What are Chiclet Teeth?

Chiclet teeth is a term used for people who have fake-looking teeth. By fake looking, we mean teeth that are too white and unnaturally square and rectangular in shape. Have you ever seen someone smiling, and you think that their teeth look too big or too white that it makes their teeth unnatural? If yes, then those teeth fall in the category of chiclet teeth.

There are many different types of chiclet teeth, and you can get chiclet teeth for several reasons. Your natural teeth might resemble chiclet teeth, but this is very rare as humans generally don’t have naturally symmetric and rectangular teeth so much that they look fake.

Another way you can get chiclet teeth is after getting your teeth worked on by a dentist at a clinic. Getting veneers, crowns, dentures, or other such dental procedures might give you the fake look of chiclet teeth. Don’t worry, as the chance of getting chiclet teeth through cosmetic dentistry nowadays is very rare. Having impaired, stained, and uneven teeth prone users to get domestic dentistry. Let’s take a detailed look at chiclet teeth.

Chiclet Teeth

What do Chiclet Teeth mean?

What Do Chiclet Teeth Mean

Having chiclet teeth means having teeth that look fake. Our brains are hard-wired to pick up anything fake in the body, and if you find yourself thinking that someone’s teeth look fake, then they have chiclet teeth. Characteristics of chiclet teeth are teeth that are so white and rectangular that they look fake and out of place. If you have teeth that resemble this description, then you might have chiclet teeth.

Chiclet teeth don’t cause any cognitive disabilities, but they can cause stress as one might be conscious of their appearance. There are different ways to get natural chiclet teeth fixed, and you should visit your dentist to discuss all the options you have, such as veneers and crowns. Following are the types of chiclet teeth.

Natural Chiclet Teeth

You don’t necessarily need to have veneers, crowns, or dentures in order for your teeth to be categorized as chicklet teeth. Note that veneers, crowns, and dentures are processes using which your teeth’ appearance can be improved. Having such procedures will not give you chicklet teeth, but some procedures or the dentist’s inability can give you fake-looking teeth.

Some people have natural chiclet teeth, meaning their teeth are so white and rectangular that they look out of place and fake. Consider giving your dentist a visit different options you have for fixing natural chiclet teeth.

Dentures that look like Chiclet Teeth

Dentures are replacements for missing teeth. They can either be fixed or removable dentures. Dentures have come a long since they were introduced back in the early 1900s, but some dentures still look like chiclet teeth. Some dentures can be too white and out of place compared to your other natural teeth that they can look fake. If you’ve had a complete denture procedure done, meaning you don’t have natural teeth, then your teeth will not look too fake.

Dentures that look like chiclet teeth are complete dentures. However, if you have partial dentures meaning you have natural teeth but also have dentures where you have lost the natural teeth, then your dentures can give your teeth a fake look that resembles chiclet teeth.

Veneers Chiclet Teeth

If your tooth enamel is damaged, your dentist will perform work on the tooth enamel. During the process, your teeth’ look might be altered and changed, and to fix this, you might need to get dentures. Dentures are covers that are placed on the front of your teeth to enhance their aesthetics. There are different types of veneers, such as porcelain veneers and composite veneers.

Even if your teeth get pearly white after a veneer procedure is done, they might be labeled chiclets teeth as they can get too white and rectangular looking. Veneers can also give you chiclets teeth if they look too fake and white compared to your other teeth. Also, note that veneers take time to get depending on if you used composite veneers, so they can look very strange compared to your natural teeth if you don’t take care of them.

What are Veneers and Dentures?

What Are Veneers And Dentures

Veneers and Dentures are different procedures performed by the cosmetic dentist to enhance the appearance of your teeth. There are two main differences between veneers and dentures. Veneers are covers made of organic or inorganic materials that are placed on the front of your teeth to enhance their look. Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. Veneers are used to give you straight teeth if you have uneven or crooked teeth.

