How Long Is Standard Shipping? Explained

How long is standard shipping time largely depends on your shipping service provider. Most of the standard shipping deliveries take around 3-7 working days. The specifics are always different for each courier service provider. Let’s have a detailed look at some of the major couriers in the United States as well as throughout the world.

How Long Is Standard Shipping

What Is Standard Shipping Time?

Standard shipping timing is the average time required to transfer your parcel from its original destination to your doorstep. It comes with the specific delivery timing with a tracking system to give you updates.

Shipping timing varies according to the location where you are residing. In the United States, transit times take an average of 3-5 business days or working days, which is reasonable shipping time. The flat shipping fees of each courier are different.

Many businesses, such as online vendors, e-commerce operations, and folks use many online tools to create a shipping label mentioned on your package.

It shows, your package has been moved from one location to another, but still, it has not been handed to the USPS. In this case, maybe, your parcel is onboard USPS trailer trucks, or it may be shipped via USPS train.

It shows that your package is flying above airfreight which is used by the USPS fleet. You are not supposed to be worried about your package; maybe it has been somewhere during proceedings. Also, the tracking system is provided to you through the Company to let you know the updates of your parcel.

If you still don’t know how long is standard shipping then the short version is that it takes anywhere from 3-7 days depending on your service provider.

The standard shipping fees are $3-4, which also includes the flat shipping fees. Many shipping service providers also offer a shipping calculator. You can use a shipping calculator to calculate the average cost for your address. The standard shipping usually includes ground shipping and not shipment by air.

How Long Is Standard Shipping For UPS Service? 

How Long Is Standard Shipping For UPS Service

Receiving a notification from UPS that your package is “in transit” shows that your parcel has been dispatched from its original place to USPS Priority Mail.

Courier service has been dispatched from the warehouse and should be delivered to you by the scheduled date in 1-3 business days. Sometimes they deliver within 2-3 business days.

The shipment timing for the shipping service of any company works between 9 am to 7 pm. Ups network is not supposed to attempt more than three delivery attempts within Delivery dates. The delivery times depend upon the shipping distance, budget shipping, or service you are availing for shipping.

Your presence in a remote location will take several months to deliver to your doorstep. You can bring some changes to your order even if it has been done.

For example, at first, you ordered a ground shipment, and then you changed your mind. Now you want it urgently to avoid extra time; you can switch to the fast delivery service. For this purpose, you are immediately contacting the UPS service. Their contact number is 1-800-742-5877. Follow the voice prompts to speak with a person residing on the other side for the customer.

Even if you did not receive your parcel on the scheduled date, you should contact UPS service for a money refund. Call on  1-800-742-5877 and tell them your query. By login into UPS Billing Center, select Request a Refund. You can also ask them how long is standard shipping for their parcels.

The UPS Delivery Intercept service is designed so that you can make some necessary changes to your order. They maintain delivery services except where the government put some restrictions against standard ground service.

What Is FedEx Standard Shipping Time?

What Is FedEx Standard Shipping Time

In the U.S., standard shipping timing for FedEx is 1-2 business days or 1-5 business days in FedEx Ground and varies according to your location. For example, if you live in Alaska or Hawaii, the average shipping service requires 3-7 days for proceedings.

FedEx Express will give you the information regarding the shipping timeline, like; you will be able to know that when your shipment process was initiated and then picked up, in transit, or delivered, etc.

After after receiving the message “in transit,” you can check the current status of the parcel by going to the FedEx tracking page, put your 30 parcel tracking numbers, and then click the track button information. It will tell you the current location. They are providing service till 5 pm because most of the offices are closed after that.

At some locations, service is valid even till 8 pm. Receiving updates for 24 hours will keep you active in receiving your parcel. You can estimate the time of parcel arrival and can remain on the place for getting it.

