Are Pandas Dangerous? (Explained)

Pandas look cute and cuddly, so many people ask, are pandas dangerous? In simple terms, yes, but it depends. Pandas are herbivores, but they are known to hunt for small animals if they cannot find food. They only eat bamboo but will eat other food if they don’t have any bamboo.

A wild panda can be dangerous to humans if aggravated; remember that pandas still belong to the bear family and are wild animals.

Therefore, the suggestion is to maintain distance from them and only watch cute videos of pandas on the internet. Sadly, even if you wanted to pet a panda, you cannot as they are endangered, and they live in China, where they are reserved in natural habitat as well as artificial habitat. There are only around 2000 pandas left on our planet earth.

Please keep reading to learn more about pandas and whether they are dangerous or not.

Are Pandas Dangerous

What are Pandas?

Pandas are a type of bear that live in panda reserves in China. They are famous for their black and white fur. They are also known for being cute and cuddly. You can also find some pandas in a zoo in North America.

Pandas are black and white. They are also called Giant Pandas. They may look like herbivores, but in fact, they are folivores. They follow a strict bamboo diet most of the time, but they can also eat meat. Pandas also eat bamboo leaves.

Pandas eat about 40 pounds (18 kilograms) of bamboo each day. Panda bears do not hibernate, and they instead move to climates with a warmer temperature.

They sleep for about 12 hours a day. Pandas are endangered.

Pandas are solitary animals. Pandas have a strong sense of hearing and smell. Pandas live in the central mountains of China.

They live in bamboo forests, and they eat mostly bamboo. There are no predators that prey on pandas.

Are Pandas Dangerous?

Panda bears are not aggressive and rarely attack humans. They have poor eyesight, so they usually try to avoid people.

If a panda does become aggressive, it is usually because it feels threatened or is protecting its cubs.

In captivity, panda bears are known to be lazy and can be overweight. They have a short attention span and are easily distracted by food. Pandas also tend to like being alone.

Although pandas are not aggressive, they can be dangerous.

Their powerful jaws and sharp canine teeth can cause serious injury. The bamboo that pandas eat is very hard, so you can imagine the strength of their strong teeth.

Keep in mind that they are still bears that weigh a lot more than a normal human. If threatened, they can easily harm you. They are very similar to a polar bear in strength and agility, so don’t be fooled by their cuteness.

The key takeaway here is that while Pandas are dangerous, they don’t attack humans unless they feel threatened or aggravated.

Are Baby Pandas Dangerous?

Are Baby Pandas Dangerous

Baby pandas are not dangerous, and they are just little cute furballs. There are slim chances that you might encounter panda cubs in the wild, but even if you do, you should maintain distance as the mama Panda might be around, and you surely don’t want to see her wrath.

Also, keep in mind that while baby pandas pose no real risk to you, they can be dangerous as they get older and bigger in size.

Do Pandas Attack Humans?

It is not uncommon for people to ask if pandas attack humans. The answer is no, and they do not. In fact, they are quite docile and shy animals that would rather run away from a human than attack them.

However, if a panda feels threatened, it will defend itself.

Panda attacks are rare, but they do happen. There have been reported incidents where pandas attacked humans in the zoo of Beijing.

In one of the cases, a man had jumped into the pandas’ enclosure purposefully, while in other cases, the men fell accidentally.

The result of these incidents was horrible; one man had his arm bitten off, while in other cases, the people were also severely injured.

This is a reminder that pandas, while cute and cuddly, are still wild animals that will attack you if you aggravate them or if they need food.

While pandas will not attack humans purposefully, you should always make sure to maintain distance as they are still considered wild animals, and you don’t know which of your actions may make them feel threatened or aggravated.

How Dangerous Are Pandas?

How Dangerous Are Pandas

The giant panda is the most adorable animal on the planet. Pandas are also very dangerous, as they have been known to attack humans when provoked. They don’t normally display dangerous behavior, but we can never be sure with wild animals since they possess wild instincts.

They are folivores and have been known to eat small animals such as birds and rodents. However, bamboo is still their number 1 food choice.

They also like to eat bamboo shoots, leaves, and stems. Pandas possess tremendous strength befitting of a bear, and have strong jaws. They have a powerful bite that can tear bamboo.

Adult pandas have a bite strength of around 6000 newtons. This might seem random, but it is so strong that biting meat or bones is no problem for them.

Humans only have a bite strength of around 800 newtons, so you can imagine how dangerous a panda will be if aggravated because of its strong bite. They can easily bite through a human’s wrist bone. Their strength is no less than a black bear.

Pandas have long, sharp claws that they use to climb trees and scrap for bamboo. These claws can become dangerous weapons if they are to be used against a human.

Therefore, you can see how dangerous a panda can be if you make it feel threatened. Therefore, you should always be wary of pandas because no matter how cute they are, they are still wild animals at the end of the day.

Pandas Are Endangered

Pandas Are Endangered

The giant panda is on the endangered species list, which means that it is at risk of becoming extinct in the wild. Pandas are a vulnerable species that requires professional attention, or they will go instinct.

Around 1,600 pandas are left in wild which is a very small number. The giant panda is one of the most endangered species in the world.

It is also a “flagship” species, which means that it helps to bring attention to other threatened animals and plants that live in its habitat. There are lots of pandas in zoos.

While there are many giant pandas in zoos, there are not enough to start a breeding program. Zoos can only house a few pandas at a time.

The San Diego Zoo has a breeding program for pandas, but it is unsuccessful. Scientists are trying to figure out why the breeding program is not working.

They think that the female pandas do not have enough room in their cages and need more bamboo to eat.

Pandas are now being protected in China through conservation efforts. They are also being bred in zoos around the world. Their wild population has been dwindling, so many efforts are being made to reserve it.

Hopefully, one day, we’ll be able to release all of them back in the wild, and pandas will not be endangered anymore.


People ask many questions when talking about how dangerous pandas are or other characteristics of pandas; therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions for you.

How Much Does A Panda Weigh?

A panda weighs about 180 – 264 pounds (70-120 kg). They may also weigh a bit differently depending on their size, but the average weight is around 180 pounds.

How Much Does A Panda Eat?

A panda eats around 25 – 85 pounds of bamboo shoots a day.

What Is The Difference Between a Panda And a Red Panda?

The red panda has reddish fur and is smaller than the giant panda. The red panda is not a bear, but a member of the raccoon family. Pandas belong to the bear family and have black and white furs.

Do Pandas Bite humans?

Yes, but they normally don’t. Whether the pandas bite you or not depends on whether it feels threatened. Pandas are usually very docile, but they will attack you if they feel unsafe.

Remember that the panda is still very much bear, and it can do fatal damage if it decides to bite you.

Conclusion – Are Pandas Dangerous?

Are pandas dangerous? Yes, and no.

Although pandas look adorable and cuddly, they are still wild animals.

If you encounter a panda bear in the wild, you should keep your distance at all times.

That way, you can enjoy their presence from afar without worrying about getting attacked.

Pandas can be dangerous if they are approached by humans or feel threatened.

However, the most common dangers associated with pandas are destroying their habitats and pollution. Fortunately, many organizations worldwide work to protect panda habitats and preserve their native lands from damage.

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