Track IMEI Number through Google Earth – Does it work?

Have you ever lost your phone in a bucket with a silent mode on? Wandering on all over the house to check where your phone is or worrying about your loved ones?

Did they reached home or not? Where are they going right now? Or you are having problems parenting your children. They have mobile phones, but you don’t know what they are watching on it?

The solution to knowing the current location of your mobile phone and checking location history is now easy. You can track any mobile phone or android device from now on.

You can track a mobile phone from its IMEI number. Through some tracking software, it can retrieve the details of the target device. You can use different location services to enable “find me” mode in your phone.

You can track location of your lost phone through tracking applications like Google Latitude if you have an android phone.

Moreover, you can check the real-time location of many android devices through that tracking software. There is much software, but we are going to discuss how to track IMEI number through Google Earth. Let’s dig into the details.

Track IMEI Number Through Google Earth

How can you track IMEI Number through Google Earth?

To track the IMEI number through Google Earth, you have to know what the IMEI number is. IMEI number is the abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identity.

It makes your Andriod device unique and different from other Android devices. Google Earth is software in which you can see the world in 2D and 3D modes. All mobile devices have their unique IMEI numbers.

In case you lost your mobile phone somewhere. You can track it through the IMEI number. To track IMEI number through Google Earth, you first have to open Google Earth on you Computer or any other device.

You cannot track an IMEI Number through Google Earth. Google Earth can find your device’s real-time location. To find a real-time location, Open your mobile phone’s device settings, tap the option “current location,” and you can see your location. 

You can also use free IMEI number locators on different platforms, or you can ask your SIM provider to locate it for you. But you can’t use Google Earth specifically for this purpose.

You can find alternative software for this purpose. Note that Google Earth is not only a mobile device app, you can open it on your computer as well.

Not that you have to provide your contact details to location applications. If you don’t want to provide your contact details to mobile locating applications, they will not give best performance as they rely on your contact details to give the best results.

The reason is Google Earth is used to view a map. It is a kind of 3D earth browser which is used to browse earth. You can view high-resolution images in Google Earth. Once Google Latitude was used to track location.

Now there is an option in Google account that can be used for this purpose. You can check the Google Earth alternative to locate your IMEI number.

In case of theft of phone, you can always dial the emergency contact number of your local authorities and ask for further guidance.

If you don’t have the emergency contact of the local authorities, visit the police station because you do not want to delay reporting a missing phone and getting it shut down.

What is Google Earth?

What Is Google Earth

Google Earth is an Intelligent GIS (Geographic Information System) software used to view the earth in both 2D and 3D view. It is available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android Devices. To use it, make sure your internet connection is on because it runs on the internet.

Google has plotted maps through satellite images in this software which updates with a specific time frame. To use it properly, you have to log in to your google account.

If your 2nd verification is on, it will lead you to a URL link to verify it is you. After proper verification, you can use it.

You can view the earth on Google Earth. It has so many details in it. For example, if you want to see the great walls of China, search it, and you have two options

Either watch it in 2D images or 3D Images. There is no such thing that google can track IMEI numbers online. 

Because the IMEI number is a private source and can’t be accessible publicly, you can ask your service network provider to find your mobile phone’s live current location. 

What is the IMEI Number?

What Is The IMEI Number

You have an iPhone or any other cell phone. You know there are multiple copies of the same iPhones and android devices.

But how do we know which one is ours? IMEI number is your friend there. IMEI number is a unique number of every cell phone.

It is used to identify any mobile phone. It stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Through IMEI number, you can track the exact location of your phone.

It contains a 14-digit serial code number. Some android devices, iPhones, and other cell phones have a 15-digit serial code IMEI number.

It sometimes depends on the mobile company too. The fantastic features of the IMEI number are that you can find your cell phone even if it is switched off.

We have already discussed in detail that how to track an IMEI number through Google Earth. Now we’ll find another tracking process through which you can track your cell phone.

IMEI cannot be directly used to get the details of target device in case of theft. You can however use other details of the target phone to get its location.

Provide your local authorities with the details of the target phone and they will take it from there.

IMEI Number acts like an identity certificate and which verifies that a certain phone was made by a company. It also acts as an identity verification which can help prevent fraud.

How to track IMEI Number?

How To Track IMEI Number

IMEI Number is a unique ID of every mobile. The basic purpose of the IMEI number is to identify the owner of that particular mobile device. If your mobile is lost or it is stolen, you can track your phone through IMEI Number.

