772 Area Code – Time Zone. Location, Toll-Free? Scam? Who’s Calling?

If you’ve noticed that your callers from the 772 area code are asking you to pay them, or are trying to convince you to provide them with valuable information in exchange for cash, then you’re likely dealing with what some are calling the 772 scams. What exactly is this 772 area code scam? And how can you protect yourself from it? Read on to find out!

Area Code 772

772 Area Code

772 is a North American Numbering Plan area code assigned to metropolitan Saint Petersburg, Florida. The 772 area code also includes Tampa Bay and several surrounding communities in Hillsborough County (including Brandon, Temple Terrace, and Valrico) as well as several smaller coastal communities near Tampa Bay (such as Apollo Beach and Oldsmar). Area code 772 was created on August 15, 1999, when it was split from area code 813.

 It originally covered all of Pinellas County and most of Hillsborough County, with small portions of Pasco County being added later. It will be overlaid with area code 689 starting in 2019.

History of 772 Area Code

Area code 772 was created by AT&T and NANP to assist Treasure Coast, the state of Florida. Before area code 772, Treasure Coast was already using four area codes in which area code 305, area code 407, and area code 561.

Treasure Coast is increasing in population due to which NANP has to create another area code to meet the area needs. It is estimated by the NANP itself that due to the rapid growth and influx of the population of Treasure Coast, NANP has to create another area code.

Area Codes Near 772 Area Code

In this section, we are going to share the names of area codes that are near area code 772. The name of area codes are:

  • Area code 321 Orlando, FL
  • Area code 561 West Palm Beach, FL
  • Area code 386 Palm Coast, FL
  • Area code 772 Port St. Lucie, FL
  • Area code 407 Orlando, FL
  • Area code 863 Lakeland, FL

772 Area Code Used In County

772 Area Code Used In County

Over 1.5 million people are living in Broward County and in 2010 became known as America’s cruise capital with 10 major cruise lines calling it home for their headquarters including Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International. In this section, we are going to share the names of counties that use area code 772. The names of counties are:

  • St. Lucie, FL
  • Brevard, FL
  • Martin, FL
  • Indian River, FL

772 Area Code Used In Cities

772 Area Code Used In Cities

Palm Bay city of Florida uses area code 772. The total population of Palm Bay is 103,190. Besides Palm Bay, 50 cities use the 772 area code. The name of the cities are:

  • Melbourne, FL
  • Port St. Lucie, FL
  • Palm Bay, FL
  • Merritt Island, FL
  • Fort Pierce, FL
  • Palm City, FL
  • Sebastian, FL
  • Vero Beach South, FL
  • Rockledge, FL
  • Florida Ridge, FL
  • West Melbourne, FL
  • Stuart, FL
  • Jensen Beach, FL
  • Lakewood Park, FL
  • Hobe Sound, FL
  • Viera East, FL
  • Cocoa Beach, FL
  • Vero Beach, FL
  • Port Salerno, FL
  • Satellite Beach, FL
  • Cape Canaveral, FL
  • Port Salerno, FL
  • Micco, FL
  • Gifford, FL
  • West Vero Corridor, FL
  • Indian Harbour Beach, FL
  • Viera West, FL
  • Fort Pierce North, FL
  • Indiantown, FL
  • Indian River Estates, FL
  • River Park, FL
  • South Patrick Shores, FL
  • Fellsmere, FL
  • Hutchinson Island South, FL
  • June Park, FL
  • Fort Pierce South, FL
  • Grant-Valkaria, FL
  • Indian River Shores, FL
  • White City, FL
  • South Beach, FL
  • North River Shores, FL
  • Melbourne Beach, FL
  • Indialantic, FL
  • Malabar, FL
  • Sewall’s Point, FL
  • Winter Beach, FL
  • Roseland, FL
  • Wabasso Beach, FL
  • Palm Shores, FL
  • Rio, FL
  • Patrick AFB, FL

