Do Cigarettes Expire for Real or Not?

In Daily day life, there are many people who love to drink, love to eat, and yeah love to smoke too. In the whole world, 18 percent of people love to smoke.

There are different tobacco products like Nicotine Packs, Chewable Tobacco, and Tobacco Cigarettes. If you see the labels of these tobacco products you will find an expiry date.

But if you are a smoker, have you ever checked your cigarette’s expiry date? Probably not. In this blog, we are going to discuss do cigarettes expire? What does the health department say regarding the cigarette expiry date? How do you know if cigarettes expire or not? etc.

Do Cigarettes Expire

Do Cigarettes Expire or Have Expiry Date?

Do Cigarettes Expire Or Have Expiry Date

There are different opinions of Health Departments and the smoker communities regarding the expiry of cigarettes. Most people say that cigarettes do not expire. Why? we’ll explain it in detail further but let’s know how the Tobacco industry works.

While producing commercial cigarettes, the tobacco industry doesn’t mention the expiry date. There are many factors regarding it. Moreover, the smoker community doesn’t either feel or complain that cigarettes should have an expiry date.

A group of smokers in New Jersey once said that “Smoking is killing us, what’s the point of knowing its expiry date?”

So there are a number of reasons why the expiration date is not written on the pack of cigarettes.

Cigarettes and World Health Organization

World Health Organization (WHO) is a worldwide organization by the United Nations whose purpose is to ensure good public health internationally. There are so many contradictions between WHO and the Tobacco Industry.

WHO (World Health Organization) announced globally that the expiry date will not be displayed on the pack of commercial cigarettes. This law is still active and accepted around the world.

The purpose of not mentioning the expiry date is that people will take it negatively. People will think that smoking cigarettes before its expiry date is good. But one should keep in mind that smoking cigarettes will harm your body whether it is expired or not.

There is no link between the expiration dates of commercial cigarettes with a healthy life. Cigarettes will harm you. By looking at that pack of cigarettes, you cannot judge if it contains fresh cigarettes or not.

Besides expiration dates, it has been practiced for a long that print “Smoking Kills” on the pack of cigarettes. Moreover, there are meetings going on in WHO (World Health Organization) that “Smoking Kills” will be labeled on each cigarette.

Julian Date on Commercial Cigarettes

Besides expiry dates, Julian code is mentioned on the pack of cigarettes. You can estimate the shelf life of your cigarettes. Julian Code is a 5 digit code used to represent the expiration schedule of any product.

The first two digits represent the year while the last three digits represent the date and a month. For example, 21320 Julian Code means 16-November-2021. The first two digits 21 show the year which means 2021. The last three digits tell that it is the 320th day of the year which means the 16th of November.

Through this Julian Date Code, you can know aged cigarettes.

How to tell if you are smoking expired cigarettes or not?

There is no expiry date mentioned on cigarette packets. Then how do you know that your cigarette manufacturers are giving the right cigarette or not?

In short, how do you know if you are smoking expired cigarettes or not? Well, there are a number of factors through which you can easily find your favorite cigarette’s expiration date.

Cigarette Manufacturer’s cigarettes contain a shelf life of about one to two years. Within two years, packs of cigarettes does not expire. Although if you open the pack of cigarettes, it may become stale within two days.

Stale cigarettes are not expired cigarettes but they smell and taste different while smoking. We’ll look into details: what is a stale cigarette?

Stale Cigarettes

Stale Cigarettes

The pack of cigarettes is closed with an airtight seal. When it is opened it is directly intact with sun exposure and air within an environment. The environment makes tobacco of cigarette dry due to which it smells different. It became illicit Cigarettes.

These types of illicit cigarettes are called stale cigarettes. It doesn’t matter if you are smoking a single cigarette from the pack. It will dry other cigarettes within two to three days.

The sun exposure to nicotine cigarettes is not good. The tobacco cigarette made by tobacco companies is mixed with different chemicals which makes them little wet to keep it fresh.

The cigarette packaging is covered with an air-tight seal. The purpose of this seal is to keep tobacco fresh in the cigarette packaging. The time when the seal is opened, the life of cigarettes decreases. What happens is that the humidity in the cigarette changes due to which it became illicit cigarettes.

How to check that we have a stale cigarette?

There is a number of things that can extinguish stale cigarettes. First of all, check your cigarette wrapper, is its printing is looking fresh or not? If it’s not, then it means the seller is selling old cigarettes. Other reasons are enlisted below:

Roll your cigarette between your fingers. If the tobacco rolls out of the tip of cigarette paper, it means that the cigarettes are stale.

While smoking the cigarette, check its burn pattern. If it is burning quickly, it is a stale cigarette. A light smoker might not be able to find the difference because the tobacco used in light cigarettes usually burns quickly.

Check flavor in cigarettes. If it is unpleasant or feels moldy, then quit smoking it. Because these are illicit cigarettes. Researches say that menthol cigarettes smell more badly than normal cigarettes.

How to save cigarettes from becoming stale?

For saving your cigarettes from staleness, there is a number of ways. First, keep in mind that the combustible cigarettes are going to dry once they are opened. So before opening another pack of cigarettes, first finish your remaining cigarettes. Even if is only a single cigarette in a pack.

