Does Toner Damage Hair? All You Need to Know!

Hairs are a sign of beauty for many ages. People wear different kinds of hairstyles. Women and men also dye their hair to look amazing. There are many salons and parlors for hair treatment. Your hair can be white, blonde, or purple like Joker of The Batman these days.

But it is necessary to keep care of your hair as you get the dye. Besides Keratin, there are different hair products applied to keep your hair smooth, silky, thick, and shiny. For this, hair products are used like hair color, hair bleach, hair toner, etc.

You have visited parlors and salons. You found a guy or a girl getting bleach hair treatment. After that their hair goes so thin and looks like they are damaged. The Hair gives brassy or yellow tones. Then after a month, you are amazed to see the shine and thick hairs with a different color hair. How does it happen? 

This article is going to give you a detailed explanation of hair toner. What is hair toner? What does toner do to your hair? How does toner damage hair? Keep reading to find the answers.

Does Toner Damage Hair

What Exactly Is A Hair Toner?

What Exactly Is A Hair Toner

Before changing the color of your hair, the hair pigment is removed. For this, bleach is applied to one hair for the removal of color pigments from the hairs. The bleached hair looks rough and gives a brassy and orange tone. To cover this, toner is used.

Hair tonner is a hair product that gives your hair a natural look after being bleached or dyed. It neutralized the brassy tones of your hair when you bleach it. Moreover, it makes your hair thick, shiny, and natural.

People often mistake it with hair color. Hair color is a product that changes your hair color. Hair toner is a product which tones your hair. In more simple words, it sets the hue of your hair color tones. For example, you have blonde hair but it is giving an orange look. For this, you can use hair toner to set the extra orange tone of your hair.

If you have black hair but do not match the natural colour, you can use blue toner. If you have dry hair after bleaching, you can use hair masks as well as hair toner to get your hair colour to shine.

How Does Toner Work?

Hair toner is not used alone. It is always used with the combination of hair bleach or hair dye process. It is also used with hair highlights services. A hairstylist is bleaching the hair of a customer to desired color level.

The bleaching process is divided into levels that define the warmness of hair color. There are 10 levels of bleaching. Level 1 means darker hair color while level 10 means the lightest hair color. After bleaching the hair color to a certain level, it is necessary to maintain a natural look. 

Toner keeps the hair tone in natural shade. It clears brassy hair into natural brown hair. You can have white hair color too with the right amount of toner and bleaching. The tone of color defines the warmth of your hair color.

Ashen tone can be developed through hair toner. Toner helps to reduce dullness and shines the actual tone of the hair. If the yellow hair appears rather than the gold hair color, you can use toner to adjust the golden undertones.

How To Apply Hair Toner?

Toner can be applied on hairs with foil or all over the hairs depending upon the need. It is usually applied after the bleaching process to tone hairs accurately. The hairstylist takes help from the color wheel to determine the best hair tone.

For example, If hairs color are too bright (Yellow color), purple toner is used to neutralize the yellow tone and. Green tones can be dimmed with red toners. A colored hair hue can also be adjusted through the hair toner. If you need to cover the bright color, you can use toner.

Generally, to get natural color, hair toner is used after the bleaching process. To get that beautiful blonde color, you have to put toner on your hair and wait for at least 30 minutes for the reaction. The purple color appears when the hair colour is changing.

How to Tone Your Hair At Home?

You can use a toner at home but it is the knowledge of color theory. If you understand the color theory then you can use toner at home. Otherwise, you will make your hair worse. You can have dark hair instead of dark brown. What should we do if we don’t know how to use toner?

You can use toner shampoo. The toner shampoo works as the toner but it is slightly different. In a toner, you have to apply it in an adequate amount to get the real results but shampoo will do everything for you. All you have to do is just put it on your hair.

Just wash your hair with purple shampoo. From blonde shades, you will get your desired one. Purple shampoo is always used on wet hair. The purple shampoo will make shinier hair and unwanted tones from your hair. 

Instead of using regular shampoo, you should use purple toning shampoo also known as a blonde shampoo to tone your hair. A sulfate-free shampoo is highly recommendable as it contains a lesser quality chemical composition.

Does Toner Damage Hair For Real?

Does Toner Damage Hair For Real

If you ask hair experts, they will definitely say no. Because they are using toner for neutralizing unwanted colors of hairs. Many people are saying that instead of unwanted undertones, their hair is completely destroyed just because of using toner.

So is toner really bad for making your blonde hair shinier? The real answer is no, toner does not damage your hair. It depends on how to use it. The ammonia-based toners are used by hairstylists only because non-professional will lose their natural hair color if the proper amount is not used.

Hair dyer is more complex in chemical composition than hair toner. The toning formulas are less effective than the dyer formula. The powerful and dangerous hair treatment is hair bleach. This acidic formula clears the underlying pigment color of our hair.

The bleach job if done frequently will make our hairs dull and brassy. Instead of hair bleaching, use the versatile type of hair toner to get hair color level with a natural look. 

How To Extend The Life Of Hair Toner?

How To Extend The Life Of Hair Toner

The average life of any type of hair toner is about 2 to 8 weeks. But there are some tips to take care of your hair toning for its long last duration. There are points mentioned below to prevent hair damage and frizzy hair as well as keep hair toner longer.

  • Try to cover your hair from sun rays. Sunrays are the main reason for damaging color-treated hair. It also damages the brown shades you get from hair toner.
  • Don’t use heat on a daily basis to style your hair. If you straighten your hair with a straightener daily it will not only damage the color-treated hair but will also disturb the perfect shade you got while toning. So avoid hot tools for your hairstyle.
  • Don’t wash your hair with hard water as all the struggles regarding beauty routines will be in vain. Hard water will neutralize the over-processed hair.
  • Use shampoo and conditioners to keep your hair free from a chemical process. Always use high-quality products like keratine shampoos or deep conditioners. Don’t use acid shampoo is it will damage the hair follicle. Try using toning shampoo.
  • Take care of your diet. The diet plays an important role in your hair. Take vitamins for hair like pro-vitamin b5 which is good for your violet pigmented hair. massaging your hair with virgin olive oil also extended the life of your acidic hair color.

How To Choose The Correct Right Ammonia-Based Toner?

The ammonia-based toner changes the pigment of our hair shaft due to which hair color’s hue changes and shines. Again as discussed earlier, a strong knowledge of color theory is needed to use ammonia-based toner.

We have to first decide the color we want and then select a toner that will eliminate the undesired pigment.

What if we want dark, brown roots, light brown, natural blondes, silver hair, or balayage hair? We will use silver toner or any other toner.

Let’s suppose if we want warm tones by cutting out the red shade from hairs, we will use blue pigments toner. Blue shampoos can also be used.

Conclusion – Does Toner Damage Hair?

Hair Toner is used to neutralizing the unwanted tones from your hair and gives you natural colors like light brown, brown roots, Wella toner to your hair. The beauty of toner depends on what color level of toner you are using. Is toner bad for you? No, it’s not.

Only if we use the right type of toner. Toner is an acidic haircolor that uses acidic demi-permanent haircolor for your hair. There are many types of hair toner like salon toner, silver toner, etc. They can turn your natural pigments into purple pigments, violet pigments, pastel shades, or light pink.

A bleach session is made before applying toner. You can use the harsh chemicals by yourself or by salon. The salon appointments are best because they know the color stripper tool. How to use the color wheel.

We hope you have a penalty of knowledge regarding color toner. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment.

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