There is a shortcoming of this service that they take more Processing time. They don’t send items next unless a packing slip is not attached to the package; FedEx can’t deliver them. Some companies are offering the slowest shipping option as well. 3-7 days is how long is standard shipping for FedEx. The standard shipping rates are $3-5 in addition to the original payment method.  

Amazon Standard Shipping Schedule

Amazon Standard Shipping Schedule

If you ordered an item currently out of stock, it would take more than two business days to dispatch for delivery. Your shipment timing starts right after it has been sent from the warehouse to the general store.

Coming back to stock for further proceedings does not include in it. If you select one or two days of shipping, then it will reduce the transit timing. On the standard scale, it takes two to three days for reaching to your doorstep. Holidays or weekends are excluded, as your parcel will only proceed on working days. The standard shipping cost for amazon is $3.

What Does it Mean When Your Package Has Been in Tracking For More Than A Week?

There are several reasons for the delayed transition. First, receiving in transit notification does not mean that your package is near your doorstep. It may show that it is near or just has been transferred from the warehouse to track. You can check the current status to get the complete information.

Another reason for the delayed transition is due to lose, damage, or even a USPS tracking system failure. The Company from which you are buying your product also matters a lot. Some companies have fast delivery service, and others are lacking. Speaking of shipments, you might want to look into this auto shop.

FedEx Home Delivery service delivers soon as compared to the UPS or USPC services with low-cost shipping service. For the FedEx system, your package has to be scanned at various places. And if it has not been scanned, it is going to be late for further proceedings.

If something wrong happens, please contact FedEx Customer Service at 800 FedEx (800 33339). Your shipment is supposed to be arriving in the scheduled period. And if it does not happen, call the service center to look into the process or ask them for a refund if nothing happens as a result.

Why Does Standard Shipping Take So long?

The shipping method takes so long to transfer a package because the Shipping Company does not only transfer your package to your doorstep. It takes several steps to run the whole process. Your package will be brought from the Walmart warehouse to a local distribution center. Now it needs to wait for an empty-spaced truck to carry it.

It is either going to your general area or another distribution center with a truck going to your area. Once it has reached the general area, it needs to wait for a space truck to transfer it to your doorstep.

Standard shipping timing for a company is disclosed to the customer once you order something. Then during the whole proceeding, they send you in transit notifications. Also, with the help of a tracking system, you can get to your current location.

Some companies are providing Overnight shipping for SHIPPING OPTIONS with some of the shipping restrictions. They charge some extra Shipping fees for such a shipping package. US standard shipping time is also the same.

Conclusion – How Long Is Standard Shipping

How long is standard shipping? It takes around 3-7 days. We had a detailed discussion on the shipping service or delivery option used by various services such as FedEx, UPS, international shipments, etc. These are the standard shipping service for Express Shipping. 

To know the tracking status of your item, you can contact the courier company directly. Federal Reserve Regulation CC is the regulatory authority for dealing with these shortcomings. After you have ordered an item, right after it has been dispatched from its original place, you can get updates about your parcel in the form of updates.

It is usually expected that your item will be at your doorstep as scheduled by the Company. It can be delayed for various reasons for which you should contact the service center to inform them about its absence.

On the other hand, these international services provide you with some relaxation. For example, after you select products in regular shipping, your mind has been changed, and you want to reach it early, you can still make some amendments to your order at expensive rates. For this purpose, call the service center and disclose your query with them; the Company uses various tool-free numbers for this customer service.

Tell them that you want it prior, and they will charge some of the additional charges for this service. You can also have your delivery address changed, and they will deliver it to the updated address.

 Another benefit you can get, especially from FedEx, is that if you received notification from the Company to receive your parcel within a few minutes and at that time you are not home, you could contact them to tell them that they please hold on to your parcel unless you grab it yourself.

Now, after coming back home, you can contact them to deliver it or even carry it on your own from their nearby location. There are various reasons for unexpected delays in proceedings from the shipping office, such as loss, damage, or even a USPS tracking system failure. Maybe it has been misplaced or misled by short-staffed U.S. Post Office.

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