How Strong are Gorillas? – Explained in Detail

You guys have probably heard about the King Kong movie. A giant gorilla was roaring and destroying the world. Ever since then, most people have wanted to know that how much stronger a gorilla is? Gorillas are from the Hominidae family. They are classified into two types of gorillas Eastern Gorilla and Western Gorilla.

There are many questions raised on the strength of the Gorilla family that how strong they are? Some say they are five times stronger than an adult human, while some say they are ten times stronger than an adult human.

You have seen gorillas in national parks or in zoos who are stronger and intelligent as well. Do you know that Silverback Gorillas are the only large primates on earth? You will be amazed to hear that their 90& to 98% DNA matches the DNA of Human beings. Yes! They are close to human beings.

They have two legs and two arms. They can walk on their legs only. Moreover, If you closely see their face, the eyes part will look similar to human beings. That’s why a revolutionary theory sometimes feels real.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss What is Gorilla? How strong are Gorillas? Are they stronger than an adult humans? Can gorillas resist the attack of lions and fight them back? Etc. Well, let’s dig into details without wasting any time.

How Strong Are Gorillas

What is Gorilla?

The Gorilla is an animal and is the largest primate living on the earth today. Gorillas usually eat plants because they are herbivorous but don’t think they can fight back. To protect their family, they can kill almost anything.

Gorillas are found in Sub-Saharan Africa. Gorillas are found in tropical or subtropical forests of Sub-Saharan Africa. Gorilla’s Animal Kingdom is Animalia, and their class is Mammalia. 

Their family, according to science, is Hominidae. People first called them Gorillae, but with time, their name became gorillas.

If we see their classification, they are divided into two types of gorillas.

  • Western Gorilla
  • Eastern Gorilla

We’ll discuss each of the species one by one.

How Strong are Gorillas? – Western Gorilla

Western Gorillas are also known as Lowland gorillas. They are calm and peaceful. They are kind to nature. They usually live their own life, without disturbing any other species. They are usually smaller in their whole kind, but their strength is equal to other gorillas’ strength.

Gorilla’s strength is seen when they fight with each other on the female Gorilla. They decide who is the leader of their group by fighting each other. The one who survives is the group leader, and he can have a female gorilla.

Western gorillas are short in height than eastern gorillas. Male lowland gorilla is about 167 cm in height when walking on legs and hands. If a gorilla stands on legs only, it can reach 176 cm of height. The weight of a male lowland gorilla is around 168 kilograms, while a female lowland gorilla weighs 72 kilograms.

How Strong are Lowland Gorillas?

How Strong Are Lowland Gorillas

Lowland Gorillas are not aggressive animals, but they can attack if they sense fear or danger from anyone. Their strength is marvelous that can evade the attack of lions as well as human beings. They have impressive strength, and they are five times stronger than human beings.

This type of Gorilla family is situated in Eastern Africa as well as western Africa. You can found them in Angola, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon.

Human strength is nothing against strong gorillas. Human strength can’t even give a scratch to strong gorillas bare-handed, while even a baby gorilla can beat us brutally. The pressure they can make with their bite is more than 1500 square inches, and it can easily rip off a piece of flesh from a human body.

How Strong are Eastern Gorillas?

How Strong Are Eastern Gorillas

Eastern Gorillas are not aggressive animals, just like the western gorillas, but they are the most critically endangered threat. These eastern gorillas belong to Eastern Africa. The area of Rwanda, Uganda, and Eastern Democratic Republican of Congo. The Bodyweight of eastern gorillas is more than the western gorillas.

They mostly live in a group of 35 to 40 gorillas where alpha gorillas, also called silverback gorillas, are the leader and take care of the female gorillas and baby gorillas groaning and beating chest. They are five times stronger than human beings.

You can find a difference between eastern gorillas and westerns gorillas easily. Easter gorillas’ nostrils are larger than western gorillas. Eastern gorillas are bald and have fewer hairs on the chest, while western gorillas are the opposite.

Although the strength is almost equal on both species, Eastern gorillas may win due to their height and size. But they are the same.

How Strong are Gorillas comparative to Human Beings?

How Strong Are Gorillas Comparative To Human

Gorillas are comparatively stronger than human beings. An average healthy and strong human weighs 110 kilograms if he is about 6ft and 11 inches. On the other side, if we see a gorilla who is totally (Total Mass Body) in it and normally weighs 168 to 170 kilograms. Think for yourself if they both duel with each other, who would win?

Moreover, the Gorilla has a sharp and strong bite which can be lethal against human beings. Hence, it is wrong to think that human begins are stronger than Grollias; they are Silverback, Mountain, Eastern Lowland, or other Gorillas. Gorillas are gorillas, that’s it! There is no doubt that eastern lowland gorillas are five times stronger than an adult human.

How Strong are Gorillas if there is Gorilla VS Human?

