What does ft mean in Social Media?

Today era is the era of social media. Everyone is using social media on a daily basis. It’s like a need for everyone. It is because you have digital access to everything. If you want to do some shopping, you can find it on Facebook. If you’re using YouTube, you will find tons of ideas for cooking your tonight’s dinner.

Besides that, we use social media for connecting with people. The main reason for social media channels was to connect with people around the world. First, there was only Facebook which was used to connect with people.

After that, a number of legit social media channels came like Kik, Omegle, and Snapchat, etc. While using these social media applications, the trend of texting also changed. A new slang word introduced in the market of social media.

In this blog, we are going to explain what does ft means in social media? What are other meanings of ft besides social media?

What Does Ft Mean

What does ft mean?

In the language of social media, ft means Facetime. Facetime is an application for video calling purposes. Dozens of people are using iPhones and so do this application.

FT is a slang word used in social media for letting someone be with him or her on facetime application. Have you still remembered the slang word “Let’s Netflix and chill”? it is just like that.

Let’s think you are with you newly meet with a male or female on social media. You just connect with them on Facebook or Snapchat. The chemistry between you two moves further. Your friend on social media is now on a stage where he or she thinks that you should go to the next level.

Someone text you that “HMU on FT”. Now you’re looking at your skin, looking at a clueless message. What do they mean by that? They mean that “Hit Me Up on Face Time”. They are probably Apple product users. Why? because the application facetime runs on the iOS operating system. 

If we combine a conclusion of the above-mentioned statements, we can say that :

  • ft is also used in Whatsapp chat
  • ft means Facetime on Facebook
  • ft in Kik also means Facetime
  • Omegle also used ft for connecting on Facetime
  • ft means Facetime on Instagram
  • ft means Facetime on Snapchat
  • ft means Facetime on Reddit

Why do people want to connect on Facetime?

You now know the meaning of a person saying that “Let’s FT”. But now the question is, why? There are multiple reasons for it.

First of all, on facetime, you can connect more than 32 people in a group video call. They can access your contact information if you make them friends on facetime. It is because, by default, your number and id are shown to your friends on facetime.

Moreover, it looks cool to be on the list of friends who also uses facetime (or we should say iPhone). Moreover, it is easy to save messages on it. You can’t hide your identity on facetime.

What is the benefit of Snapchat over Facetime?

What Is The Benefit Of Snapchat Over Facetime

In a blend of news regarding protecting your images and videos, Snapchat wins over Facetime. With the help of Snapchat, you can have convenient access to your virtual friend. If you send a picture, it will disappear right after he or she sees it.

In Snapchat, you can make a group call of a total of fifteen friends. While on Facetime, you can connect with more than 30 persons at one time.

In case he or she tries to take a screenshot of your picture, a message will be prompt by saying that “Mark takes a screenshot of your snap!”. You will be aware of every tiny detail shared on Snapchat while in Facetime, it is not.

Another feature that is really cool about video calls on Snapchat is that after tapping on the video icon, a warning or reminder message prompts on-screen that another person can see you because you have chosen the video call option.

Your security is not compromised in Snapchat. Your social security is also not compromised in Facetime but people may know what are you doing. If someone takes a screenshot while you are on a video call in facetime, you will not know because it does not intimate the user.

So always be aware of your unknown social media friends, make sure he or she is a trusted virtual friend. You can also make audio calls on facetime by disabling your camera. 

One advantage of the Facetime application you can get is that you can add more than 32 people. Let’s suppose you have planned for a study group but all of your friends are far away. You can get the help of the Facetime app for making video calls. But you should have an Apple product like iPad, iPhone, etc.

What is the benefit of Facebook over Facetime?

Facebook also wins over facetime because of its versatility. Dozens of people own Android phones or have Windows PC for their use. Facebook is free on every operating system. First, it was introduced in a form of a web application which is again, runs on every web browser.

With the passage of time and customer success teams, Facebook introduced Facebook applications on mobile as well as on desktop. Many party platforms give an advantage to Facebook over Facetime.

Facebook is a digital replica of the Facetime application. Because Facetime only runs on iOS while Facebook runs on every machine. 

Other ft meaning of Facetime Application

Other Ft Meaning Of Facetime Application

We have seen the meaning of ft in social media. Recently we just used a slang sentence used by social media users is “HMU on FT”. There are other variations of facetime abbreviation as well. Let’s check it out.