If you’re traveling out of the city and forget to pick your cigarettes, try not to smoke them. Because they are illicit cigarettes now. They have been exposed to oxygen exposure and it is dry now. Leave it even if it is a single cigarette.

Instead of buying kind size cigarettes or cartons of cigarettes, go to near tobacco shop that you know is famous. Buy a small packet of cigarettes when you need it. The combustible cigarettes are ready to smoke.

Moreover what you can do to prevent your cigarettes from getting stale, use a cigar humidifier. The purpose of it is to keep cigars fresh. It can also be applicable to cigarettes as well.

Why do people smoke cigarettes in the world?

Why Do People Smoke Cigarettes In The World

Tobacco companies are producing cigarettes for a long time. A cigarette is one of the cheap drugs used to enjoy by people. It is mostly preferred in Asia. It is also called the crappy product because of the smell it creates.

The deadly products contain nicotine which relaxes smokers. The dose of nicotine creates dopamine which relaxes its consumer.

Office on Smoking and Health department are trying to introduce laws on how to let their workers quit smoking. Moreover, Health regulators and health workers are performing seminars, webinars, and advertisements regarding “Quit Smoke”.

Overall WHO and other health workers are trying the change payment requirements for decreasing actions of cigarette smoke as well as the distribution of cigarettes. WHO is trying is for protect against death caused by cigarettes.

What are E-Cigarettes?

What Are E Cigarettes

It is one of the steps and protection against death. E-cigarettes are produced to reduce the consumption of a- cigarette.

Cigarettes in society is changing with E-Cigarettes. Cigarette E-Cigarette also contains nicotine but the process of smoking changes.

In Combustible cigarettes, chemicals in cigarette smoke with tar and paper too. While in the e-cigarette, electronic cigarette aerosol is produced by heating the liquid which contains nicotine.

The electronic cigarette aerosol is inhaled to cover the nicotine. Electronic Cigarette smokers are happy with this product and using it.

E-cigarette smokers collect electronic cigarette cartridges. This E-Cigarette industry almost breaks the customer of  Cigarette and Tobacco products retailer. E-Cigarettes got its support from the government too.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services along with FDA Regulation of Cigarettes Manufacturing Cigarettes Retail Sales of Cigarettes trying to impose heavy charges on cigarettes to lower the number of smokers.

Moreover, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is also promoting rehabilitate centers to promote the message “Stop Smoking” and prevent people from the deadly products.

FAQs of Do Cigarettes Expire

There are different questions from different perspective. The frequently asked questions regarding this curb deaths topic are mentioned below:

What are the effects of Nicotine?

The effects of nicotine are dangerous on human body. According to health regulators and health workers, Nicotine increases blood pressure in our body. Moreover it decreases the appetite which can cause mood swings.

What is meant by Plasma Nicotine?

Besides cigarettes, Cig company started chewable nicotine to help in stop smoking. This type of nicotine is known as plasma nicotine. It is used to prevent smoking and protection against death.

Do Cigarettes Have Shelf Life?

According to Tobacco companies, they say that a fresh carton of cigarettes contains about two years of shelf life. There are some applicable requirements like that carton should not be opened. It means that don’t open all the cigarettes packets.

Are there any expiration dates for cigarette packets?

No there is no expiration date for cigarette packets. It is because it will make people think that smoking cigarettes before its expiry is normal. While cigarette cause harmful elements to human bodies.

What is E-Cigarette

An Electronic Cigarette also known as E-Cigarette is a type of cigarette which is used complete nicotine amount in a form of smoke. It aerosol produces heats with nicotine’s liquid form.

What is Julian Code?

Julian code contains digits that refer to the expiry date. The first 2 digits refer to the year while the next 3 digits refer to the date and a month.

What are menthol cigarettes?

Tobacco product standards, there are multiple flavor cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes are one of them. It contains a small menthol breakable candy in filter. It creates cold smoke. Advertising for menthol cigarettes are done by Dunhill and Marlboro.

What happens when you smoke a cigarette?

When you smoke a cigarette, smoke contains nicotine. This nicotine passes signals in brain to produce dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical which makes our body happy and relax. The time we are smoking cigarette, dopamine produces.

This is why people smoke cigarettes. But it contains harmful material like tar and other chemicals which effects our body.

Conclusion – Do Cigarettes Expire for Real or Not?

Cigarette in society plays an important role. Because the content of cigarettes not only damages the body of smoker, but a body of persons who are near him or her. But still while known the dangerous facts of Cigarettes, people are smoking cigarettes.

The dates of cigarette packets cannot justify its expiration. Because cigarette become stale with the time and oxygen exposure but they don’t expire. Always make sure to buy fresh cigarettes. Don’t buy stale cigarettes.

Stale cigarettes will smell different and gives you a bad taste. The points to check stale cigarettes is to roll single cigarette around your fingers. If its tobacco comes out, it is stale cigarette. You can save your cigarettes for becoming stale by keeping them in a Cigar Humidifier.

If you’re a smoker and have any questions regarding do cigarettes expire, please let us know in the comment section.

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