An interesting question might come into your mind: what would be the result of arranging a dual against a gorilla’s strength vs. humans? The answer is short, loss of human strength. Why? Here are the reasons.

Mountain gorillas, without a doubt, are majestic creatures, can, without any training, run miles per hour, and can bend iron bars easily without any external effort or pressure. While in opposite a well-trained man needs a proper diet (if he follows a vegetarian diet, it’s going to be the problem), proper training time, and even a proper time to rest.

But in contrast to gorillas, gorillas are strong without any reason. Mountain Gorilla punch can hurt five times more than a person. It is because of the weight and the speed of their movement. 

Gorilla vs Humans – Can Adult Humans Fight with Gorilla?

Gorilla Vs Humans Can Adult Humans Fight With Gorilla

It is a dream because a baby gorilla can beat a human without any hassle. Normally, an adult gorilla weighs about 130 kilograms to 270 kilograms. They have total body muscle, leading to impressive strength—one of the individual animals having survival instincts. 

Gorilla has thicker skins and denser bone structures which can lead gorillas to have exceptional strength. Gorilla diet is based on what they eat in the jungle. The adult silverback gorilla leads the group of 25 to 30 gorillas and is ready to die for its gorilla family.

Adult Silverback Gorilla vs Adult Human – Bare Handed

If humans and gorillas fought bare-handed, obviously gorillas would win the match because they contain impressive strength. The arm strength of gorillas is ten times greater than humans. Its size and body weight can determine gorillas strength.

Gorilla can easily break adult humans into pieces because it is an Africa freak. Gorillas strength comes from their survival instincts. It is a wild animal and is fought wildly, leading to serious damage to human beings.

Gorilla punch can easily cause severe damage to humans because the strength in the arms of gorillas is ten times more than the arms of humans.

Adult Gorilla vs Adult Human – Lifting Weight

Besides talking about gorilla punch, let’s talk about their strength in weight lifting as discussed earlier: they weigh more than 260 kilograms. You can imagine from that how much they can lift?

A normal person can lift their body weight. The strongest can lift double of their body weight. But gorillas can lift ten times more of their body weight only. The key to gorilla strength is the behavior of its species.

FAQs of How Strong are Gorillas?

Many readers ask some frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between Eastern Lowland Gorilla and Western Lowland Gorilla?

The eastern lowland gorillas are found in East Africa, while western lowland gorillas are found in West Africa. The average weight of eastern lowland gorillas is more than the average weight of western lowland gorillas. 

Although they both eat the same things, eastern lowland gorillas are stronger than western lowland gorillas.

Lion vs. Silverback Gorilla – Who would’ve won?

Lion weighs around 260 kilograms, while silverback gorilla weighs between 260 to 330 kilograms. Moreover, Lion lives on land while a gorilla lives in a forest. They both have unexceptional strength but, it depends upon the situation.

Lionesses always hunt in the form of groups. Gorillas don’t attack anyone unless they feel threatened. Adult Gorilla’s arm strength is impressive. On the other hand, the lion’s claws’ strength is impressive.

The battle between them depends upon the environment they are fighting in. If they are fighting in a forest, gorillas will win. But if the same situation happens on the ground, the lion will win.

What do Gorillas Eat?

The key to Gorilla’s strength is their diet. The Gorilla diet is a vegetarian diet. Western Lowland gorilla loves to eat fruits like banana, apple, etc. Moreover, they eat bamboo sticks, stems, termites, and ants too.

Who is Silverback Gorilla?

There is some eastern lowland gorilla who have silver hairs on their back. Gorilla containing silver hairs are called silverback gorillas.

Do Western Lowland Gorilla hurts Humans?

No, neither the western lowland gorilla nor the eastern lowland gorilla hurts human beings. They will not attack unless they sense any threat from anything.

What is Mukumbusu?

Mukumbusu is a fighting style inspired by the behavior of Gorillas. It contains moves and attacks that resemble the Gorilla’s movement. According to the Journal of Southern African Studies, back when colonialism, a group of persons invented Mukumbusu.

Conclusion of how Strong are Gorillas

We have discussed gorillas, kinds of gorillas, physical strength, and behavior. The eastern lowland gorilla is stronger and bigger than the western lowland gorilla. They weigh six times more than human beings.

Gorilla eats bamboo sticks, fruits, ants and, another vegetarian diet. They love bananas and sometimes eat termites larvas too. There is no chance that a human survives in front of a gorilla because of its impressive strength. A gorilla can weigh five times more weight than its weight.

We hope you find this blog interesting. Leave your suggestions and questions for this blog in the comment section below. We’ll be happy to help you. Moreover, you can check our other blogs as well “How to send pictures of TInder“, “When can I eat rice after Wisdom Teeth Removal?“, “What is Amazon ERC and How does it work?“.


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