Does USPS Send Text Messages? (All You Need To Know)

You may have received some text messages from USPS and you may be wondering, does USPS send text messages? Or are they an attempt to scam you?

In case you do get a message from USPS, don’t reply to it or click any link it contains unless you remember requesting  to receive texts from USPS.

Keep reading to learn whether USPS sends text messages or not.

Does USPS Send Text Messages in 2022?

USPS does not send any text messages unless you requested it yourself with your tracking number.

USPS Text Tracking is a service through which a customer can learn the status of their package.

If you never used USPS Text Tracking, then any message you receive regarding USPS is a scam.

Also, keep in mind that USPS never sends links in text messages, nor do they ask for any sort of personal information.

Keep reading to learn more about how USPS sends text messages, which messages to watch out for, and more!

Are Text Messages From USPS A Scam?

Text messages sent by USPS are not a scam, but there are scammers out there who would disguise themselves as USPS and send you phishing texts.

These texts can be used to breach the security of your phones and steal sensitive data.
USPS only sends you text messages if you specifically request it or use their USPS Text Tracking service.

If you receive messages from USPS and you don’t recall asking for text messages when requesting their service, chances are it is a scam.

If you don’t remember turning on the text message facility of USPS, simply head over to USPS’ tracking page and enter your parcel tracking number.

Once the number’s been added, scroll down and you should see a section called “Text & Email Updates.”

Click the drop-down menu and you should see whether or not you signed up to receive texts from USPS.

Does USPS Send Text Messages In Case The Delivery Changes?

Does USPS Send Text Messages In Case The Delivery Changes

No, USPS does not send texts messages about delivery changes. USPS only sends you messages to track the current status of your parcel.

Keep in mind that USPS will never send you unsolicited text messages or emails unless you specifically asked for it.

Recently, many scammers are send people messages that their delivery was changed, for example:

“USPS: Arranged deliver for **** the parcel was changed. Please visit the link to confirm.”

As you can see, these hackers will send you messages and include either a link in it, or ask for your personal information.

No matter what, never click any link inside such texts or provide personal information as it can be used to hack your phone.

We understand that you may have an important parcel on the way and seeing messages requiring urgent action can be tempting, but keep in mind that these are all scams.

USPS doesn’t send any text messages except keeping you updated on the status of your parcel.

How To Tell If The Text Message I Received Is Not From USPS?

USPS sends messages from their official number, which is “28777.” While scammers will send you texts disguised as USPS from numbers 10 digits long.

First of all, you should know whether you requested USPS Text Tracking (service for sending texts).

If you did opt for this service, check to see if the message you received was from the number “28777”, if it was, then it is a legitimate text.

Keep in mind that USPS does not send unsolicited messages.

What To Do If You Receive Smishing USPS Texts?

What To Do If You Receive Smishing USPS Texts

You may be reading this article because you’ve received a message from someone claiming to be from USPS, worry not.

First of all, you should not reply to that text or click any links contained within. Remember, USPS only sends text messages from the number “28777.

As dictated by United States Postal Inspection Service, you can report fake USPS messages to

Copy the text message you received and a screenshot as well and send it to the email above.

Make sure you don’t reply to the text as it can make you vulnerable to falling a victim to hacking.

The scammers are good at what they do, so don’t feel taken advantage of or embarrassed, just report them to the United States Postal Inspection Service and they’ll take action against them.

How To Check If You Signed Up For USPS Texts?

Just to be safe and avoid messages from scammers, you need to make sure if you actually signed up to receive text messages from USPS. Head over to USPS’ tracking portal and enter your parcel’ tracking number.

Once the results load, scroll down the page and you should see a section labeled “Text & Email Updates”.

Expand that section and you’ll be shown a summary of whether or not you’ve opted to receive text messages from USPS.

Does USPS Send Texts Regarding Deliveries

USPS does not send any emails or text messages regarding deliveries unless they were requested by the user themselves.

To make sure you don’t fall victim of a smishing attack, never respond to messages from scammers who pretend to be USPS.

If you didn’t request receiving text messages, then the message you receive is surely an attempt of hacking.

Does USPS Send Texts About Shipments?

On its own, no, USPS doesn’t send texts about shipments unless you requested it yourself.

If you’re reading this, chances are you didn’t request USPS to send you text messages regarding your shipment, nor did you use their USPS Text Tracking service.If yes, then this is a smishing attack.

Scammers will send you messages pretending to be from USPS, in hopes of gaining access to your mobile phone and stealing sensitive information such as banking credentials. So make sure you don’t reply to these texts!

Failed Delivery Text Message USPS

Failed Delivery Text Message USPS

Another common scam text message is a delivery message regarding a failed delivery from USPS.

This is a common text that scammers used to hack their way into people’s phones and steal banking information.

Keep in mind that USPS does not send text messages regarding delivery failure. If you receive such messages, it is best to ignore them and report them to


USPS doesn’t send unsolicited text messages regarding shipments. USPS only sends texts to customers if the customer requested it themselves.

Any other case where you receive texts from USPS is surely a scam.

Scammers will pretend to be from USPS and send you messages regarding your packages. One way to tell that it’s a scammer is by looking at the number of the send.

USPS only sends text from the number ”28777”, while scammers will send you texts from normal phone numbers.

Also, USPS never asks for personal information in texts and they don’t include any hyperlinks in their texts.

So if you do get a funny looking message from USPS, make sure you don’t reply to it or click any links contained within!

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