Losing your phone is one of the way to put yourself in delicate situations but worry not as there are many effective tracking tools to find it. You can track the location of your mobile phone through the IMEI number in 3 ways.      

Tracking IMEI Number through Service Network Provider

A network service provider is a company who gives you a network so you can use your cell phone. In case you lose your mobile, you can ask your service provider to track the location of your cell phone.

They can easily locate your cell phone. You have to follow their standard of procedures in order to have the location of the mobile device.

Track IMEI number through Mobile Tracking App

You can use the right tracking software to track Android devices’ IMEI numbers. Besides software, you can ask your cell phone service provider too.

To know the details of the target device, other proper tracking tools that are used to watch children by their parents or watch fiance, etc. We’ll discuss it one by one. There is plenty of software rather than Google Earth which You can use for the tracking process.

Report to Police Station

If your phone got stolen, in this critical situation, report your concern to the police station. They will ask you for the necessary details and track your mobile phone.

They have their own legal sources through which they can find the stolen device as well as any lost device.

In case you can’t go to the police station, call in emergency contact number and report your issue to the police, so you have a record lodged on their database that your mobile is stolen.

Applications to track IMEI Number

Applications To Track IMEI Number

A mobile tracking app is used to track the IMEI number of your android devices. Some tracking applications are enlisted and discussed in detail.

Google Find My Device

Google’s find my device is one of the best options to find your cell phone. If you lost your phone and didn’t know where it was, use google’s “find my device”. Let’s explain it in simple steps.

  1. Log In to your Google Account through your cell phone.
  2. Go to the settings and head to security.
  3. In the security option, you will see a tab “find my device.”
  4. Chose your cell phone.
  5. It will lead you to Google Maps with some other options.
  6. Click on the option “find my device”.
  7. You will find your cell phone’s exact location.

There are other options as well. You can erase all data from your cell phone. You can set your phone to ring even it is in silent mode. You can lock your phone through it.

Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is another cool application. This application is used to track an android phone, wipe all data from your device it is stolen.

You can track location through its option “Locate”. You can custom add custom settings on your cell phone if it leaves the defined area.

Besides tracking and erasing the data from your phone, you can make phone calls online too from this application.

Moreover, you can enable a family locator too, so you easily watch your family members where they are going through accessing their live location.

Lost Android

Lost Android is the best application to track a mobile location. Besides its tracking services, you can track any other suspicious activity.

For example, you doubt that someone is trying to unlock your phone. You can enable taking pictures from the front camera and back camera.

Besides enabling the camera, you can erase your phone data from this application. You can erase your SD Card data too from this application.

The location of a device can be track with just a single click through this application.

Find My Phone

There is another mobile application named Find My Phone. It is also used to track a mobile location. Besides tracking mobile location, it can show mobile’s battery life too.

Besides that, another feature is that you can find details of a target device with a single click. It is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

FAQs – Track IMEI Number through Google Earth

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding tracking IMEI numbers through Google Earth.

What actually is Google Earth?

Google Earth is an advanced form of the Google Map in which you can location the map in 3D. You can watch high-resolution images in it.

Can you really track IMEI Number through Google Earth?             

No, If you installed Google Earth on your phone, you can watch your current-location on it. But you cannot use it specifically for tacking location.

Though many claims to give you a google IMEI tracker online, it does not work. You can track mobile location in different ways. It is not compulsory to track mobile location only through Google, you can also use your phone’s company apps to track mobile location.

Do I need an internet connection in order to locate my cell phone?

You should have access to an internet connection if you are using any other mobile tracking application. Because the application you are using needs internet connectivity in order to sync with your mobile phone.

By syncing, they can communicate with each other. So yes, in some applications, internet access is compulsory for the tracking process.

All of your internet activity is saved on Google if allowed, so you can easily track your phone if you have access to internet.

How many digits are there in IMEI Number?             

IMEI Number may consist of a 14-digit serial code number or 15-digit serial code IMEI number. It totally depends on the cell phone service providers.

Conclusion – Track IMEI Number through Google Earth

If your phone is missing and you can’t find it, you can use the mobile tracking app to track your mobile location. There are several applications for tracking services.

Google Earth is an intelligent form of Google Maps, but you cannot track IMEI number through Google Earth.

Mobile’s IMEI number is its unique identity. You can ask your network service provider to give you the current location of your mobile device.

You can also submit a police report. Moreover, you can use a mobile tracking app to find the current location of your mobile phone.

Besides tracking, you can lock your phone, make emergency calls and erase all data from your phone through mobile tracking app.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out through comments.

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