track of each and every purchase made on your card.

You will usually receive a summary of reference numbers in your bank statement every month. In case you find that a transaction is amiss, you can always contact your card issuer with the context of content.

Let’s say you run into a problem with your online shopping and want to talk to the support; how will they know what order you are talking about?

You can give them the reference number of your order (which is usually sent to you through mail when placing an order), which will act as proof of payment.

It’s not necessary to provide a reference number as your proof of payment as you can always provide them other details such as the time of the transaction, and they can locate your order through these details.

In this article, we’ve talked in detail about reference numbers, and we hope you now have a firm understanding of the topic.

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