What is 3 Meaning in Texting?

In our daily life, we use many messaging applications like Whatsapp, Telegram, and Imo. While texting someone, we mostly use emojis. Emojis are preinstalled on our mobile phones or you can download the bundle. The relationship between age and a cell phone does not limit you to using emojis.

We use heart emoji, crying emoji, or laugh emoji. If you ever notice that emojis are only shown and can be sent in mobiles phones we are using now. What does the previous generation use to express their impression of the text you just have sent? Well, you will be amazed to know that there were emojis back in 1980. It was known as an emoticon.

Emoticons are a collection of special characters to make a cartoon face. Emoticons are like this (@_@). It shows the “drunk” expression. If you use ^_^, it means you are happy and blushing. It the simple but yet attractive. Back from 1980 to 2010, it was trending in mobile phones.

Previous studies also show that people created proper art by using emoticons. Mobile phone users express their feelings through those emoticons. If someone tries to show a level of happiness nowadays, he or she simply uses a heart emoji.

Did you ever think about what people do earlier? Of course, they use emoticons. 3 meaning in texting was known as the use of heart emoticons. Heart emoticon looked like this <3. If you rotate it to ninety degrees, you see a heart.

We’ll let’s see the details of how people use 3 in texting, what are other emoticons etc.

3 Meaning In Texting

3 Meaning in Texting

In the world of emoticons, every character contains a special meaning behind it. You can say that it is a level of education that shows how you can utilize characters to build emoticons. 3 is mostly used to express love.

In the early 2000, people uses mobile phones. At that time, the SMS service was so popular for chatting. 3 was used to express love. The use of 3 in texting was as follow:

  • <3 (Heart)
  • <333 (Three Hearts in a Row)
  • I <3 U (I Love You)
  • 143 (I Love You)

These emoticons were used by many people. In the United States, the Longitudinal study about emoticons shows that the relationship between age and a cell phone does not limit you to using emoticons.

Expression of <3 Emoticon

The use of <3 the emoticon was to express the level of happiness. There are different expressions related to <3 emoticon. Some say that it is showing that the heart is beating. Another group of people says that the heart is coming out from the chest and so on. The basic purpose of sending <3 was to express love.

Use of Emoticons in people of the United States

Use Of Emoticons In People Of The United States

People were fond of emoticons and use them in their conversations. People also made emoticons of emergency services. It also helps cellular telephone service for boom their business.

Many cellular telephone service creates message packages specifically for texting purpose. The measures of children regarding SMS packages were high in Asia rather than the United States.

People of the United States somehow made many grammatical violations while composing a text message. The Language skills were compromised by many mobile phone users. Language skills contain many skills like literacy Abilities, Grammar Abilities, level of education, different grammatical tasks, etc.

Besides grammatical tasks, the previous studies show negative behavior of distracted driving. People of the United States use texting while driving. It shoes many drivers in distracted driving laws.

What is Textese?

What Is Textese

In the United States, SMS was used to send messages for chatting purposes. SMS texting was using by between the age of 14 to 30 for conversation. Instead of using proper grammar for composing the message, they were using short forms with a combination of special characters. It is called register. For example, the word “Friends” was replaced with 4rnds.

The combination of special characters to form a register and use it in texting is called textese. The purpose of this is to shorten the length of the word. You don’t need high language skills for textese. Textese are still used by many mobile phone users.

Impact of Textese on Children

Impact Of Textese On Children

n the United States and all over the world, SMS (Short Message Service) was trending for chatting purposes in the 1990s. Children and adults, all were using mobile phones for chatting purposes. The impact of textese on children was high because they were using mobile phones more often.

It has both positive and negative impacts on children. The relationship between children and texting was more intensive than adults. Longitudinal study show a positive impact of textese on children with respect to grammar abilities. The satisfaction levels of children were differentiated with the help of textese.

In the United States, a task was given to children. It included elicitation tasks and grammatical tasks. The results were amazing the ninety percent of children passes both grammatical tasks and elicitation tasks.

A point to be noted is that cognitive control is not measured yet in children. Although different control variable is used.

Positive Impact of Textese on Children

The positive impact of Textese was that the grammar abilities of children were not disturbed. It means that children know the use of punctuation and helping verbs. Although there are grammatical violations of words like writing “wait” in a form of “w8”.

The relationship between children and SMS is still trending. Bilingual children took more advantage of texting than normal kids. It is because bilingual children use two languages instead of one. It brings more confidence and intelligence to bilingual children.

Moreover, bilingual children are better at texting than monolingual children. It has been observed that the executive function tasks are performed by bilingual children. They were very quick in it.

Monolingual children were given executive function tasks too but they were slow than bilingual children.

Negative Impact of Textese on Children

Literacy abilities were not compromised but language deterioration occurs in children. Besides grammatical violations, children were facing difficulties in writing an application. The literacy abilities between children were normal but they forgot the full spelling of words.

Measures of children with respect to texting increase the language deterioration in them. Language skills contain so many things like grammar abilities, literacy abilities, grammatical violations, etc. But one should always keep in mind that buying a cell phone for their kids.

But educated them to use the proper form of words and sentences in order to keep their literacy abilities, grammar abilities alive.

FAQs of 3 Meaning in Texting

The questions asked by many readers of this topic are mentioned below:

What is Texting?

Cellular Telephone service started the SMS (Short Message Service) to send a collection of text to another cell phone. With the control variable, mobile phone users started using SMS for chatting purposes. It is called texting.

What do <3 mean?

Mobile phone users use <3 to show heart shape. It contains the level of happiness shown by the sender. It means heart. One of the satisfaction levels. In emergency services, 143 is also used.

Who are Bilingual Children?

Bilingual Children are those who know two or more languages. The level of education is easy for these kids rather than a normal kid. The language skills are greater than normal children in them. Language skills contain Grammar abilities, literacy abilities, grammatical violations, etc.

They can perform grammatical tasks easily. They can easily perform executive function tasks.

Who are Monolingual Children?

Monolingual children are those who know only one language. They perform grammatical tasks slowly than bilingual tasks. Monolingual children can easily perform elicitation tasks. Although the executive function tasks performed by the monolingual children are slow.

What are Language Skills?

Language skills contain listening, writing, reading, and hearing. It also contains grammar abilities, abilities, grammatical violations, and grammatical tasks.

What is Textese?

A collection of special characters with alphabets to control variables. The form of text which conveys a word is called textese. The best example is “w8ng” which is a textes of the word “waiting”. The measure of children with respect to adults is high in textese.

What is Language Deterioration?

Language Deterioration is a physiological term that means that a person has to speak a native language as well as other languages. It contains in bilingual children. Textese on children also creates language deterioration.

Who Invented Emoticons?

The emoticon was invented by the computer scientist Scott Fahlman. He first uses a smile emoticon 🙂 and sad Emoticon 🙁 on 19th of September, 1982.

Conclusion of 3 Meaning in Texting

Many longitudinal studies are being done on texting but we have explained the results of the previous studies in the United States. The people of the United States and other countries used 3 for showing the satisfaction levels. The level of happiness can be shown in a form of plain text.

<3 emoticon was indicating heart shape to show the level of happiness. It is a simple collection of characters to form a heart shape and satisfaction levels. Besides 3 meanings in texting, we saw a major change in the people of the United States due to texting.

The distracted driving cases along with distracted driving laws were observed in the previous studies. Texting is not bad. But one should always keep in mind that it can poor the language skills if we don’t use proper words.

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