Traditional veneers are porcelain veneers that are custom built to increase the look tooth. Make sure you don’t get pure white dentures or veneers to avoid chalk-white teeth. You should always opt for a custom veneer job because, in this case, the dentist will create the veneers according to your natural teeth. You can always get pre-built composite veneers, but they can not be as effective as porcelain custom veneers. Having good and appealing teeth has been shown to build confidence in people. 

Getting dentures done from an inexperienced dentist is one of the biggest mistakes people make that gives them chiclet teeth. Paying more and going to a better dentist can be a whole lot better than paying less and getting fake-looking teeth. Remember, a good dentist will do a dentures procedure in a good way that they don’t look fake.

What are Small and Long Teeth?

Different People have different kinds of teeth. Teeth are not like eyes that they are the same for everyone. Everyone has their own unique teeth, which give them a beautiful smile. Generally, there are two types of natural teeth, small teeth, and long teeth.

Small teeth are smaller in size than regular teeth. One problem associated with having small teeth is that there might be a natural gap between teeth and doesn’t require medical attention. You can, however, visit your dentist to get veneers to fill the space between your teeth so you can have the brightest smile without worrying about your looks. Long teeth are teeth that are generally longer than normal teeth. People with long teeth have the tendency to develop uneven teeth. Most people with long teeth have their upper teeth line protruding from the alignment of teeth. This can always be fixed with the use of braces.

What are Teeth Crowns?

A teeth crown is a shell that completely covers your teeth. It is used to fix uneven, crooked, chipped, and damaged teeth. If you have an accident and your teeth get chipped at someplace, your dentist will give you a crown. A crown is a shell made from porcelain or other organic material which is placed on the outer layer of your teeth. Do note that teeth crowns can also give you a chiclet teeth appearance.

Always discuss the various options you have with your dentist when getting a crown or a veneer. A dentist will try to sell you pre-built crowns, but you shouldn’t use them as they might not fit in with the rest of your teeth. For example, suppose your natural teeth are somewhat stained, but the teeth covered by the crown are pure white. You can imagine how weird it will look. Therefore you should always opt for a custom crown that is built specifically for you. Sure it will cost more, but it will be a lifetime investment.

Can you fix Chiclet Teeth?

Can You Fix Chiclet Teeth

The answer to whether you can fix chiclet teeth depends on whether your teeth are natural, your teeth have veneers or crowns, or whether your teeth are dentures. When some of your teeth are pure white and more square/rectangular than the rest of your teeth, they can give an overall fake and weird appearance, also known as chiclet teeth. You need to fix these teeth because they can play a major role in your social appearance as physical looks and teeth play an important role.

Teeth that are too bulky and big and also give you a fake-looking smile. In this case, you should opt for cosmetic dentistry and try to get your teeth corrected. Always keep in mind that it is your character that matters, not looks. However, you should work on your looks to the best you can, but there will always be people with tunnel vision whom you shouldn’t mind.

If you have tooth enamel, you run the risk of losing your teeth. If you do lose your teeth because of tooth enamel or other diseases such as cavities, worry not, as you can always replace them with dentures. Just make sure the dentist doesn’t give you dentures that look fake which can give you chiclet teeth.

If you are scared of needles and don’t want the dentist to give you anesthesia, you’ll be happy to know that veneers can be implanted without the use of anesthesia. Whether the dentist will use anesthesia depends on the type of veneers or dentures you are getting. If you are getting fixed dentures, then they might apply numbing agent. If you have sensitive teeth, it’s better to get anesthesia.

Types of Veneers and Dentures

Veneers are used to enhance the physical appearance of your teeth. Veneers are covers made of organic or inorganic material that are put on the front side of your teeth. The cover which covers all of your teeth from back to front is a crown. Dentures, however, replace broken teeth.

