Does Kroger Sell Stamps (Explained)

If you want to buy stamps, you may have asked yourself at least once whether does Kroger sell stamps or not.

Kroger store is one of the top retail stores in the entire retailing chain, which Bernard Kroger founded in the year 1883.

The Foundation of Kroger store as a retail company in 1883 makes it the largest supermarket in the whole United States.

Kroger has its major grocery stores and markets in more than 35 states. Not only this, Kroger owns up to 251 jewelry stores as well, most of which are using the same brand name and offering a wide range of stamps that too at pretty much affordable prices.

This question pops up in a lot of minds that does Kroger sell stamps or not.

If you are also someone who is confused if postage stamps can be purchased on Kroger grocery stores or not, this article is definitely for you.

We will cover almost everything about the availability of stamps from the range of individual stamps to the single stamp all that you need to know about a different type of stamps, as well as their Kroger locations, has been described in detail. Keep on reading to know more.

Does Kroger Sell Stamps

Can We Buy Stamps From Kroger?

Can We Buy Stamps From Kroger

Okay so, the answer to this frequently asked question is yes. Most of the Kroger It is possible buying stamps with an easy stamp purchase method available on Kroger.

Luckily, Kroger has got you covered whenever you need to get yourself either Book Of Stamps or Postage Stamps.

Kroger sells postage stamps in the booklet form with either 20 or 30 stamps inside and also offers discounts if you want to buy stamps booklets in bulk quantities.

When you are at a Kroger store, make your way to the cashier station, and you’ll be able to buy your favorite stamps by using a valid payment method.

What Kind Of Stamps Can You Buy At Kroger?

What Kind Of Stamps Can You Buy At Kroger

Kroger comes up offering a wide range of different types of stamps. Most of the Kroger stores are selling the USA forever as well as first-class stamps along with the rest of the mailing accessories as of the year 2021. 

Although Kroger is a legally licensed distributor of the United States Postal Service (abbreviated as USPS) stamps, there is a range of different stamps which Kroger just does not sell as a USPS outlet.

Kroger primarily sells United States America forever stamps at almost all of its nationwide stores, including the first-class as well as season stamps at select locations.

The forever stamps show a big rise in their value every time the stamp costs increase, and thus, you can continue taking into usage these stamps for many years even if the price for mailing items shows an increase.

Keep in mind the point that Kroger does not sell individual stamps and instead sells these stamps in either sheets or even booklets.

You should contact nearby Kroger locations to confirm the availability of your required stamps before you pay a visit there.

Can You Buy Stamps From Kroger Online?

Can You Buy Stamps From Kroger Online

A lot of people ask the same question if they can purchase postage stamps from Kroger online or not?

Unfortunately, it’s a No. Kroger does not sell any stamps online at their website.

Although, postage stamps are available only in the Kroger stores. In the case you are looking for ways with which you can get these stamps online, there are plenty of different options to find a large range of stamps available on Amazon.

Else, you will need to pay a visit to the nearby Kroger store if you wish to buy any stamps.

Kroger comes up offering a generous number of different rewards programs, which are associated with a range of many credits as well as debit cards.

With every purchase you make, these rewards help you in earning points which you can take into usage in order to save money in the future either on the fuel or even in-store purchases.

If you make a purchase of any of the mailing stamps while you are already enrolled in one of these rewards programs, you’ll get to receive the bonuses like any other purchase saving your money in the long run. 

Do All Kroger Stores Sell Stamps?

Do All Kroger Stores Sell Stamps

Many people are often confused about whether they can find stamps in all the Kroger stores or not. If you are also looking for the answer to the same question, the answer is yes.

As we have already mentioned, Kroger is a licensed distributor for the USPS, and almost all of Kroger’s stores sell stamps of several types, especially postage stamps.

All the stamps available at Kroger are usually not kept on the shelves in the stores, but behind the counter, so you will need to first ask at customer service or one of the checkouts there, and they will gladly grab you the stamps which you want to get. 

All the Kroger stores offer a huge range of different products. They do not have the same range of stamps as are there in a USPS outlet.

An important point to be noted is that Kroger does not sell individual stamps. The only stamps which are available from Kroger stores come in booklets only (each booklet is a batch of 20 stamps). 

What Is The Cost Of Stamps At Kroger?

Stamps are sold at Kroger at exactly the same rate as the rest of the licenser United States distributors. Usually, its cost is $0.55 per stamp. 

You can save a few dollars by buying stamps from Kroger, as they usually sell them in booklets form. Kroger will give you a discount if you buy in bulk amount.

For example, Kroger sells a stamp booklet of 20 first-class forever stamps at the cost of $9.80 (including tax), which helps you save around $0.06 on every stamp.

So, next time you are visiting a Kroger store to purchase postage stamps, make sure that you buy a stamp booklet so that you can easily save money on each purchase.

Advantages Of Stamps Purchase At Kroger

There are many advantages to purchasing stamps at Kroger instead of a USPS storefront. Here are a few of them.


One of the major advantages which Kroger has over the rest of the stamp selling stores is the convenience which it offers. We all need to visit supermarkets for different purposes, e.g., grocery shopping, etc. Why should we not grab our favorite stamps from the market where we are already in. Availability of stamps in all the nearby Kroger stores saves us from paying a special visit to the market.


With more than 3200 stores all over the country, there’s always a good chance that you live or even work closer to a Kroger than a post office.

Business hours

Another good reason for Kroger to be more advantageous than the rest of the stores is its business hours. Kroger stores stay open for a much longer time of the day as compared to any of the post offices. Most of the Kroger stores stay open for even 24 hours a day. Kroger stores that stay open till late have always been a great option for the busy people out there.

Stores open on weekends

As we all know that USPS stores do not stay open on weekends, especially Sundays, so Kroger is an amazing option if you are trying to get your stamp purchasing tasks done on your day off.

Availability of parking area

Shoppers often find it difficult to park their cars while being in a grocery store for shopping. If you are also one of those, Kroger has got you covered. All the stores of Kroger generally have a wide parking area, so finding a park is never an issue while you shop from Kroger. The case is not the same in USPS outlets.

Rewards program

Kroger offers a rewards program with which every time you make a purchase of something (including stamps as well), it adds other rewards which you can redeem in the future.


While you are purchasing stamps from any of the Kroger stores, you’re paying at the counter the same price which you would pay if you were purchasing them from any post office. In the case you need a stamp booklet, Kroger is an amazing option which you just cannot resist.

Conclusion – Does Kroger Sell Stamps

Does Kroger sell stamps? Yes. Summing up the entire article in a conclusion that Kroger is a great option if you want to purchase stamps, that too at a pocket-friendly budget.

Unfortunately, Kroger does not sell stamps through any of the online platforms.

However, if you buy stamps from Kroger supermarkets, it offers a rewards program. This program helps you save money and gives rewards that you can easily redeem later.

Kroger does not sell stamps individually. Purchasing stamp booklets from Kroger is a good and pocket-friendly idea as it saves you money by offering discounts of a few bucks.

Moreover, Kroger is a convenient option for stamp purchase compared to any of the other USPS stores.

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