What are Korean Beauty Standards? Explained

In this article we are going to discuss on Korean Beauty Standards. In daily life, everyone dreams to be beautiful.

Korean Beauty Standards

Either you are working men or student, Married Women or female student, you have obsession with body. For meeting Ideal of beauty, we use cosmetic products, skin care products to look beautiful.

What is their view on this ? What is the definition of beauty in Koreans? What notions of beauty they like to follow.

Keep reading for detailed information regarding beauty standards of South Korea.

Beauty Standards

Beauty is a characteristics of a men or women which has been admired since the birth of mankind.

In world, everyone set their own cultural beauty standards. Besides natural beauty, people are now visiting plastic surgeons to enhance their physical appearance.

What Are Korean Beauty Standards

Someone is performing cosmetic procedures to get fair skin, someone is going totally opposite and trying to get tanned skin.

Some peoples are going through plastic surgery to get the nose job done etc.

As mentioned earlier, every country has its own beauty standards e.g. Chinese beauty standards, American beauty standards etc.

We are will discuss Korean’s Beauty Ideals. What are Korean Beauty Standards?

Korean Beauty Standards

Korean society is so obsessed with their body. Korean people are following both rigid beauty standards and unrealistic beauty standards to meet their ideals of beauty.

Standards of beauty in Korea is creating hype and almost now a trend in world since KPOP got famous in the music industry.

Korean Women take proper diet and plastic surgery to meet their region’s standards of beauty.

Korean Men are also having obsession with body.

Asian people specifically if we talk about Koreans are following proper beauty regimen for Korean Beauty Ideals.

Here are some perfect Korean Beauty Ideals points mentioned to explain Korean’s ultimate beauty standard.

Skin in Korean Beauty Standards

Korean women and men usually have pale skin according to western but they didn’t took it as an unhealthy obsession. Instead of that they believe they got fair color.

You can say its politics of beauty  but Korean believes it is the nature of beauty.

In Korean society , mostly Korean women are preferring tanned skin.

One of famous KPOP’s “TWICE”  Band’s Main Vocalist Jhiyo has dark skin. Jhiyo is confident regarding her skin complexion and fans liked her too in this skin tone.

They also visit cosmetic surgery clinics to get their skin up to date. In K-Pop Girl Group style, they have different skin colors like white skin, bright skin.

Most of them have light skin tones but tanned skin is famous between boys & girls.

Double Eyelid in Korean Beauty Standards

Shining Big round eyes with Double Eyelid is famous among Asians.

Specifically in Korea, almost everyone is trying to get it.

Koreans are also had double eyelid surgery to meet their beauty standards.

Super Junior one of the famous KPOP Band’s Vocalist Kyuhyun also did double eyelid surgery to look more attractive and cool among Korean artists.

Average person in Korea whishes to besides having paler skin ( what the world says) , they should do double eyelids surgery to have double eyelid.

Slim Face in Korean Beauty Standards

Slim Face In Korean Beauty Standards

Another notion of beauty in Korea is to have slim face. It is the symbol of both female beauty and men’s beauty.

People in Korea are having aesthetic plastic surgery to get their face slim.

Many people get inspired by looking at KPOP stars having slim and cute faces like Jin in BTS group has a slim face.

Well it’s not true that only a slim face will take you on the red carpet. We can see that Bona from COSMIC Girl has a round face but she’s pretty.

Sometimes one thing might be an alternative beauty to another person. What do you think?

Skinny Body in Korean Beauty Standards

In everyday life, it is a common practice among women and men to get in shape for looking more attractive.

Skinny Body in Korean Beauty Standards

Men wishes to workout and get buffed while women wishes to have curvy body.

In Korea well it is not the same. Koreans tends to have skinny body as it is their definition of body.

Skinny appearance pressures women in Korea to keep their weight low as it can be.

For this notion of beauty, Koreans have to to take care of their diet.

