Does Subway Take EBT? (All You Need To Know)

“Does Subway take EBT” has been asked a lot of times, so we took it on ourselves to provide the answer! Yes, Subway does accept EBT cards but only a few select locations.

Many states offer assistance to low-income families through the electronic benefits transfer (EBT) program, which allows people to spend government assistance on food and other necessities like toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper at supermarkets, convenience stores, and even fast-food restaurants.

Benefits are loaded onto cards similar to gift cards that can purchase food.

But what about restaurants? Can you use your EBT card at restaurants like Subway? Read on to find out if Subway accepts EBT and more information such as where you can use EBT, what restaurants accept EBT, and more!

Does Subway Take EBT

Is Subway Even Approved For EBT?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), using EBT as a form of payment, is a U.S. government program to help those in need purchase food items, like milk, eggs, fruits, household supplies, and vegetables.

While it doesn’t cover everything at your local supermarket, you can use SNAP benefits to purchase more than 100 foods available at stores nationwide—including Subway sandwiches!

Keep in mind that you cannot use EBT cards at all Subway locations; you can use them only at some locations.

To be exact, you can use SNAP benefits on any product available at an on-site location of a participating restaurant; in other words, you won’t be able to use your benefits when ordering through their drive-thru or by phone.

When visiting a participating Subway, you will have to pay for all non-qualifying food items with cash or another accepted payment method, such as credit cards.

If your order comes out under $4, you may get back part of your benefit in cash from SNAP; if not, they will give back your full dollar amount to add to later purchases.

Either way, don’t worry about bringing anything but cash for non-food products—you won’t need any coupons or discounts since sandwich prices already include tax!

However, keep in mind that all store locations are independently owned and operated: therefore, some may choose not to accept EBT benefits while others do.

Can You Buy Food With EBT?

Live in a state that participates in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). You can use your electronic benefit transfer card to purchase food at thousands of stores across America. This includes popular fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, KFC, and Popeyes.

However, we were surprised when we heard about many of our readers who had trouble using their EBT cards to pay for meals at their favorite fast-food restaurants.

Does Subway take EBT? Yes, they do but only in some locations where the RMP (Restaurants Meal Program) is followed.

They also have an extensive menu, so extensive that there are plenty of options even if you’re watching your weight.

Even better, unlike some other major burger joints, they don’t require EBT customers to purchase special low-fat meals or other specialty items.

You can order any sandwich on the menu—even diet-busting sandwiches like meatball marinara or Chipotle chicken & bacon melt—and pay with your benefits card without issue (as long as you stick to one meal per person per day).

Where Can You Use Your EBT Card?

Where Can You Use Your EBT Card

When it comes to where you can use your EBT card, think about some of your favorite places: grocers, pharmacies, and more. Anywhere that you can swipe a credit or debit card is likely to accept an EBT card.

That being said, keep in mind that not all locations may have a scanner capable of reading a food stamp benefits (EBT) card; if a retailer doesn’t have one or decides not to use it, they may refuse your payment or ask you to pay another way.

Although Walmart and Kroger encourage customers with food stamps cards to visit their stores, not every location accepts them.

You can use your EBT card at major restaurants and cafes like KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, and more, but keep in mind that you can only use them in the states that implement the RMP (Restaurants Meal Program.)

Currently, the following states implement the RMP program:

  • California.
  • Rhode Island.
  • Arizona.

Can I Buy Cooked Food With EBT?

The short answer is yes, and you can buy cooked food with your EBT card.

The longer answer is that several restrictions apply. Let’s start by defining cooked food: It refers to groceries that have been prepared and preserved in some way, think fresh fruits and vegetables, pre-cooked meats, hot meals, deli food, or seafood, cold food items, and even ready-to-eat items like frozen dinners.

In short, restrictions are applied to already prepared food.

These products can be purchased using SNAP benefits at supermarkets and convenience stores. However, restaurants are out, the exclusion of hot foods from SNAP was intended to encourage healthier eating habits among recipients.

Still, some states implement the Restaurants Meal Program. You can buy food at approved restaurants in a state with RMP but not in other states.

Therefore, you can see how this topic can get confusing fast. Restaurants like Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonald’s, and more accept EBT in states that have RMP.

What Is RMP?

The RMP, or Restaurant Meal Program, is a program through which businesses can provide discounted meals to eligible people for SNAP programs.

To qualify, the SNAP recipient must meet specific income requirements (in most states, 130% of Federal Poverty Level) and have access to an Electronic Benefits Transfer card; in New York state, you must also be at or below 200% of FPL. These requirements for RMP also depend on the household size.

SNAP or EBT offers many discounts on groceries, baby food, pet food, gas, and more.

The discount cannot exceed 50% off your order’s total cost. In return, participating restaurants get reimbursed 75 cents per meal by individual state agencies as part of public assistance programs like SNAP/EBT.

If a restaurant doesn’t accept EBT as payment, you’ll need to pay upfront before using your benefits card. The choice will vary depending on where you live—some fast food chains don’t participate in these types of programs because their business model doesn’t allow for them to give away food at a little-to-no profit (like pizza places or build-your-own joints).

And there aren’t any uniform regulations across all states; for example, In some areas where these programs exist, merchants are required by law to ask customers if they’re eligible before they start making their orders.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot buy any tobacco products or drugs on SNAP programs.

Does Subway Fall Under The Restaurants Meals Program?

Does Subway Fall Under The Restaurants Meals Program

Yes, Subway is listed in the Restaurants Meals Program of several states, including Rhode Island, Arizona, and California.

Moreover, 14 states and Washington D.C. allow public benefit cards at restaurants, but these may not include Subway.

The Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations is also available in some areas and Senior Coupons for people over 60 years old (in most areas).

These resources can help families buy more nutritious meals when dining out or going grocery shopping with food benefits instead of coupons and gift cards intended to be used strictly for grocery items such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. 

Different state programs may have different regulations regarding how they work at restaurants. Still, there is usually a special coupon book (called an Electronic Benefits Transfer or EBT card) that has been specifically designed by most states for use at both chain and local restaurants. Each restaurant you visit will have its list of approved items (similar to those found on menus in fast-food chains).

The individual cashier will ask you what you want from their menu choices, swipe your card on their device, and enter your PIN on their keypad.

Does Subway Take EBT For Online Orders?

Does Subway Take EBT For Online Orders

There is a lot of confusion about whether or not you can use your government-issued benefits card at online merchants. The answer is no, but there are some guidelines to follow to avoid getting burned. If you do an internet search for does subway take EBT, you will find plenty of people upset because they tried to pay for their lunch with food stamps and were turned away. However, if you were to go into your local store and ask a manager about using your food stamp card for payment (and inform them that’s why you’re asking), most of them would say that it’s possible…but many stores don’t have any electronic device where customers can swipe their benefits cards like regular credit or debit cards are used.

Subway locations that take EBT In The United States

The easiest way to find out if your local Subway restaurant accepts Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards is to call them. If you want to find a detailed list of stores, a couple of resources will help.

Conclusion (Does Subway Take EBT?)

Does Subway take EBT? Yes, Subway does take EBT but only at some locations and in those states that have the RMP(Restaurant Meal Program).

This is all pretty too easy to find out. Look up subway EBT locations in Google, and you’ll have a map of their stores that accept EBT payments.

Take a few minutes to pick one and then make your way there.

As always, don’t forget to bring your EBT card with you or show them your ID if it’s not stored on your card yet. Happy eating!

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