There are two main types of veneers and dentures.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are custom-built for your teeth, and they have a better quality compared to other veneers. Porcelain Veneers are the best type of veneers as they last longer and are made of biocompatible material, which damages your gums and teeth the least. You should consider getting porcelain teeth if you have sensitive teeth. If you damage your tooth, but it isn’t completely broken, you can get veneers to cover your damaged areas.

Do note that porcelain veneers are considerably expensive as compared to composite veneers. Cost ranges of veneers are from $500 to $2600. The average cost of dentures can go from $300 up to $2000 depending on whether you get full dentures or partial dentures. Porcelain veneers are also available as no-preparation veneers, which basically means that they are pre-built veneers and can be installed on the go. Traditional veneers require you to visit your dentist so they can get the size measurements for your specific need.

Composite Resin Veneers

Composite veneers are another type of veneer, just like the porcelain version. It is made of resin and other inorganic materials. Most of the time, composite resin veneers come prebuilt, and the dentist adds them to your teeth by adjusting their shape. Composite veneers have a tendency of damaging your surrounding gum and teeth, and they last less as compared to porcelain veneers. They can also give you a chiclet teeth appearance as they come pre-built and may not suit your surrounding teeth.

Removable Dentures

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are the oldest type of dentures. Their origin can be found way back in ADs, but they were medically introduced in the early 1900s. You should avoid removable dentures at all costs because they are a guaranteed way to get chiclet teeth. The reason they look fake is that they can be removed from the mouth. In order to make them removable, some comprises had to be made, and these are that they will look weird and fake.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are done by cosmetic dentistry through the surgical process, and they are fixed in your mouth. They cannot be removed on your own, and you have to visit a dentist to get them removed. Fixed dentures are better than removable dentures as they are fixed in place and cannot be removed. This means that they have to be custom-built for you, reducing the chance of getting chicklet teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions – Chiclet Teeth

There is so much to chiclet teeth, and people have many questions. Therefore, we’ve compiled a simple list of the most commonly asked questions.

Do I have Chiclet Teeth?

If you want to know whether you have chiclet teeth or not, then the process is very simple. Look at yourself in the mirror and see whether some of your natural teeth, dentures, or veneers look fake. Do your altered teeth look too out of place or big? Do your dentures have bulky edges? Do you have a bulky tooth? Are your whiter teeth comparably white as compared to others? If the answer to all of these is yes, then you might have chiclet teeth. You can always visit a dentist to get them fixed.

Should I get Veneers or Dentures?

Whether you should get veneers or dentures depends on the problem your teeth are facing. If you simply have crooked teeth or chipped teeth, your teeth have sharp edges, and you should get veneers. The look of your teeth can be greatly enhanced by getting veneers which is a shell made of organic material placed on the front of the teeth. You should only get dentures if your teeth are missing or it needs to be removed. Note that the dentist might shave some part of your teeth to reduce sharp edges before implanting the veneers. Having good veneers ensure you get whiter teeth as compared to traditional ones, which can lose their color over time and get stained.

What is the difference between Veneers and Crowns?

Veneers and crowns both serve the same purpose: they enhance the look of your teeth by covering them with organic covers. The only difference between the two is that the crown is a shell that covers your whole teeth, while veneers cover only the front-facing part of the teeth. Consider going to a celebrity dentist to get your veneers or crowns placed so you can get the best results possible. You probably don’t need crowns if you have straight teeth and healthy oral hygiene.

Conclusion – Chiclet Teeth

If you or someone you saw had teeth so white and big that they looked fake, then they were chiclet teeth. Chiclet tooth is a term used to describe teeth that are too fake-looking. For example, teeth are too white, have very even and pointy edges, or are just weird-looking in general. Approach to dentistry is a great way to learn more about chiclet teeth. Your dentist might give you veneers or crowns, depending on your situation. You can also get dentures, but they are only reserved as the last step because they replace missing teeth. 

Dentists can give you a beautiful smile guarantee if they are confident in their work. Also, note that getting a veneer can also give you chiclet teeth if not done correctly by the dentist.

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