Many KPOP stars are skinny and getting in shape just to maintain their skinny weight.

Curvy Body in Korean Beauty Standards

Hour glass figure is another trend in Korean standard specially in Korean women.

Beside point Nose, arch eyebrows, they are having beauty treatments and aesthetic surgery journal to have curvy figure instead of inverted triangle figure.

In Korean Idols, a famous people from K-Pop named Hwasa from MAMAMOO’S Brand is known for her curvy figure.

She is having hourglass figure and she is one of the example for figure with height.

Seunghee from CLC’s and Korean Idol from K-POP industry is having hour glass figure.

Korean teen girls is wishing and working to have a figure like this too.

Height in Korean Beauty Standards

In Korean , White skin/bright skin with point nose is ideal of beauty but besides that height is another definition of beauty.

In Korea, aesthetic standard of height is 5′4″ – 5′6″ Weight in females while 5’8″ in males.

In K-POP Industry, there are many male K-Pop Idols who are famous but are shorter in height.

Woozi from SEVENTEEN and Jinhwan from iKON is having 5’5″ height.

Hairs in Korean Beauty Standards

Just like having a pointy nose, average weight, light skin tones etc. Getting hairstyles and hair dyes are popular in Korean boys & girls too.

 In South Korea, everyone either it is Korean Girl or boy, women or men, loves to be look beautiful or more simply look cute.

For that, South Korea people get different hairstyles and hair dyes.

An average person in south Korea wears different hair styles. Most of them are copied by famous K-POP stars .

BTS’s Jimin also have coolest hairstyle along with smoky grey hair color which is enhancing his looks

Small Eyes in Korean Beauty Standards

Yes it might surprise you that having small eyes considered beautiful in South Korea.

South Korea’s average person wishes to have small eyes in order to look more cute.

It is trend in Teen girls or more specifically it is trendy in K-Pop Girl Group Style.

Famous people or we should say K-Pop Idol JooE from MMLD is one of these.

Besides having Flawless skin, she is having slim figure and small eyes which every Korean girl dreams of.

Surgery in Korean Beauty Standards

Korean average person wishes to have figure with height, having inverted triangle figure in Korean women specially in female students.

Korean girls and boy are using beauty products to look more beautiful.

In this Korean beauty Industry are creating beauty products to look more beautiful e.g. look fair than having paler skin etc.

Besides the hype created in the cosmetics industry, Koreans are obsessed with surgical changes too.

In order to obtain arbitrary beauty standards, Korean people are performing surgeries like bone contouring surgeries to have V-Shaped Jaw, Double Eyelid Surgery to obtain double eyelid, Liposuction to obtain slim figure, cosmetic surgery to obtain skin beauty etc.

Korean boys & girls are obsessed with these changes which is increasing cosmetic surgery scale as well as other scales too.

Conclusion – Korean Beauty Standards

In this blog, we discussed the beauty standards following in South Korea.

Just like Chinese beauty standards, western culture regarding beauty standard, Korean have their own beauty standard.

We discussed the skin standard in south Korea which is white skin which one of beauty ideals.

In order to obtain white skin / flawless skin, Korean people are using beauty treatments to obtain arbitrary beauty standards.

Moreover besides white skin we discuss that double eyelids surgery is done to obtain double eyelids too look more beautiful.

In South Korea, small eyes is of the beauty standard too. Getting small cute eyes introduces you to the family friend of Korean beauty standards.

Average height of Korean male is considered 5’8″ while females’  5′4″ – 5′6″.

Visiting cosmetic surgery clinics and cosmetic surgery scale is higher because of getting white skin.

Moreover getting bone contouring surgeries done to get V-Shaped Jaw.

Teen girls and boys are getting their hair dyes to look more attractive. K-Pop Stars are getting Hour Glass Figure to get themselves in aesthetic surgery journal.

We hope that we have explained Korean Beauty Standards well.

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