Walmart Key Copy (Does Walmart make keys? Explained!)

We’ve all been there, we lose keys, and the next question is probably about Walmart key copy services. Walmart offers key copy services from MinuteKey kiosks. The largest retailer in the United States has just about any kind of key you could need, all at prices that are hard to beat! Read on to learn how Walmart can help you make new keys today!

Walmart Key Copy

Does Walmart Make Keys?

Does Walmart Make Keys

Most people know that certain items like clothing and some sporting goods can be purchased at Walmart, but many aren’t aware of a couple of other things you can buy there, like car key duplication! If you’re one of those who didn’t know that was possible, don’t feel bad; because it usually does surprise people. But once you find out about their key-copying services, it just might come in handy down the road.

Walmart uses the services of MinuteKey. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to make your key own your own. Walmart has MinuteKey kiosks where you can duplicate or make a new key without the need for any type of assistance. You can have a key copying service from Walmart.

Also, keep in mind that Walmart will not allow you to make copies of “Do Not Duplicate keys.” Those types of keys are meant for home locks, office door locks, and car door locks. If you do happen to have a key like that, then try taking it into a local locksmith or hardware store, and they might be able to help you with your copy needs.

If you need an accurate, high-precision duplicate key from Walmart instead of some authorized dealer, you can have it through MinuteKey kiosks. MinuteKey is one of the high-security institutions that make key copy kiosks.

How Do I Get My Key Copied At Walmart?

If you’re in a pinch and need to get your key copied right away, Walmart is one of many convenient locations with key-copying machines. Here’s the exciting thing you need to know about using one at any Walmart location.

All you have to do is locate a MinuteKey kiosk at your local Walmart and follow the instructions that the kiosk will provide you. You can find the minute key self-service kiosk too.

The step-by-step process is very simple, you provide a key, and it will make the duplicate for you. MinuteKey first makes a digital copy of your key through laser imaging. The key types and key design will have no change.

The MinuteKey kiosks are very user-friendly, and they have a nice interface that you can interact with. The kiosks also have touch screen support to make the progress of copying keys even more smooth.

You are also able to choose the design of your new key, and it can have a design based on sports, animals, nature, and cartoons. Even you are from public institutions like offices, etc., you can still get your transponder key as well.

What Type Of Keys Does Walmart Make? 

What Type Of Keys Does Walmart Make

Like many department stores, Walmart provides a key-cutting service for its customers. The amazing thing about these services is that you can make pretty much any kind of key. You can easily duplicate your office keys and home keys. 

You might be wondering whether or not Walmart makes physical copies of your key rather than producing a digital scan or image. It provides you with a physical copy of your key. Walmart itself doesn’t provide key copying services; instead, it uses MinuteKey kiosks.

You can also duplicate and make copies of car keys but keep in mind that they can’t be too recent. Most recent cars have keys with chips inside them. MinuteKey kiosks will reject such keys.

Also, keep in mind that any key that has the “Do Not Duplicate” tag will be rejected as well. This is a common practice by all reputable locksmiths, and we should expect no less from Walmart as well.

Convenience to customers is the first thing auto dealers keep in mind; Walmart took care of this thing too. If you visit any other store, you will lack participation in common types of keys, cost articles, and the consumer service industry.

How Much Does it Cost To Make Keys At Walmart?

How Much Does it Cost To Make Keys At Walmart

When it comes to making copies of keys at Walmart, you need to use MinuteKey kiosks to make keys, as Walmart doesn’t offer key-making services itself. Walmart key copy service costs around $2 – $6 depending on the type of your key and other complexities. 

Also, keep in mind, Walmart doesn’t charge any sort of key cutting fee. Therefore, getting your key copies made at Walmart is a great service. Although if you go to any other chain stores, we don’t know the key copy price ranges there.

Do All Walmart Locations Have MinuteKey Kiosks?

A common question many people have is, Do all Walmart locations have a MinuteKey kiosk? There are three types of MinuteKey kiosks: stand-alone kiosks that are dedicated to making key copies, self-checkout registers that offer it as an add-on service, and general information/service desks at which you can get help with lost key problems. So, while not every single one of Walmart’s 4,600 U.S. stores has a service like MinuteKey available directly in-store, there is a good chance you will be able to find it in most Walmart locations.

Do note that Walmart will only have MinuteKey Kiosks that you can operate on your own. A robotic technology MinuteKey has a key copy machine and key copy prices. You can have additional copies as many you want.

What Is Key Duplication?

Key duplication is a process that cuts new keys from key blanks that are created in-house at a locksmith shop. A technician will take your original key and measure it to create a duplicate of your key, which can then be cut with precision. Many companies offer home, automobile, and commercial duplication services that are affordable enough for you to consider them as an alternative to purchasing a new lockset or having duplicate copies of your key made at an auto parts store or hardware store.

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with going to a locksmith anymore. You can get your key duplication right at Walmart using one of many MinuteKey kiosks because they have a key making machine. MultiKey have high-precision robotic technology machines.

What Kind Of Keys Can Be Duplicated?

When it comes to copying keys, any key can be copied. If you walk into a hardware store randomly and ask for a copy of your car key, they’ll ask you which car. They have their own unique internal data system, so they know what kind of key is needed. And if you bring in an old house key that needs replacing, most hardware stores will be able to tell you exactly which model it goes to and cut a new one for you. The same applies to ignition keys, deadbolts, and any other key you may need to replace or duplicate. So yes, Walmart does make copies of all kinds of keys. There are many factors pointed in creating a perfect duplication, though, so don’t expect these services to be cheap or fast!

What Other Stores Make Keys?

It might come as a surprise to you, but there are lots of places that offer key copying and cutting services. The first place to look is your local hardware store. Most of them have copy machines available, in addition to all sorts of locksmithing tools and hardware. You can often get better deals on professional-grade copies at these places than you would at a big box retailer like Walmart or Home Depot, and they’re much more likely to be open inconvenient hours if you need your keys quickly. Here are some popular stores you should try for making duplicate keys: Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, Autozone, Orchard Supply Hardware, Lowe’s, and HD Supply. Many also have free designs from their websites, so you don’t even need to go into one of their physical locations!

Conclusion – Walmart Key Copy

At times, getting a replacement key or remote to your car can be an unnecessary hassle. You could stop by any number of car repair shops, or even worse: you’d be stuck calling all sorts of people. If all you need is an extra key, you might be paying hundreds of dollars for just one! However, most garages would gladly sell you a brand new set for about $50-$100. 

That’s great for people with cars that are more than 5 years old – but what if you’re looking for just one? What if your key is actually missing from your ignition, and you don’t want to replace it entirely just yet? Does Walmart make keys? The short answer is Yes! Walmart’s key copy service is really great, and what’s better, it costs no more than $6 maximum. All you have to do is use one of the MinuteKey kiosks at Walmart, and you can get your key in a matter of a few seconds.

You now know almost every key control policy and editorial ethics policy regarding the Walmart key copy. You can hire a professional locksmith or capital city locksmith, and it totally depends on you. The expensive locksmith can be hired through an American-Based Company.

If you have any other questions left, ask us in the comment section. Meanwhile, you can check another article, “How To Ship Frozen Food,” “Is Potatoe A Fruit Or Vegetable,” and “Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks.”


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