  • “Can you FT?” means a person is requesting that if you are free, can you come on the Facetime app so they can video call you?
  • “SB to FT?” you will see this message on chat rooms like Omegle. It means “Somebody on Facetime?”. 
  • “Yo! I’m on FT!”. If you see this message, the person is clearly saying that he is on the Facetime app and can connect with you on it anytime.
  • “U wanna FT?”. In this slang, a person is asking do you want to join a conversation in the Facetime app.
  • “Hey guys, let’s group FT”. It means that a person is inviting a group call on the Facetime app.
  • “Down to FT?”. It means that a person asking if you want to join him or her on the Facetime app for a video call.

Should We Facetime with a Stranger?

Should We Facetime With A Stranger

The stranger is always a stranger. Before ft with a stranger, aware of his or her intentions. Are they giving you bad vibes? Do you think they might do something? Because there are so many things that matter. Let’s suppose a stranger is connected with you in the Facetime app. Now he or she is calling and you are in the street or in a restaurant. He or she while on a video call knows your location. It may put you in danger if they are thinking something evil.

On the other side, if a person whom you know is trying to connect on Facetime. You can easily add him or her and make a video call because you know them. There are other investigating measurements of power within you. You can guess on your own if a person is good or bad.

If a person consistently asks for your phone number, it is confusing. If a person continuously asks your most favorite place you visit, it is again strange and confusing. So always try to keep yourself away from these people.

If they are disturbing so much, then you can report them. In every social media app like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc. they have an option to report a person. In Snapchat, you can report a person with a relevant category. It is the same on Facebook too.

What does ft mean in other fields?

What Does Ft Mean In Other Fields

You will be amazed that besides social media, ft has many meanings. It depends on the context of the sentence. If someone is messaging you and says “Let’s FT”, it means that he or she wants to connect in Facetime.

In the Pokemon go game’s chat room. Gamers used to say “Let’s FT”. In this game, ft means “For Trade”. The game is that if someone says ft, it means that they want to trade their pokemon.

If you are a soccer fan and discussing with your friend about soccer, then you know it. In soccer, ft means “Full Time”, Full Time means that the soccer game has ended its full 90 minute time. If your favorite team loses, you will say “FT!”. It means “F@#k IT!”. It is like if a person upset or saying in anger.

In physics, ft means foot. It is used in many measurements. The thing’s length, mass, pressure, etc. is measured in the unit. ft is a unit of length which means foot. It is used in different torque figures. Like ft of Torque, lb-ft average torque rating, etc.

What does ft mean in Music Industry?

What Does Ft Mean In Music Industry

In the music industry, we have seen many music videos and songs in which more than two singers collaborate. A legendary rapper Eminem’s greatest hit “Love The Way You Lie”. It was the best song by Eminem. In this song, Rihana collaborates with Eminem. In the music industry, it is called featuring. If you search the name of this it will be like “Eminem Love the way you lie ft. Rihana”. In this context, ft. means featuring.

In lifestyle features of the music and cinema industry, you will see ft word in many songs and short movie videos. Youtubers are also using ft. (featuring) word in their video title. Like if two YouTubers are making a video with collaboration, they will title it with ft word.

FAQs of What Does ft Mean?

There are many frequently asked questions asked by users. The questions of ft are too many to be enlisted in this blog but some necessary and important questions are below.

What is mean by Social Media?

Social Media is a platform online for creating and sharing content on social networks like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

What is Facetime?

Facetime is an application made by Apple company for video calls. You can make conversation with anybody in a form of a video call.

Can we run the Facetime application on Windows?

No, the Facetime application runs only in Apple products. Your iOS should be at least a 4.0 version to run it.

How many users can join Facetime a group video call?

On the Facetime group video call, more than 32 persons can connect. The efficiency of the video calls in Facetime is marvelous.

Is the Facetime app free?

Yes, the Facetime app is totally free. If you are using Wi-Fi, you can enjoy free video calls on it. If you are using mobile network data, it will cost you according to the network service provider.

Conclusion of What Does ft mean in Social Media

In Social Media, ft means Facetime. It is a trendy slang word used by social media users. It is mostly used in Kik, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Omegle, Facebook, etc. If someone says “Let’s FT” on Instagram, they are trying to say that let’s connect in Facetime Application.

The bad thing about the Facetime app is that it can only be used on Apple iPhone, Ipad, Mac, etc. Before connecting on Facetime, make sure you know the person with whom you are connecting Facetime. Because you don’t know the intention of the stranger. You can use Whatsapp for a video call if you know a person.

If you are trying to connect with a stranger, use Snapchat you can know if someone is taking a screenshot or recording screen of a video call.

If have questions on this blog, leave a comment in the comment box. Go check out our other blogs “Does Mayo Have Dairy?“, “How to get rid of small black bugs in the house?“, “What is Payment Revision Needed (Amazon)?“.


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