Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks? (Explained)

Many people who shop at Walmart ask, “does Walmart cash personal checks?” Yes, Walmart does cash personal checks as well as other types of checks. Not many know this as most stores rarely cash checks, but Walmart is different since it has a Money Center in all of its locations.

The Money Center is a service that allows customers to cash checks, make money orders, and more at stores.

You can visit the Money Center at your local Walmart store to cash your check.

Keep reading to learn more about Walmart personal checks and what types of checks you can cash at Walmart.

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks?

Yes, Walmart does cash personal checks. No, they don’t have to be endorsed.

They can be written out to cash. Walmart will cash a check for up to $7,500 (this limit was $5,000 previously), and this limit is called a checking maximum.

If you want to cash a check for more than $5,000, you can cash a maximum of $7,500.

For amounts less than $1,000, Walmart will charge a fee of $4. The Walmart check cashing fee depends on the type of check you cash.

For cashing personal checks of more than $1,000, Walmart will charge a maximum fee of $8. You don’t necessarily have to be a bank customer, and anybody can cash checks at Walmart.

Many stores, like Walmart, cash checks but some of them also provide services like payday loans.

What Type Of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

What Type Of Checks Does Walmart Cash

Walmart can cash several checks, not only personal checks. These checks involve the following:

  • Government-issued checks
  • Insurance settlement checks.
  • Tax checks.
  • 401(k) checks.
  • Retirement disbursement checks.
  • Two-party personal checks.
  • Pre-printed checks.
  • Cashier checks.
  • MoneyGram checks.
  • Payroll Checks.
  • Two-party personal checks.
  • Preprinted check.

In addition to cashing checks, Walmart can also cash money orders and pre-printed checks.

In order to cash a check, you must have the original check and a photo ID

 Walmart will not accept photocopies of checks or checks that are torn in half. You must also have your driver’s license or another form of photo ID.

It also helps always ask your local Walmart whether they accept your check type because it is different.

In short, as long as you own official checks, Walmart will cash them like all other check cashers.

What Type Of Checks Does Walmart Not Cash?

What Type Of Checks Does Walmart Not Cash

Walmart will not cash hand-written personal checks, torn checks, or checks that have expired. They will also not cash checks that have been altered in any way.

Checks that are post-dated or otherwise non-current will also be refused. Any checks that are 180 days older will not be accepted at Walmart. Walmart also doesn’t accept handwritten checks.

Walmart does not cash money orders, so you will need to go to a bank if you are trying to pay with a money order. Also, note that there should be sufficient funds in the account for the check to be cashed.

Here is a list of checks that Walmart doesn’t accept.

  • Hand-written checks.
  • Checks with multiple payees.
  • Post-dated checks.
  • Money orders.
  • Starter checks.
  • Check balance exceeds account funds.

What Are the Limits Of Cashing Personal Checks At Walmart?

What Are the Limits Of Cashing Personal Checks At Walmart

Generally speaking, Walmart will cash a personal check up to $5,000, and this limit has recently been increased to $7,500.

Do note that different branches of Walmart may have different rules, so this limit can also vary depending on the location you visit.

Walmart also imposes a $200 maximum cashing capacity for two-party personal checks. It has been observed that most Walmart will up the maximum limit of check-cashing to $7,500 during tax season.

Walmart charges a $4-$8 fee per check cashed.

Walmart may also not be able to cash a third-party check.

One other thing to keep in mind is to always check with your local Walmart about their policy for cashing large checks as different branches may have different policies.

Walmart is also not able to make a mobile check deposit for any transactions made through the Green Dot app.

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Cashing Personal Checks

While Walmart does offer a personal check cashing service, it is not free

Walmart will charge you up to $4 for checks that are less than $1,000.

If your check is more than $1,000, Walmart will charge you up to $8 but no more. You don’t have to bring an extra amount with you; Walmart will deduct its fee from the amount of your check and simply give you the funds. Walmart doesn’t charge an overdraft fee.

How Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks?

The short answer is that Walmart cash checks like any other business.

However, the way they cash checks can be a little different than your typical bank or credit union.

Even some grocery stores cash checks nowadays.

For example, some banks and credit unions require you to have an account with them before they will cash a paper check.

Walmart does not have this requirement. Following are Walmart’s basic steps to process a personal paper check.

First, you have to provide the MoneyCenter at Walmart a physical check along with some sort of identification documents such as a driving license or passport.

Walmart accepts checks from all major banks such as Bank Of America, Visa, or Mastercard.

Many cases of insufficient funds and fraud are associated with a paper check; therefore, Walmart has to do a security verification process first.

Next, Walmart will then process your check through a verification process through the use of a financial service like Certegy or TeleCheck.

Afterward, Walmart will ask for your signature. Lastly, you can ask to receive the amount in cash instantly or top up a MoneyCard, which Walmart offers for shopping at Walmart.

Reloading MoneyCard doesn’t cost you anything as it is free, but if you cash your check, Walmart will charge you up to $8, depending on the amount of your check.

You can also add your personal bank and link it to MoneyCard. Keep in mind that there is no reload fee for a Money Card. Keep in mind the daily limit of cashing checks. Walmart has check-cashing limits and you cannot deposit a check more than $5,000 ($7,500 in some cases).


Following are some of the commonly asked questions related to Walmart’s check-cashing services.

Is Walmart Check Cashing Safe?

If you are a Walmart customer, you have probably noticed that they offer check cashing services. These services allow customers to cash checks and receive money orders in exchange for a fee. The question is, are these services safe? Yes, Walmart check cashing is perfectly secure as it uses state-of-the-art technology and good privacy while handling payments.

You can also have Walmart cash your check directly to your account, which is available to use via your prepaid debit card.

The system used by Walmart is similar to the one used by banks. It uses a two-way authentication process that ensures the security and privacy of your information. In addition, all transactions are done in a secure environment with access only to authorized personnel. You can find more information on Walmart mobile app.

What is Walmart MoneyCenter?

MoneyCenter Walmart is a cash advance service that allows you to borrow money in the form of a check and use it for any purpose.

The application process is quick and easy, with no credit checks or long forms to fill out. You can also cash your personal checks at Walmart MoneyCenter.

You can also make direct deposits to your Walmart account through their MoneyCenter. You can also reload your MoneyCard through a mobile deposit.

Does Walmart Cash Two-Person Checks?

Yes, Walmart cashes two-person personal checks. You can cash a maximum of $200 on a two-person personal check.

Conclusion – Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks

Does Walmart cash personal checks? Yes, Walmart does accept personal checks. This can be done by simply visiting the MoneyCenter at any of Walmart’s locations and giving them your check. You can have the check cashed, or you can add it to your MoneyCard.

Walmart offers a maximum of $5,000 acceptance for personal checks, but this limit has been increased temporarily to $7,500. You can cash two-person checks at Walmart, but the maximum limit is $200. 

There is a fee for check cashing at Walmart, and it starts from around a dollar up to $8. The maximum check you can cash at Walmart is $8.

Walmart also accepts several different checks such as cashier’s check, government checks, business checks, tax refund checks, insurance checks, 401k checks, and more.

If you’re not sure about your check, you can always ask at the customer service desk at any of Walmart’s locations.

We hope this answers your question about Walmart accepting personal checks. We’ve written more articles that you’ll enjoy, and these are the following “Can You Take Tylenol On An Empty Stomach“, “Does Walgreens Sell Stamps“, and “Is Helium Flammable“.


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