Largest Telephone Carriers Covering 772 Area Code

Telephone carriers are using 29% prefixes of 772 area codes landline carriers are using 72 percent while wireless carriers are using 28%. In this section, we are going to enlist the names of landline and wireless carriers with the percentage of prefixes. The details of prefixes are:

Landline Carriers

The names of landline carriers that 772 area code uses are:

  • Southern Bell Tel & – 29%
  • Xo – 7%
  • Level 3 – 3%
  • Tcg South – 3%
  • Ids Telecom – 3%
  • Us Lec – 2%
  • Terra Nova Telecom – 3%

Wireless Carriers

The names of wireless carriers that use the 772 area code are:

  • Sprint – 8%
  • Verizon Wireless – 8%
  • Cingular – 8%
  • Omnipoint Miami E License – 2%
  • Abc Paging City Beepers – 2%
  • American Messaging Services – 2%
  • Metro PCS – 3%

Is 722 Area Code A Scam?

Is 722 Area Code A Scam

When you answer a phone call from the 772 area code, chances are you’re expecting to hear someone on the other end of the line—but what if nobody is there? In most cases, you can simply hang up and never think about it again; however, when the 772 area code appears on your caller ID and displays as Location: Out of Area, that doesn’t always mean it’s a scammer or telemarketer trying to fish for sensitive information.

Scammers try to scam you by saying that they are from any government agencies and ask for your personal information like debit card number, social security number, etc. If you receive a call as we mentioned earlier, ignore it and never tell you sensitive information.

Another trick that scammers will play is that they will pretend that they are your friend or your relative and ask you to send money. In this kind of situation, first, call your friend or relative to confirm whether are they the ones who are calling or not. If your relative or friend is not calling you, don’t spend your money.

In the upcoming section of this blog, we will tell you how you can avoid scammers. Keep reading the blog to know more! 

How To Avoid Scammers On 772 Area Code?

Many scammers use area codes 772 or 876 to identify themselves as calling from a legitimate toll-free number and will even disguise their name in caller ID as a legitimate company or agency that your business has an established relationship. However, when you answer your phone these scammers have no idea who they are talking to or whom they are scamming!

 Here are some ways to avoid scammers in the 772 area code. Do not trust any caller ID information that you see on your phone if you don’t recognize it. A scammer can easily put any number they want in front of their phone number so if you see a name or number that does not seem familiar do not answer your phone. If you don’t recognize a call from a trusted business then simply let it go to voicemail and check it later when you have time to verify who is calling and why they called you!

You can also use the reverse phone lookup technique to verify whether the number that is calling you is legit or not.

How To Block Calls Coming From 772 Area Code?

This trick works on almost any phone. Simply block all calls coming from the 772 area code using your phone’s Call Blocking settings. We will explain how you can block calls on your iPhone or Android phone. The step-by-step procedure to block calls from your cellphone is mentioned below:


You need to follow the steps below to block calls on your iPhone:

Select your recent calls option.

Select the unwanted number.

Tap on the “i” option and select the “Block Number” option.


You need to follow the steps below for blocking calls on your Android phone:

Select your recent call logs option on your phone.

Select the number and tap on the “Details” option.

You will see the “Block” option, tap on it, and your Android phone will block the number.

Is 772 Area Code A Toll-Free Number?

Typically a toll-free number is a service that lets customers get information and perform transactions from anywhere in North America for free. However, if you received a call from 772-xxx-xxxx, it may not be a toll-free call after all! In most cases, individuals should avoid these calls as they are often scams or phishing attempts.

If you make the call on a number having a 772 area code, you will get charged for each minute. Before calling, make sure you are familiar with the number.

Conclusion – 772 Area Code

Area code 772 is created by AT&T and North American Numbering Plan for Treasure Coast. Area code 772 is operational in Sebastian, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach, and other areas of east-central Flordia. Area code 772 was created in a split from area code 561 to assist east-central Florida.

If you see your area code pop up in an unfamiliar spot or from a toll-free number that looks suspicious, be sure to check and see if they are calling you before you answer. If they are not a known company or number based in your area code, there is a high chance it’s a scammer trying to get into your good graces with bad information.
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